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  1. I

    Noob to the site - anyone want to talk?

    Hey to anyone on who clicked on the thread :) New to the whole forum and chatting about this stuff. So my best friend, who I'm annoyingly (unrequitedly) in love with, linked me to a video today about a necklace that illuminates "I love you" using some cool glass/projection tech. Super...
  2. Not_Crazy_Yet

    Does anyone know how to tell what the heck all of these degrees mean?

    I have decided to look into enrolling in the local university. I'm looking over their curriculum and can't seem to figure out what all these abbreviations mean. There's BA, BS, MA, OT, and all sorts of abbreviations that seem to link these courses to one another. I'm trying to figure out what...
  3. bobshocker

    i hate this shitting forum

    i done replied to some poor girl that reached out to me. fucking tech didnt work. she was hurting. fuck. it's like writing a spreadsheet and not saving it. fucking bloody shit. bollocking tech! Bullshit babes. I tried, i really did, I lova ya, I dont want you to die. I'm here. I really...
  4. E

    Are you bloody bored and unfulfilled and anxious?

    Part 1 To the issue of of staying in all weekend / all week. Doing fuck all and feeling you have an illness and life is over so doing nothing. I say 'NO.' Life needs a feeling of 'moving forwards.' As well as recommending building a routine as a cornerstone of a stable life (gym in the...
  5. M

    Job as a Psychiatric Tech? Working with mental health?

    Hi everyone, new to this forum. I just got a job as a psych tech and I start training in a few days. Im not sure really what to expect, except gettin ghurt regularly. What do psych techs wear to work? What exactly are their responsibilities? I know I'll prob learn all this in training but I...