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  1. T


    Looking for advice on tapering. Is it possible to wait until you get withdrawals then take a tablet to stave off symptoms
  2. N

    Lozapam, (and having trouble keeping asleep at night.)

    Hi Folks, I do apologise, I phrased t he title for this post and thread, rather incorrect grammar. Owing to I have been having problems keeping asleep, overnight, over the past during the couple of months, January and February, and my brother's getting fed u p, likely to have an accident with...
  3. B

    Matazipine help

    After taking Sertraline 150mg it actually put me in a few....a lot of dark places however the Doctor changed me to Matazapine 15g. I've stopped the Sertraline now and Carrying on with Matazipine, I usually feel fine on them but eventually would like to stop them...however I did not take one...
  4. A

    Took Old Medication

    So I took an almost 11 month old medication. I got the bottles confused. What is the worst that can happen? Should I wait to my next doctor/NP visit to tell someone or go to the ER? It was abilify 30 mg tablet.
  5. S

    help needed

    I have really bad anxiety and I can't swallow tablets is there anything else that I can take tablet wise
  6. M

    weight gain and venlafaxine?

    Has anyone gained weight from this tablet at all?
  7. B

    how long does lamotrigine take

    Hi. How long does lamotrigine take to kick in? Is it a fast release tablet like quetiapine is ?
  8. R

    Off my meds

    I decided to come off my venlafaxine last Wednesday, having increased my dose to 300mg without increased effect. I am feeling worse than ever and last night I felt like I was completely out of control. I have been on them for more than 6 years and they have been the only ever medication to work...
  9. F

    Am I suffering from depression ?

    Hello guys , Well I do have severe anxiety and panic attack issues but never had depression so I'll tell you my history .. I was on ssri lexapro and paxil from october 2012 to march 2013 then I quit cold turkey due to sexual side effects. From december 2013 I had a relapse of panic attack...
  10. I

    Can taking one tablet of my friends Mirtazapine antidepressant send me high?

    Can taking one tablet of my friends Mirtazapine antidepressant send me high? Was just wondering.:)
  11. markh75

    Tablet for socializing!

    Dont get carried away! its NOT wot you think!:rofl::rofl: On many of my posts and replies you will see that i have posted via Android app, this is my tablet. I bought one recently; i won a prize for writing a review of a previous product from their shop, and got a gift card for it! That went...
  12. H

    Can't sleep won't sleep won't sleep can't sleep

    My mother said no such thing as can't so it must be wont It don't feel like wont it feels like cant Fuck. I just can't sleep If I take a tablet now I will sleep but not till I can't sleep As in wont be a good idea to sleep when it's 10am
  13. F

    Has anyone tried Chlorphenamine?

    I've started taking chlorphenamine over the counter allergy tablets. I started them a few days ago in the hope that they'd help my asthma and allergies. I've only ever taken the occasional one at night really. But now I'm trying them in the day. They are sold as being the drowsy type of...
  14. DoctorInternet2

    Risperidone is helping, at the moment

    ....I don't know for how long though. The one thing I do know is that my depression has been getting out of hand recently, and this drug is the 4th one I've tried in the last 2 years. I'm not going to build up my hopes too much, but it's worth mentioning because perhaps there is some help out...
  15. shaky

    Not taking tablets

    I've been trying to find something on YouTube or Google to assist me with a self-help problem When I next go into hospital, or IF I might choose not to take the medication How do you pretend to take a tablet, without actually taking it? I can't even remember exactly how it goes in hosptial...
  16. 0

    sleeping with aniexty

    Hello everyone I suffer with chronic anixiety & i am having problems sleeping.I am currently taking cymbalta (a depressant) & clonictil.I only use the clonactil for sleep.I want to stop taking clonactil as i am gaining weight.Does anyone know if there is a tablet i can get which will help me...
  17. 0

    New here, sleeping with anxiety

    Hello everyone I suffer from chronic aniextyI am currently taken cymbalta & clonactil.I want to give up the clonactil as i am gaining weight.Could anyone recommend a tablet i could take to help me sleep.I am taking the clonactil only for sleep but i am gaining lots of weight. All replies would...
  18. G

    Only hear voices after taking tablet and before going to sleep.....

    Does anyone else have this? I'm not actually asleep but have got into bed and feel a little drowsy from tablet then the next thing its like i hear random conversations sometimes people i know sometimes not. And they are SO clear as if I am there! example >>> out of nowhere a man shouted...
  19. fridderz

    Is there a cure?

    Can anyone give me any info on making it go away? it takes over my life completly, especially in relationships and i feel like people are my world and without anyone its the end and thats how i feel right now. i know it sounds silly but is there like a tablet or something that can make the...
  20. L

    Wrong tablets

    Hi I am new to this sight and have been a diagnosed sufferer of OCD for 2 years (although I have suffered for most of my life). I have done CBT and have been doing really well for 10 months even better than before I started medication. 6 weeks ago my doctor changed my tablet and this week...