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  1. R

    sugar tax

    i'm a bit worried about the sugar tax, my alcohol i brew fruit juice, better with sugar in it, then theres the fruit juice i like, doing sainsburys on line delivery soon, i'm thinking of the extra i'm not obese though i do have a bit of a beer belt
  2. Artmuzz

    Welfare benefits when sharing flat with friend

    At the moment and for the past 15 years I have been living alone in a one bedroom flat. However, since 2015 after having a severe panic attack and suffering severe anxiety, depression and panic disorder I am scared to live alone now. My friend suggested that I could move into her flat or she...
  3. letmein

    not in a good way

    am struggling and head is full of thoughts I shouldn;t be having.... need to get away form it all.... I need an holiday but no chance with bills that have to be paid its rent week and council tax is due all I seem to do is sit in this back bedroom and watching crap on tv.
  4. Tired Daisy

    Can somebody help me.

    So I have asked for a mandatory reconsideration, I've been turned down for ESA and now I need to appeal to an independent tribunal. In the mean time I'm not getting any income and my Housing Benefit has stopped so now I have to use my savings to pay my rent and council tax, I only have 4...
  5. B

    Depression is back but worse this time

    I was diagnosed with depression a few years ago. With medication and cbt (my counsellor was amazing) I begun to get better, I came off the medication and left cbt. I always dreaded the day it came back and tried my hardest to stop anything that could trigger it. fast forward a few years and my...
  6. Per Ardua Ad Astra

    Council Tax Exemption and Severe Mental Impairment

    Hi guys :) Many people on means-tested sickness and disability benefits qualify for a reduction in the Council Tax they pay, and the remainder is made up of Council Tax Benefit. However, there are some instances were people are totally exempt from paying Council Tax. This is so if you are...
  7. S

    Dodgy Brother - What do you think?

    What do you think? Logic does not add up.:scratch: Comparing the bills I paid to what they pay and take home combined. The logic and the numbers do not add up. My brother says oh bills are tight insinuating needs help paying them. Yet he and his wife combined are on over 60k+ take home after...
  8. katya

    Council tax

    My sister, who's a mental health nurse, has just told me that, if you have been sectioned, you never have to pay council tax ever again. Is this true? Did you know this? If you're paying council tax and have been sectioned, talk to your council!!!
  9. E

    JSA/council tax

    :eek: I've just found out that if you're on JSA then you have to pay 15% of your council tax - I'm shocked.
  10. I

    The Independent: "Bedroom Tax To Be Abolished..."

    This is the link... http://www.independent.co.uk/news/uk/politics/coalition-rocked-by-bedroom-tax-revolt-9715640.html
  11. prairiechick

    Slipping Fast

    Down, down, down. Went to bed at 9:30 last night, and got up at 9:00 this morning. Don't feel like doing anything. So stressed about uni application and afraid I won't get accepted. So stressed about money and paying for prescriptions before pharmacare coverage kicks in. Still haven't filed...
  12. R

    Help please

    Hi, Since my benefit has changed to ESA, I keep getting letters telling me about how my housing and council tax benefits are going up, as they keep saying my income has changed, but I am getting exactly the same as I was getting on Incapacity Benefit, council tax has doubled from £15.00 to...
  13. I

    BEDROOM TAX: Error In Letter Warning...

    Guys... I received a letter, today, by those handling my Direct Debit (AllPay). When I saw what it said, I was a trifle shocked. Apparently, my Bedroom Tax had not just gone up - the figure on the Direct Debit notification letter had also then BEEN DOUBLED! If you get such a letter about...
  14. Artmuzz

    Worried about losing housing and council tax benefit

    I have been on Contribution based ESA for a year and it is due to end at the end of this month. I have completed my ESA3 reassessment form to get Income related ESA and I have sent it via recorded 2nd class delivery to the DWP. My worry is housing benefit and council tax benefit. I got a...
  15. shaky

    Working tax credit assessors are thick

    I filled in my form for working tax credits and sent the form off I got a letter today saying that my award is £0.00 Well, I was apoplectic! So I rang them up to tell them they are wrong And she said that my income last year was xyz And I said - that was when I was employed - and I'm not now...
  16. A

    I got a problem and the problem is glue

    How the hell can I give up the day job when I can't even pay the fucking tax bill again because all my fucking costs for day to day living all too high. All because of some screwball tax man who can't figure too well about budgeting and some George Osbourne bleeding well bleeting about tax tax...
  17. mrlaurel

    judgemental bastards.............

    had enough right now, hate where I have to live.... for years people have talked about me cause I don;t work... had it again today off an 80 year next door telling me i was milking the system and I was out working all day yesterday... I was out.. went for lunch and see aband with a mate...
  18. T

    Bedroom tax issue and non-dependant children?

    Can anyone clarify a problem I have in respect of 'Bedroom Tax' and a non-dependant child who starts full time work soon. 3 bedroom house, 2 children. One aged 20yrs, the other aged 11yrs. Both entitled to own bedroom. Wife disabled and sleeps downstairs as wetroom is downstairs. 20yr old gets...
  19. A

    Stressed out about bedroom tax

    The government didn't tell anyone that after bedroom tax came in, people wouldn't be able to swap with you if they didn't have enough people to occupy all your bedrooms. I thought that they would still be able to swap if they had enough income to afford all the rent as it seemed to be just...
  20. R


    My Dr has just advised me to apply for DLA. After recent circumstances I had a nervous breakdown and I am now on antidepressants, anxiety tables and sleeping tablets. I have also had an appointment at the Mental Health Ctr to which I have another appt. Im on my own with 3 young children and...