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  1. D

    Tactile hallucinations

    Is anybody else suffering from tactile hallucinations ? - touch hallucinations . Do you have any suggestions on what to do about it ? Thanks .
  2. J

    Tactile hallucinations/ visual hallucinations? Or something else?

    I've been dealing with this for years and I need some opinions on it, I'm off my meds and its the worst its ever been. I see nothing but evil faces everywhere, and I feel like something is sitting on top of me, but it moves around a lot. It touches my ears, but it doesn't feel like a hand or...
  3. vanish

    Tactile hallucinations again after a decade

    It's been ten years since my last tactile hallucination. The last two days my skin has literally been crawling, even though there is nothing there. I feel things touching and crawling around. I haven't been doing illicits for twelve years and no alcohol for a while. Why suddenly now? :scratch...
  4. M

    New to tactile/auditory hallucinations

    So today and yesterday I have had the feeling of bugs crawling over my whole body, and have started hearing whispers like right by my ears and other things i "thought" I heard like clinking of some object falling or something. Does anyone have any advice for how to handle your senses attacking...
  5. Kerome

    Tactile hallucinations and what you feel

    Sometimes when you are having tactile hallucinations it can be easy to be seduced into extending ones senses beyond that of the body, so that you start to “feel” the space around you. I just wanted to say that from a mindfulness perspective this is a really bad idea, if you can focus just on the...
  6. P


    I get bugs under my skin and feel them . Does anyone else get tactile hallucinations . SCARY SCARY SCARY
  7. Kerome

    Medicated dreams...

    Does this happen to anyone? That you're anxious all day and the brain is making up stories, and then you have meds at night and something totally different happens. Yesterday my psychosis was all about losing parts of the energy body, very stressful, lots of tactile stuff. And then after I...
  8. G

    hearing the voice of an exboyfriend for 9 years

    Has this happened to anyone else? I hear the voice of an exboyfriend from 9 years ago to this day. I could hear him talking to me in my head while we were dating. I even saw him walking toward me when he wasn't there. Then we broke up. And i continue to hear him in my head. i also have...
  9. C

    City of Glasgow

    Glasgow Time and Space Wellpark-Kirk Haven Business Centre 120 Sydney Street Glasgow Glasgow City G31 1JF Elaine: 07875219668 Lindsey: 07891673485 [email protected] Time and Space is a unique service in Glasgow offering support and information to people who hear voices and people...
  10. Kerome

    Techniques that help with Tactile Sensations

    Since I often have sensations of being able to feel my energy body, I thought I would post up a few things that have helped me from time to time. I was listening to Eckhart Tolle, an audiobook of his book A New Earth - Awakening to Your Life's Purpose, and I came across an exercise where he was...
  11. Kerome

    Chanting and tactile hallucinations

    As some of you may know I sometimes do chanting exercises, and I've noticed over the last couple of days that if done right they can have a very interesting effect on the tactile hallucinations that I sometimes get. So I thought I'd post it up under experiences and maybe someone will benefit...
  12. F

    Social Anxiety and Response to Touch

    A Preliminary Exploration of Broader Autism Phenotype in Females Abstract Subclinical autism-related traits have been shown in the general population to be independently related to both social anxiety and sensory sensitivity. The present study examined the relationship between autistic traits...
  13. C

    I hear a voice in the form of tactile hallucinations

    Hi. I'm new to the forum and at times, like now, I become despairing. I fear that my voices are quite rare but really do hope there is someone out there who can relate to me. I am diagnosed Bipolar I and have had 3 strong relapses, all with severe psychosis. I'm a 37 yr old male and have...
  14. F


    I got voices on and off through the day, they are instructional, derisive, accusatory, pleasant and can interupt my thoughts/thinking. I cogitate about why this is, if it's telepathy, brain damage from extended street drug use through the ninties, a difficult birth with prolonged umbilical...
  15. O

    taste(gustatory), tactile and smell(olfactory?) hallucinations, anyone?

    taste(gustatory), tactile and smell(olfactory?) hallucinations, anyone? i had taste hallucinations....my mouth would taste like shit for no reason. i don't need to taste shit to know how it feels like.... tactile ones as well, where i feel ants are crawling on my skin....or insects underneath...
  16. R

    I can smell something

    Over the last few weeks I have been smelling the smell of burning or sulphur and whenever I ask people if they can smell it too they always say no. It's strange and wondered if anyone else gets unusual smells because I have heard that as well as tactile feelings you can also smell things too...
  17. K

    Tactile (Physical) Sensations

    Hi, I've been hearing voices now for seven months. My experience has been good and bad, the worst being a suicide attempt that put me in the ICU for a week. At times the voices are muted and other times they're chaotic, irrepressible and quite frankly, crazy. I've never been told to hurt...