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  1. G

    Anger or empathy

    Is it ever ok to be angry at someone who takes tablets as a cry for help
  2. Topcat

    Loss of pleasure in things...

    So I'm not feeling like I get pleasure from anything much, but I'm not sure if I'm just misunderstanding what pleasure feels like, or maybe I just don't do particularly enjoyable things? I used to enjoy food and cooking, it's a chore these days. I have no libido. I struggle to read quite often...
  3. alani

    hi. :)

    hi all :) after suffering from major depressive disorder for a long time, I have finally been free of depressive episodes for a while now - but recovery is a process that takes constant effort & work & it is comforting to know we are not alone. thanks for being here everyone.
  4. A

    40something, on the computer EVERY waking minute (what is wrong)?

    I am in my 40's, married, female, with two young children. I don't know why but I am on my phone or laptop EVERY SINGLE minute I am awake (other than when I shower for example). I'm happy with my life but need to stop this addiction. I have sought counselling but it doesn't work, and I have...
  5. B


    I keep having the urge to kill someone. Nobody specific, no plan on how, nothing in any detail. It is almost like the thought of doing it just sits in my mind. I have never been a violent person, and the fact I am having these thoughts is hurting me. I don't think anyone takes me seriously...
  6. A

    How do I manage my anxiety when I get my blood pressure taken?

    I get really nervous around girls so whenever I go to the doctors office usually a very attractive nurse girl takes my blood pressure, my blood pressure is always higher the more attractive the nurse. I don't have high blood pressure, when a male nurse or older female nurse takes my blood...
  7. Kerome

    Basal Exposure Therapy in Norway

    I came across this this morning and I found it very interesting because it’s a treatment where they take you off medications if you want to come off and they teach you to come to terms with your base existential fears. It takes about six months as an inpatient at an inpatient ward for psychotic...
  8. T

    Beautiful side of anxiety

    Let me know your thoughts through comments: It is frustrating to hear about the only side of anxiety everyone talks about, the debilitating one. Anxiety has a terrible reputation. There is also a category of Anxiety Disorders in the DSM-5 that only highlights the frequency, duration, and...
  9. H

    fixing relationship

    My hus and wants us to try and be friends tp see where that goes so we can get back to being husband and wife since we drifted apart due to mt illnesses. It is not what i want but if this is what it takes then that is what i have to do. I am feeling hopeful that this maybe a turning point for...
  10. M

    Hearing voices during sleep very anxious

    I am starting to get nervous and anxious every time I hear voices during sleep. I am able to sleep but it feels like I am just closing my eyes and I toss and turn just to get away from it but its there. There was a voice who keeps babbling on about something I do not understand then there is...
  11. M

    Is it normal

    *Rather start new thread, new issue* The voices I'm hearing have been in 2 forms, so to say. 1 of the voices is speaking directly to me, always negative, derogatory remarks etc. Luckily this I only get 10% of the times The other, it's a different voice to above, but it's like there's 2-3 people...
  12. letmein

    just hit a mood drop...........

    woke up and did ok, even washed up..... then BANG! hit the wall.... thoughts and mood have dropped and already feeling suicidal. never takes a lot to set me off... need t fight today.


    I love sleeping, but i love it more in the mornings than the night. Sometimes it takes me a while to fall asleep, but it takes me ages to get up. I dont like getting up early and sometimes feel sleepy. I really like sleeping when i am comfy and cosy in my bed.
  14. D

    how can i make seroquel more seading

    i am on 100mg and it takes a while to make me sleepy how can i make make myself more sleepy
  15. Poopy Doll

    sleeping pills

    Two hours after the doctor ordered me sleeping pills, after three days not sleeping due to pain, I fell asleep for a nap naturally. So I didn't need the sleeping pills. Now the pain is much less and I can't sleep because I took the sleeping pills two nights anyways.. It always takes three days...
  16. K

    discharge from hospital and housing

    I'm waiting for discharge from a specialist mental health ward that I have been receiving inpatient therapy for and ED and BPD and I need housing before I can start my transition back into the community. The problem I have though is that I have been assessed.and put in band C by my local...
  17. T

    Has anyone experienced this?

    I've always had weird and vivid dreams/nightmares every night, but for the past couple of months they've been so disturbing that I'm scared to go to bed. When I wake up it takes me a few minutes to realize I'm not dreaming anymore, it's so scary. Has anyone dealt with this and how did you get...
  18. A

    Anxiety after eating

    I'll be having a good day, my anxiety levels are low, then I have a meal, and ten minutes later, my chest feels tight and my heart beats fast like my anxiety level just spiked. I can usually bring myself back down, though it takes a good half hour or so before I feel normal. Sounds silly...
  19. W

    Help, someone who self harms

    I am in to wanting to punish myself a lot by self harm. I feel I need to do this a I know I am an awful girl. People have tried to help me to stop in the past and I have stopped but I seem to be creeping back into this and it takes over my life. I really need help.
  20. B

    My View Of Voices

    I think it can be like balancing two scales. If they say things that are negative and you know that what they are saying is wrong, you have to balance it again. I think it takes time to get the scales in balance again I think that saying it to yourself or writing the reasons why they are wrong...