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  1. PrettyGreenEyes

    Hi Y'all it's been a while since I was last on here.....

    I'd like to say things were better but there not far from it tbh.
  2. ABsea

    what do you do when your mom gets arrested?

    I am not a fan of pigs. Sure i feel sorry for her but what a fucking mess. Tbh i am not sure how to react or how to feel. ... I feel uncomfortable
  3. P

    Sick of putting effort in and getting nothing out

    I am sick of it, putting effort and and not feeling better for it. I have been given a conditional offer for uni and i should be pleased! but tbh all i feel is a huge void/ emptyness. I don't feel suicidal and I don't feel like harming myself yet I still feel really hurt inside. I just don't...
  4. C

    first time in 1 and a half years

    Recently i have started again for the 1st time in 1 and a half years which im not honestly happy about. it took me months to end last time and ended up struggling but now ive needed to again but im trying to limit my self compared to last time and tbh the urge is back like my previous session...
  5. P


    well my dad just asked if there was "anywhere else i could live" basically i am a horrible person and i am snappy with him, i am very aggitated atm.but it is no excuse to be horrible to people. i will self harm as punishment and tbh i feel suicidal too. and now i know my parents will be better...
  6. B

    health anxiety ....maybe one for the ladys

    hello i am new to the forum as of today so sorry if this is in the wrong place. i suffer health anxiety have done for a few years ,i find it hard to know what to worry and panic over and what not to ...litttle symptoms can set me off into a full blown panic that i have something dreadful,i...
  7. M


    how is everyone in here doimg? weathers crappy hear i the southeast. roll on summer ey. im exstreamly 'numb' daily atm and not liking it tbh. but when i do feel i just at that point wish i was numb again. im considering going onto the lithuim injection but was woundering how others have...
  8. P

    pfft. rant about "friends"

    i went to meet my footy team today.. past few times they have been out i didn't go so i missed out on all the jokes .. so obviously i didn't have a clue what they were talking about half the time.. a few of them also decided to take the piss out of my motorbike (which they haven't seen) and its...
  9. C

    Text from esa

    Huge sigh of relief. They have told me I have been put in the support group and don't need to attend for an assessment. In shock tbh was expecting a rough time x
  10. M


    do not know where to put myself, so thought id pop in here! :grin: i am brored tbh... anyone up to much? telly is rubish today, same old rubbih repeating itself. hello anyways :)
  11. P

    does anyone else want to chuck me under the bus?

    seems everyone is.. even a person i thought was a really close friend... just seems as if she is non-existant now.. try and text her and tbh i wish i was the type of person that could cope without people because life would be so much easier
  12. M

    sadgive up

    i asked for help i got no where the psyc down hear is shite tbh.. she took me off my anti d and put me on an old one that i was taking for a year and a half witch didnt hep.. my psyc doc recomended menitomion i think you spell it and when i asked her she said no its only given to children! huh...
  13. bert tomato

    Give me a reason not to attack my voices?

    I feel they just disturb me, are reptitive, boring, violating, patronising. Why should I not say 'Shut the f**k up' back to them? Is it ugly? TBH I dont care, I find it satisfying and enjoyable to tell them what I think of them.
  14. scaredANDbroken

    is it normal...

    to close your eyes when you walk out across the road, i often find myself doing this, or when im driving i have visions of my self crashing, is this normal? not sure why im asking tbh, dont think any part of me is normal anymore :/
  15. Lolli_Liability

    Sorry i havent been around couldnt get online !

    Some times i wish i cud just tell this fucking illness about its self and its mom :: ERRGGG no matter what goes on in life how much things pick up or setttle down it still drops you an lands you on ya face ! Cheers babe !! Sorry - i gota appologise for once again goin quite but been tudying...
  16. P


    Hi. Sorry already posted a thread but thought I'd better post here too. I've tried to avoid sh forums etc tbh but too lonely. And am perfectly capable of triggering myself anyway. Hi :)
  17. D

    Hya all

    Errrmmmm not sure what to put, Im a mental health nurse so feel a bit of a fraud after reading some of the posts on here tbh....but wanted to introduce myself and say hya to everyone, its a fantastic site xx:tongue:
  18. samuel-oc235

    hi all

    hi all, ive been self harming since i was 13 im now 21, i know the reason why i am doing it and cannot stop thinking about the reason its on my mind 24/7. ive been to counciling and they didnt help and been on anit depressiants (sp) and hasnt worked,the most ive been with out...
  19. L

    prozac! help!!!

    Hey guys i need to get something off my mind. My doctor prescribed me 20mg daily of prozac tp help with my depression at work. I knew there could be side effects so i was a lil anxious about it. Infact tbh i never wanted to go on prozac but i decided to give it a go. To cut a long story short...
  20. Fluffymum

    Crisis Resolution Home Treatment Team. Share your experience

    Has anyone else been refered to them? They come round every other day, not sure what they're doing maybe assessing my mood, they don't seem to ask very direct questions but I can tell they are checking me out. I've read that they are an alternative to inpatient admission, I haven't really had...