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  1. SomersetScorpio

    Cover-up Tattoos?

    I'm considering getting a tattoo to cover up some of my scarring. First though, I just wanted to see if anybody here has done it and how the experience was for them? Are you happy with the result? What design did you get? If you have other tattoos, is it significantly more painful on scar...
  2. Piecesoflamia

    New to the site :)

    Hello, so I thought I'ld introduce myself before I go around posting. I'm just a guy from Sweden that happens to suffer from BPD and bipolar (both diagnosed by a doctor so no self-diagnosing) and well, I kind of need of feel that sometimes I would want to read or talk about the struggles/share...
  3. Takana

    greetings to everyone.

    Hello, My name is Kisui, I am new to this forum, its the first forum I have ever joined. Just a little about me, I am a buddhist, a keen gardener, I love knitting and have many tattoos. I've been reading through some post and can see everyone here are so kind and helpful, so I know I'm in the...
  4. C

    Being a blank canvas - regretted refusal

    Some years ago now I was offered the chance of having the scars on my arms and chest covered by tattoos, this was a friends boyfriend who was a free style tattooist. He said that if I was okay for him to experiment with designs on me he would gladly do all the tattoos for free but I would have...
  5. Gajolene

    No regret tattoo's developed.

    Something I've never done is get a tattoo, because I have visions of being old and the tat stretching out of shape, losing all it's colour, getting a bad artist, or just regretting it years later. Now two Canadians have developed a two week tattoo that is 100% safe to use. This is something I...
  6. S

    Tattoos and SH

    If this contradicts forum rules, please delete admin, i'm sorry. After reading so many stories on here I have actually just realised that I never did give up self harming. I am literally covered in tattoos from the torso to my ankles (although to look at me dressed, even in a vest you would not...
  7. A

    Tattoos a way of self harm?

    I know part of bpd is self harm which I don't do although I do partake in risk taking behaviours but I was recently getting a tattoo done & in a conversation with the tattooist she had suggested that tattooing is a way of self harming as it helps release the pain. I thought about it & I...
  8. D

    getting tattoos with scars

    ive come up with a plan on how to stop sh, i usually do my thighs so im desgning thigh pieces to get the scars covered but i dont know how long i need to wait because im scared of waiting too long that i give in again, thinking about my tattoos has helped me twice to not sh but its difficult...
  9. M

    For those who would like to cover scars in summer wear

    Some one showed me this for covering tattoos it's AMAZING for that and also for SH scars. COVER ME
  10. M

    piercing/ self harm

    Wierd question but is gettin tattoos and piercings a way of selfharm. Ive had snall tattoos and my nose pierxed and my nipple pierced and belly button pierced. I am thinkin to myself that it is a way of gettin pain like i do when i SH. Does anyone think im wrong. Just the thought of it makes me...
  11. A

    OCD AND TATTOOS coincidence or compulsion

    hi i have ocd and lots of tattoos. my doctor thinks the fact i have lots of tattoos might be because its my ocd driving me to keep getting more and more. i disagree that its my ocd and think its because i really really like tattoos. anyone else with ocd and tattoos or not i would love to hear...
  12. updownupdown


    Hi, Am I alone in getting a tattoo when I feel down. I don't self harm but the pain of a tattoo is an immense release for me. Just wondered if anyone else does this? :confused:
  13. Angels

    Tattoo mess!

    My older sister had a dodgy tattoo done when she was 15. a star with the date her and her boyfriend got together. she is now 17 and shes really rushing getting tattoo's done, She broke up with her boyfriend and had the star covered, and since then shes had 3 tattoo's in the space of a week. and...