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  1. G

    Anger or empathy

    Is it ever ok to be angry at someone who takes tablets as a cry for help
  2. E

    New here

    Hi, I'm new to this forum, I've been suffering with anxiety on and off for 7 yes, it's become worse this last 6 months, last year was very stressful, I lost my nan and my best friend, so now I'm thinking it's stress I suffer with which shows as anxiety? It's been out of controld lately, I will...
  3. D

    Citalopram tablets

    Hey guys just after some input. I'm currently on citalopram tablets 10mg and after 3 weeks I've been put up to 20mg on Friday as I have had no ease of my symptoms,question is dose the extra 10mg take weeks to get into your system to see if there working? also I suffer with sleep insomnia and...
  4. Y

    Father's Depression

    Hello, My (now 76 year old) father was diagnosed last year with depression. He was put on tablets (can't remember which) by the doctor but had bad side effects so moved to a 2nd type (mirtazapine) - these did seem to make a difference and midway through this year he was close to how was in say...
  5. soulsearcher

    what sleeping tablets are you on?

    hey peeps i was wondering what sleeping tablets are you on? i first tried zopiclone but it left me with a nasty taste in the morning so wasnt for me and now im on zolpidem 10mg
  6. C

    Hi... new on here.

    I found this sight by surfing the net looking for help really. I’ve been ill and had a few other family things going on... I’m usually the strong one in the family but the illness, nothing life threatening has for some reason left me so low. I now realise for the past few weeks I have been...
  7. M

    My mind is all over the place

    I got sectioned 3 weeks ago by the police as i tried to kill myself, I asked to leave hospital and it was granted after a week stay. I felt fine on leaving but since then i have tried to kill myself once again. I did go back to my Dr to seek help to get better tablets but she got me to see the...
  8. P

    Medication experiences yes/noi

    I have been treated for major depression for over 30yrs. I am wondering that because i was diagnosed by the first psychiatrist with it, others have just carried on from the original diagnosis. I have been on the A—z of antipsychotics antidepressants etc. It has been said I have treatment...
  9. J


    I'm new to this ive suffered from anxiety for over a year before that I was the most easy going person nothing ever fazed me now I'm worrying about everything anything I hear in the news I automatically think it's going to happen to my family every time I drive over the bridge to my work I think...
  10. E

    How do I stop panicking

    I have, high anxiety at moment, I've GAD but recently getting worse, the least little thing is like huge problem, but really it isn't I feel day by day its worsening, Dr only gives me tablets but I not get on with as the side effects coumcellimg no help so far. Anyone else feel like this
  11. I

    Medication and Weight Gain

    I was hoping to get some advice. I have been on Citalopram twice before, the last time about 7 years ago. It worked well for me but I gained weight which is a real bug bear as I have always been overweight. Now to be honest I don’t know if the weight gain was because I ate more or if it was...
  12. Funnyday

    Crisis! What Crisis!?!

    The crisis team just left after watching me take my clozapine tablets. They asked me when they were here. If I would take the tablets if they weren't here to witness me I said that I disagree with the diagnosis, but it would be foolish to stop medication. Without first having proof for my...
  13. S


    Since June I have taken two overdoses, long story short I have been told that I might have a personality disorder cause of how quick my mood swings and how quickly I switch person (being happy and wanting to live - being depressed and wanting to overdose) daily I get this voice in my head that...
  14. M


    Hi all, going to see my shrink later. Have got anxiety depression and bipolar. All the tablets I'm taking at minute are not working as I feel really anxious all the time and over everything. My moods are up and down like a yo yo. This is no life. So I going to ask to try different tablets. Was...
  15. A

    Forced To Take Medication Through Dissolvable Tablets Irreversible Brain Damage

    Forced To Take Medication Through Dissolvable Tablets Irreversible Brain Damage So I'm pretty sure with out a court order both dissolvable tablets and injections are out lawed in state(in patient or whatever they are called) mental hospitals. I was forced to take in my parents house growing up...
  16. S

    A rocky road lately.

    Hey, I'm new here. So relieved I found a place of support. My name's Sarah :) I have had mental health issues since I can remember. When I was young I self medicated with alcohol and drugs, many many drugs. I used to self harm and I was generally just a wild child with a Mohawk! Not to mention...
  17. J

    Online shopping

    Hi, I was wondering, has anyone bought zopiclone/diazepam online, I've read a that a lot are fake tablets, can anyone suggest any sites that are guenuine? Thanks
  18. Y

    Has anyone ever tried herbal remedies for anxiety/stress?

    I currently looked online at different things to help treat stress and anxiety. I came across herbal tablets from Holland & Barrett that had some positive feedback on them so I decided to try them. They made me feel alright for a few weeks as I can remember but then I started to not take them...
  19. M

    procycladine hallucinations.

    I take 4 pills at a time. Used to abuse them, now I have cut right down to just 4 tablets a day Am I the only one taking this med?
  20. M

    sleep dread ,

    I am suffering from sleep dread, it is quite irrational but really scary when trying to go asleep. My doctor has prescribed amitriptyline, he wont give me any more sleepers which work. I am generally scared to take tablets, I am going to take my first table tonight, I am scared to take it ...