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  1. M

    Back on Duloxetine :-(

    After a year of trying to get off the stuff, my pdoc has put me back on it. I’m on day three and I feel awful. A cross between a class A feeling and having the flu. Has any one else experienced unpleasant side effects of taking this drug. I know from my experience that for me coming off it was...
  2. Y

    Views and Experiences on SSRI's please

    Hi, I have GAD and have had for many years. As a lot of you will know, its horrible. I have been prescribed anti depressants in the past but have always been reluctant to take them. A few of the reasons are that I have heard the horror stores about what happens when you try and come off them...
  3. J

    Anyone Taking Brentillix?

    Hello, I have been taking Brentillix for the past 10 weeks, and it seems to help me. However, I have a lot of trouble sleeping. It has helped me get out of a deep depression, although I am certainly not symptom free. I was wondering if anyone else has experience with this med and how it has...
  4. B

    I don't know if i should take meds or not?

    I am being treated for bipolar 2 an d i was prescribed Divalproex. I've been really bummed lately cause i really don't want to take any meds at all. I took them for 2 weeks and i got a little out of my funk but i missed an appt with my doc on accident and because it was the 4th missed appt (i...
  5. C

    Medication advice

    hi ive got schizophrenia and im currently on medication olanzapine 20mg and mirtazapine 45mg I needed some advice on whether to continue taking the meds or not I really want to stop the medication because of how unhappy it makes me feel but when I don't take it I cant sleep for a long time its...
  6. vanish

    Rexulti - the good the bad the ugly?

    Heya folks, I'm after patient experiences of taking Rexulti. I am currently prescribed 4mg as well as my depot injection (80mg flupenthixol). So far so good, it has really curbed my paranoia and my visual hallucination (the redman) are gone. My auditory hallucinations are almost gone too...
  7. P

    Struggle to take my meds

    I have an appointment with my psychiatrist this week, which I really need as I'm struggling a lot, but I'm also scared because I haven't been taking my fluoxetine. I was on the highest dose but just stopped taking it, which I know is really stupid. I don't think I have taken it for over a week...
  8. W

    Concerned for grand child

    My son just recently married a woman who suffers from BPD and Bipolar 1 disorder. She is extremely jealous of his sister and his daughter. I've been taking care of my grand child for quite some time now. My son will be taking over his responsibility of his daughter soon. However, because of the...
  9. A

    Universal credit taking place in 2019.

    Is anyone here aware that univsersal credit is taking place in 2019? I am very concerned about this as I think the government will cut a lot of people's 'esa' and 'pip'. I really cannot afford for this to happen to me; as I am not fit or well enough to do any paid work....anyone feel the same?
  10. H

    Hello from the USA!

    Hey there, others! I'm R and I've finally come to accept my mental and emotional health are out of control. I have a 1 year old daughter and a partner who I'm going to spend the rest of my life with who is taking care of a teen. I have always been in unhealthy/abusive relationships and this is...
  11. M

    Had alcohol while still on meds, how bad is it?

    So I have been taking some meds prescribed by a neurologist for about a year, because of an anxiety crisis which also had some strange effects on my body (pain spikes, fasciculations, etc), and consequently to me thinking I had a ton of bad diseases and condition. For the last 3 months I have...
  12. naominash

    May Go off Medication

    In 2013, I was diagnosed with shizoaffective disorder. My last episode was May of 2016. Since then, I've responded positively to therapy and medication. But the medication had side effects. I gained weight, felt tired all the time, had slow reaction times, and became emotionally numb. Now I am...
  13. Ivory_NK

    Horrible Antipsychotic Dilemma

    Basically I was coerced into taking quetiapine 800mg for 6 years, had to stop taking it because it made me worse, gave me feelings of impending doom. now i can't sleep. have tried every other antipsychotic in the book and all the side effects are unbearable or the drug just doesnt work i want...
  14. atlia

    lithium side effects

    i am prescribed lithium to treat/prevent manic and depressive episodes of my schizoaffective disorder the only other drug i'm taking is aripiprazole. i've been taking the latter before and didn't experience any noticeable side effects. which means that the side effects i'm having now are most...
  15. B

    Cannot move on from regret

    Just to recap. I have been diagnosed with borderline personality disorder, chronic depression and anxiety disorder. Encompassed with drug and alcohol addiction. It makes for quite an interesting story. I am trying so hard to move on from my past at the present. Does anyone else really...
  16. K

    Dysfunctional Depression and Zoloft makes me Irritable and Angry

    Hi Everyone, Im new around here. Was diagnosed with depression multiple times over the last 13 years, but docs never gave medication. Depression, anxiety and schizophrenia runs in the family. 2 weeks ago I became so dysfunctional that I didnt know where I was, what I was doing, and I was so...
  17. A

    Lithium For Schizophrenia?

    Anyone taking lithium for schizophrenia?
  18. Drooo

    Well, I had a good run

    I've been off medication for 7 months. My mood picked up after getting rid of the meds and I had quite a few weeks that were good and a couple where I think it may have been a touch too good. And now, the inevitable pattern has been fulfilled and the inevitable decline has returned and for the...
  19. D

    Herbal Treatment For Sleep Eating/Walking?

    I had a hard time finding an area to put this, and I appologise. However, I did research that sleep eating can be caused by stress and depression, so maybe it is appropiate at a point. I suspect that I sleep eat objects/sleep walk and can't get to a doctor right away. Is there any type of safe...
  20. G


    Does anyone have any information regarding supplements I could take to combat the insomnia and nausea I get as a result of taking this medication? Hope to come off it soon.