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  1. S

    Confused about hearing voices

    Hello I am new to this site . I have been hearing voices for a few years now , mainly inside my head but the past few months they have been outside my head as if someone is in the room with me .? I am really struggling at the moment as the voices seem to follow me wherever I go, if I’m talking...
  2. S

    Training/courses to help with social skills?

    It seems a lot of advice aimed at those with social issues is aimed at those who have issues in terms of approaching new people, making conversation etc. That's not my problem though. I don't have any issue with approaching people and talking to them. The problem is that nothing ever seems to...
  3. letmein


    anyone talking?
  4. J

    Hi from the uk

    My name is jess. Im 29. I have two beautiful children, both of which have suspected autism. My husband and i have been together for 15 years and we have aleays had issues as he is older than me by 10 years and i feel like he controls me, especially when it comes to money. I have suffered with...
  5. U

    Helllo; I have GAD and depression, and in mid-life with a serious prob

    hi; I was diagnosed with GAD many years ago, and was put on Lexapro. The med seemed to work for a while, but later it seemed ineffective. Over a 20 year period, I have been on escitalopram oxalate (Lexapro), citalopram (Celexa), and venlafaxine (Effexor). Of the three, the venlafaxine was the...
  6. R

    glad to be here

    Hi everyone I have felt so welcome here can not thank you enough I live in the Us feel anxious to be here and talking to people but it will be ok
  7. D

    Be aware of signs when family members target you with mind play.

    I have never been diagnosed with a mental illness although my family and some relatives believe I am. Heres 1 sign of this. We all gathered at my parents home for thanksgiving and during conversation my adult neice pointed her finger right at me as she was talking about how insane her ex-husband...
  8. T


    Hi there. I decided to join here after a bad day. Its been creeping up on me for awhile. Today I couldnt stop myself from crying most of the day and was really irritable.I would never actually do that i have children and i wouldnt leave them. I tried talking to my husband about it but he is...
  9. D


    Hello, I’m Danny from the UK, I don’t really know exactly what I suffer with but I think it’s some sort of anxiety and that I’ve just learnt to mask it and deal with it over the years, I’ve recently been to seek medical advice as I got into a serious relationship and my partner noticed...
  10. LexLoofer

    Chat/Text Therapist?

    Good morning, my name is Lex, and I have anxiety, depression, and chronic pain. I've been working with a psychiatrist over the phone for the last several months to find the right medications for me, and I finally feel like I'm in a place where I would be open to talking to a psychologist...
  11. somedaymaybe

    I miss talking to a therapist.

    Back when I was suffering with depression, anxiety and agoraphobia, I was seeing a therapist every week. It went on for about 5-6 years. I suppose during that time, I just saw it as somewhere I had to go to try to get better, and maybe I took it for granted a little. Of course it helped me...
  12. C

    Talking on the phone

    I've had this anxiety forever, even when it comes to talking to friends and family over the phone I still avoid it at all costs, has anyone managed to overcome this? I want to start working, but a lot of the jobs I think I'd be okay at include handling phone calls so I end up not applying...
  13. H

    How do you do this?

    You all are so strong! You have been through a lot dealing with this and you keep going and support each other. My symptoms are pretty tame right now (feeling bugs crawling on me, smelling things that no one else smells, seeing things darting away in the corner of my eyes, feeling agitated...
  14. C

    A friend of mine...

    So yesterday I came home and my roommate was talking about how someone was spying on us, had hacked our phones and was listening in. All day yesterday and today he kept talking about all this weird stuff he could do with technology just by touching it. I don't know what's wrong. He gets really...
  15. classy_flamingo

    Ever feel like therapy is a waste of time?

    I've been seeing my therapist for a couple months now and today I left feeling really annoyed. She spent the entire hour talking about the Paleo diet and what you can eat when you're on it, etc etc. Granted, she was encouraging me to change my lifestyle but for a whole hour?? In fact, I find...
  16. Q

    Talking therapy denied

    I had recently paid by local community mental health team an official compliment. However despite being sincere in this I can't get a care manager despite severe difficulties. I am regarded as "severely disabled". And talking therapies will not even assess me. They were cool even quite cold...
  17. M

    Just Feeling Like I Hit Rock Bottom

    Hello, I'm not the best at talking on these forums. Usually I lose track of the things I want to say, so please bare with me. I'm 28, from Canada. Just feeling like the last 2 years of my life have been a nightmare. So many things have happened and I feel like I have nothing and nothing...
  18. T

    Workplace bullying

    Today a doctor at the surgery i work at shouted at me while i was trying to answer his question. Then when i was talking to practice manager to explain what happened she interrupted and raised her voice. Not letting me finish my explanation and just kept telling me i was wrong. Then got sent...
  19. jojo94

    Currently sectioned

    I'm sectioned at the moment and away from home. I've been manhandled and restrained and jabbed and it's been awful. I'm still waiting on an advocate and despite being honest with the consultant about my overdoses and being suicidal he is talking about discharging me next week. I'm not getting...
  20. M

    How to explain this without feeling weak?

    Hello, right away I apologize for my English- it's not my native tongue. I'm suffering with rather bad anxiety and my general mood is feeling empty,irritated or incredibly sad. Feeling happy is rare for me, I can only feel that way if I'm at home with my pets, but unfortunately, my anxiety...