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  1. Beeyum

    Normal life after Risperidal??

    Based on experience how long has it taken for you to feel like yourself after quitting Risperidal? And not be on any APs or prescription drugs. I was on risperidone for a little over three months and I stopped taking the injections March of this year. My libido is still low along with vaginal...
  2. J


    It saw psychosis, schizo-affective, bipolair and schizophrenia appear on paper. It is favored, it understands the intention, but it is not true. It is well-intended, blessed but needlessly painful that this is made up for not yet feeling emotions, observing thoughts and opening the mind. These...
  3. V

    Venlafaxine: side effects while on and then tapering

    Hi all This is my first post. Ive been managing depression for over 10 years now and was in varying levels of lexapro at different points over the decade. Last year however, I visited my doctor during a down patch and the locum I saw changed me from lexapro to venlafaxine 75. Now I will admit I...
  4. nickybow86

    Tapering off Prozac

    I'm trying to have my 3rd and final baby and am on 40mh of Prozac.. I have dropped to 20mg last week. Any tips ?? My doc told me I can just stop taking them because they are self tapering ??
  5. C

    Had a decent poo today :-)

    Ok, so it sounds funny, but for the year I've been on antipsychotic medication I've been terribly constipated. I've felt bloated and bound up for a whole year. I know it has been the antipsychotic medication as I eat in excess of 28grams of fibre a day (the recommended daily intake for a woman...
  6. S

    What can I expect, tapering medications?

    I don't know when this will happen, could be the begining of next year or in two years time. What can I expect if I am to taper off 15mg aripiprazole. My plan is to take 12mg for 3 month, then 10mg, 7mg, and 5mg for 6 months each. I don't expect to get as far as 5mg without having symptoms...
  7. H

    Tapering off of Sertralin

    After having been on sertralin for nearly 8 years I am finally tapering off. My emotional regulation is temporarily broken. My wife would not talk to me on top of this due to some marital discord (the usual, nothing major), she does not know about my condition and medication And do not lecture...
  8. H

    GAD: the last of battles in my battle against depression

    It all goes back to me moving thousands of miles away for college, having a tough time and not being diagnosed of serotonin deficiency and ADHD which I now realize I had since grade 7. I resorted to weed, it would settle my attention deficit mind and let me focus and stay sociable. After...
  9. E

    Hi, tapering off Risperdal - so far so good!

    I'm tapering off Risperdal. Have been doing this for 9 months now. Down to .5mgs. No w/d symptoms until last taper 12 days ago. Had a few, nothing major, things like brain waves, a few zaps, feeling hot off and on and a some nausea. Last 2 days felt great. I tapered 5% off my last dose...
  10. E

    Which if my meds has the worst effect on memory and libido?

    I have been taking 150mg Seroquel and 1.5mg (down from 3mg) Clonzepam for three years. Bipolar type 2. My libido is dead these days and my memory is getting bad too. I want to speak to my doctor about tapering whichever one is responsible. I guess it's the benzos for memory but not sure...
  11. H

    Anyone tried Inositol?

    I have just been researching the above and it sounds interesting. I know of someone who is taking this due to anxiety and depression and it sounds really positive. They were on Venlafaxine so slowly tapering off. Apparently Holland & Barrett stock this med . I am going to look into this...
  12. V

    New life getting off abilify

    Its been a long road with hospitalisation for one year for schizofrenia my doctor believes i dont have this disease any longer i am training every day and going down 25 mg injection every month currently on 350 mg do you think i Will experience any withdrawal when tapering off this slow...
  13. P

    Quetiapine withdrawal, anyone been through it?

    Hi all, This is my first post on the forum although I have cruised around on the boards which I have found invaluable. I am currently tapering off my medication on doctors recommendation, was taking 100mg and now taking 75mg for the past two weeks. Had zero problems starting the medication, all...
  14. GoghTardis

    Going off Haldol tonight will I be ok?

    My pdoc gave me the ok to go off my antipsychotics. I have been tapering two weeks. What should I be ready for tonight with no Haldol?
  15. L

    Tapering my medication

    Am sick to death of being palmed off by GP and pdoc about what i should and shouldn't take so i started to slowly come of my meds,currently from 20mg and now to 3.5mg of olanzapine,tbh i feel ok apart from a recent bereavement hitting me hard. I will not be a walking Boots chemist anymore!
  16. K

    can i switch safely??

    Can I switch from klonopin to librium equivalent doses with out tapering off the klonopin then beginning the librium?
  17. B

    Lamotrigine withdrawal symptoms - Experiences?

    Has anyone any experiences of tapering off Lamotrigine and what if any withdrawal symptoms they experienced? I am tapering off very slowly 25mg every 5 or so days. So far I am having trouble getting out bed a bit low and depressed first thing in the morning and pretty flat all day - but...