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  1. C

    Bullying and mistreated by mental health teams

    I have been very badly treated by mental teams. I can't stand them. I can't do this anymore. Theyre psychos.
  2. Kerome

    Experience experts and their place

    I've recently been coming across a few more experience experts in the field. These are people who have first hand lived experience of mental health, are largely recovered though they still have crap days and have to keep working on their own recovery, and are part of the psychiatric care team...
  3. C

    Mental health teams

    Theyve ruined my life.
  4. M

    Crisis teams

    Can they be contacted on Christmas day? m
  5. NicoretteGummed

    Maybe The Front Line Services In My Area Have Got Their Priorities Wrong???

    Maybe The Front Line Services In My Area Have Got Their Priorities Wrong??? There's a guy in my supported lodgings, I think he's diagnosed Schizophrenic and he's been getting more and more withdrawn, unhygienic though he doesn't seem to get voices. Mind you that said, it doesn't necessarily...
  6. MarquesMonroe

    Borderline & Antisocial Personality Disorder

    Why do the medical professionals in most of the UK's psychiatric teams have a really bad view and perception of people with borderline PD?
  7. Kerome

    Problems with care for confused persons

    In the Netherlands the responsibility for the care for confused people - read psychotic or otherwise deluded or in bad mental state - is being transferred from the police to local councils. The councils are desperately underprepared, and would like local mental health teams to get involved, but...
  8. cpuusage

    A bath, a brew and a benzo: is this what Home Treatment Teams have come to?

    A bath, a brew and a benzo: is this what Home Treatment Teams have come to? A bath, a brew and a benzo: is this what Home Treatment Teams have come to? | purplepersuasion
  9. F

    Four in ten mental health crisis teams understaffed

    Four in ten mental health crisis teams understaffed - Community Care
  10. mckeo5514

    Home treatment team

    sorry if this is posted in the wrong section, i have found this pdf explaining the rationale behind home treatment teams, strangely its from my university who dont seem to understand mh that well www.hcc.uce.ac.uk/ccmh/home_treatment_final.pdf
  11. angiebib1976

    Link to CMHT Details for Lancaster and Surrounding Areas

    Hi Here is a link to the Community Mental Health Teams for Lancaster and the surrounding areas. http://www.lancs-mentalhealthhelpline.nhs.uk/search/area_search.php?condition_ID=47&vars%5Bpostcode%5D=LA1&submit=Submit&label=Lancaster+and+Morecambe Angie
  12. S

    Letter to Pyschiatrist? Advice Please

    Hi, I have an appointment with my Psychiatrist tomorrow & there's quite afew things I want to raise with him. I'm ok talking about these things, though I'm unsure whether I should really be putting it on paper so that all my concerns are not missed. There are many things that I disagree with &...
  13. Misha

    Names for community health teams

    My local crisis team used to be known as Crisis Resolution Team/Home Treatment Team (CRT/HTT) aka as Home Treatment Team, but now the PCT or whatever have decided to disband it and call it Psychiatric Acute Community Team. Also known as PACT. I'm sorry, but that's the most bulls*** name I've...
  14. A

    What would you do in my shoes?

    Background information: I am in treatment for anorexia, i have been for years. I am now at a healthy weight but have therapy for the underlining reasons. I have recently had an assessment by my local phychosis team as i hear voices and see things. These two teams are ment to be working...
  15. J


    well its been 4 months or so now with no help from cmht since i changed my location,and it seemed that it would remain that way... unfortunatley i had a bad 2 weeks or so of high anxiety with large doses of energy confidence and so on, ive applied for work i know i cant normally do (im still...
  16. M

    Crisis Team

    Have been referred to them but so wary about what "professionals" do. What do these teams do? M
  17. orange_sox

    Bradford District Health Trust - Adult Mental Health Services

    Adult Mental Health Adult Mental Health provides a comprehensive range of services that aim to support the individual based on their mental health needs at any particular time. Service delivery ranges from 24 hour medical and registered nursing care within in-patient units through...