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  1. blacksmoke

    Hey I've Got A Question

    yeah just lately i have had a metallic taste in my mouth and it just wont go away tried looking on the net but nothing that i could really find so has anyone got any idea what it could be? i used to think it was to do with mercury fillings but gradually i have had these replaced with white...
  2. soulsearcher

    what sleeping tablets are you on?

    hey peeps i was wondering what sleeping tablets are you on? i first tried zopiclone but it left me with a nasty taste in the morning so wasnt for me and now im on zolpidem 10mg
  3. M

    Mention emotional/physical numbness at health center?

    I'm intending to go to a local health center to at least get my severe fatigue figured out. Could I also mention the fact that I am numb to sensory feelings like smell, taste and my skin? I don't want to mention too many negative things.
  4. S

    Afraid of tasting food

    Hi, this is my first post here (not counting my introduction). I'm not sure how much of my history with eating I should share for this problem. I had anorexia when I was a teen, I visited a psychologist for a year. After that I have had periods of having little to none problems with eating to...
  5. B

    Too Much Mouthwash

    Here’s a tiny bit of information... if you use too much mouthwash (antiseptic) your drinks and food can have a soapy taste. I should know... I use mouthwash after drinking coffee or a cola. Too reduce the damage to my enamel, I don’t brush right away but use mouthwash as a neutralizer...
  6. Boomerang

    New med FEEL ILL

    I cannot find anything on the internet that would make me worry so much but i am worried. I have been on Lamictal/Lamotrigine for over two years. I have started Lexapro and SSRI four days ago. Each night when i take them both i have had very warm skin which is what happened when i was titrating...
  7. A

    taste the rainbow is back

    hello fellow sufferers For those of you who have been members for many years I am back for today. I use to be called taste the rainbow on here a long time a go. Just thought I would pop in to see how u all r and say hello...... :)
  8. Per Ardua Ad Astra

    Camomile Tea

    I had read that camomile tea is supposed to be a good aid to relaxation, and can assist with mild anxiety and helping people drop off to sleep. My Mum also told me the same, and she's supped it for years. I tried some camomile and mint tea once, hated the taste, found it undrinkable and tipped...
  9. O

    taste(gustatory), tactile and smell(olfactory?) hallucinations, anyone?

    taste(gustatory), tactile and smell(olfactory?) hallucinations, anyone? i had taste hallucinations....my mouth would taste like shit for no reason. i don't need to taste shit to know how it feels like.... tactile ones as well, where i feel ants are crawling on my skin....or insects underneath...
  10. C

    Well hello..

    Hi.My names cupid stunt. And anything i say or do here will be done All in the best possible taste.......xx
  11. M

    here i am again and chatting like a train

    afternoon everyone how is today going so far? only early isnt it! i am in kmpulsive mode atm.. i am now with taste the rainbow wasent planning to be down here till a couple weeks away,well yesterday 3pm i desided that nope im going i am gonna ge the next coatch and be here.. here i am fucking...
  12. M


    hi everyone i cant sit or do anything knowing after speaking to taste the rainbow on the phone and she had said how caring you have all been i am so sorry that i am worrieing people.didnt sleep great last night,am going to make some callsa tomorrow and hope to get down my friends taste the...
  13. M

    just sad for taste the rainbow

    how do you help someone else when you cant help yourself. :low: lost seeing my friend in such a dark place :cry: she has been through so much and i dunno how to help her, im not i dont think.. but ill keep on trying
  14. razza

    Craving alcohol after Christmas...

    All of a sudden I keep having thoughts and cravings for alcohol, ever since I had half a dozen on Christmas plus another Boxing Day. I didnt get tipsy at all which is surprising because usually one is enough for me to start feel a bit woozy just because I dont drink very often. I certainly felt...
  15. N


    The need to SH is such a bitter taste.. i fear my obsession will come back if i do it again, and its so hard to resist!
  16. Fluffymum

    Does anyone else feel 'yukky'

    When I feel depressed I feel so yukky, that sounds kind of funny when I read it back but it's the only way I can describe it ,I get a weird headache, when I eat I get a weird taste and drinking water doesn't take it away, I feel all achy and get headaches, it's horrible. Sometimes it's only a...
  17. prairiechick

    I think I got it all out

    Ugggggh! I am so disgusting. I just ate a whole litre of ice cream, but I think I threw it all up, because I started to taste the cucumbers I ate before ate the ice cream.
  18. delatext

    winter payments

    Ian Duncan Smith "debates " winter payments with Danny Alexander and David Cameron all done the best possible taste ! :innocent:
  19. J

    My Citalopram taste funny and I've been more anxious lately. Could there be something wrong with them?

    My Citalopram taste funny and I've been more anxious lately. Could there be something wrong with them? Hello. I'm not sure if I'm asking this in the right place (it's my first ever post). The thing is: the citalopram 20mg in my new packet that I got about 2 weeks ago taste really strongly of...
  20. BSloan1960

    When Feeling Distressed - Post Your Ideas for Soothing

    Hi Folks, When someone is feeling like their skin is crawling, or is feeling anxiety, it feels Awful- and usually a big part of that distress is felt in the Body. Its a circular chain... mind is suffering- its felt in the body- which is now suffering- which increases the distress felt in the...