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  1. U

    Do I have "clumsiness syndrome" ?

    I have a problem with coordination and that's why I have a problem with counting, maths and driving. I am also a slow learner. You can read about my condition here in this thread. Really lost and worse, I'm unemployed I decided to start a new thread here instead of asking this question there...
  2. T

    How can i help?

    My sister has been trying for kids for years but been unable to get pregnant. We discovered she had polycystic ovary syndrome (pcos) which was difficult for her, but she was given medication to help her ovulate meaning having kids was still on the table for her. She takes the tablets monthly...
  3. P

    Restless leg syndrome caused by Abilify...need support!

    Hi! I am just realizing that the painful restless leg syndrome I have and the insomnia is causes are cause most likely by the Abilify I've been taking for 4 years. Would like to hear from other people as to how they are coping... And or getting off of Abilify. Does the Restless Leg Syndrome go...
  4. B

    Looking for information on how much each antidepressant and antipsychotics affects serotonin level and receptors

    Looking for information on how much each antidepressant and antipsychotics affects serotonin level and receptors I have been diagnosed bipolar, ptsd, ocd and anxiety disorder. I have been in treatment for about 15 years with little success. I am a serotonin syndrome suffer anytime I take and...
  5. R

    New Here

    Hi, So lately my mental health has been really bad which is why I have decided to join this forum to hopefully help. I have Severe Fibromyalgia, Chronic Pain, Complex Regional Pain Syndrome, Polycystic Ovary Syndrome, Raynauds, Anxiety, Severe Clinical Depression, Insonmia etc. I have been in a...
  6. J

    Anyone else here heard of Irlen Syndrome?

    About a year ago I was diagnosed with Irlen Syndrome after I stopped taking lithium. I developed symptoms of dyslexia, dizziness, and headaches. I feel like it has impaired me a lot. I can't think clearly, especially under flourescent lights. I use colored overlays to read things, which help but...
  7. Solitude1


    Hi. Today I went to a psychiatrist and he prescribed me sertraline 50 mg and pranol and alprazolam. Now I'm extremely scared of the side effects of sertraline especially Stevens Johnson Syndrome. What can I do? please help me 😭😔 Sorry I posted in multiple forums I'm extremely scared.
  8. M

    Munchausen syndrome?? Please Help!

    Hi. I don't know how to begin. This is a complex story. I have been diagnosed with bipolar disorder. I have experienced mania and depression and psychosis and I don't dispute the diagnosis, even though I regularly play with my meds, sometimes trying to induce mania. I have further been...
  9. I

    Does anyone have any experience with Serotonin Syndrome?

    Serotonin Syndrome was used as an excuse to not give me adequate pain relief this spring when I was really hurting. As in pinging a 9 to 10 on the 1-10 pain chart and thinking how I had never hurt that bad in all my life, not even with Pitocin induced childbirth, barely able to even breathe...
  10. truthistruth

    A life journey with Schizophrenia, Bi-Polar and Autism

    Does anyone here have Schizophrenia AND another mental illness, syndrome or mood disorder? Such as Schizophrenia and Autism, or Schizophrenia and Bi-Polar (Schizoaffective), or Schizophrenia and Down Syndrome, or Schizophrenia and Major Depressive Disorder (also Schizoaffective), or any other...
  11. F

    Antipsychotic Medications and Risk of Acute Coronary Syndrome in Schizophrenia: A Nested Case-Control Study

    Antipsychotic Medications and Risk of Acute Coronary Syndrome in Schizophrenia: A Nested Case-Control Study Antipsychotic Medications and Risk of Acute Coronary Syndrome in Schizophrenia: A Nested Case-Control Study. PLoS One. 2016;11(9):e0163533 Authors: Liu HC, Yang SY, Liao YT, Chen CC...
  12. F

    Schizophrenia and Aspergers syndrome

    Just joined this forum - I was hoping someone would be able to answer me a question. Can Asperger's syndrome be misdiagnosed as Schizophrenia? Thanks in advance, Favero.
  13. O

    Clenching Fists at Night

    Hi everyone, I have GAD and depression, and lately I have been having horrible nightmares. In these nightmares, the worst possible things happen to me, usually my boyfriend cheating on me or abusing me, none of which is or ever will be true. Along with the nightmares, I've noticed that my hands...
  14. T

    Cinnamon for med related metabolic syndrome

    I believe that Cinnamon can keep your blood sugar stable and that it can help stop diabetes If you buy it buy Ceylon cinnamon cassia is bad for the liver . It tastes lovely if you just put a tablespoon in a teapot and then let it steep and tea strain it you can add it to also rats of things.
  15. Z

    I think I got Bipolar?

    HI This was very hard to write up because for some reason I find it hard to explain what is on my mind. I think I may have a bipolar disorder or some kind of brain unbalance because one minute I feel on top of the world loving life then within minutes I become the complete opposite and I feel...
  16. L

    locked up in my introvert shell.

    Can an introvert with asperger syndrome handle the real world? How do you break out of your introvert shell?
  17. B


    I have what I feel are legitimate concerns that I have Aspergers syndrome. I am on disability for severe social anxiety, DID, bipolar and don't know what else. My initial Psychiatrist, though not specifying exactly that I do have Aspergers, on more than a few occasions suggested I read a book...
  18. I

    I cant believe the mental health system done this to me

    I can't believe I have been put in such a horrible position by responsible adults as a 9 year old. the system has let me down. I just want to get on with my life. I was having a bad time with my ocd and tourrettes syndrome as a 9 year old and was out of school for a year max. then being "mental...
  19. S

    How much do anti-psychotics kill

    How often do anti-psychotics kill people? There is neuroleptic malignant syndrome
  20. L

    Hi newbie,

    Hi all, Looking for help. I was with my husband for a decade, and I think he has had anixety for many of those years, and even with the constant reminder he needed to see a doctor he didn't, well not until it was too late between us. Many other things going on too. I don't have it, and at...