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  1. P

    Anxiety symptoms that are tormenting me.

    Hi fellow members. I have lived my last 6 years with physical symptoms that I cannot seem to bear anymore. I got fed up. I have this tension coming from my neck/shoulders shooting into my cheek from behind the jawline up to my mouth, and it feels as if the muscles keeping the mouth firm on...
  2. C

    Best medication for social anxiety

    Calling all social anxiety sufferers and survivors! Can any of you please tell me, in your opinion, which is the best medication for social anxiety? My life is getting hectic with social gatherings, weddings, etc and my anxiety is literally at an all-time high. I have tried numerous ones in the...
  3. L

    My anxiety isn't the worst part, It's all the symptoms that come with it. Please Help!!

    Hello, I'm new on this forum!! I'm 21 years old and i've dealt with anxiety since i was about 5 years old and depression since i was 15. It stemmed from my child abuse/neglect. As a child my anxiety was generalized and as i got older it progressed into primary health anxiety. Since i've dealt...
  4. frisas45

    Good news!

    As some of ya'll remember me, she is taking pills regularly, and her symptoms are improving. She is calm, and she is helping out my grandmother. Despite this, I'm concerned. The doctor gave her a strong dose of Risperidal, but I hope she doesn't go into a relapse of symptoms. I don't want to see...
  5. A

    Panic attack or anxiety attack

    Hi all I am experiencing attacks frequently.i m 33 year old female.. staying at home mother. I had these symptoms during the attack Shortness of breath Chest tightness Stomach upset Dizziness Fear of going crazy And the attack last for 1 hour . It is really difficult to recover from the...
  6. F

    What does anxiety feel like?

    I have struggled with anxiety for a lot of years and it's awful. And i think the worst part of it is to try to explain to people what i feels like..I would describe it as drowning inside and out, it so much more awful then people think. How would you describe it?
  7. TroubleinParadise

    Psychosomatic Symptoms & Depression

    Hi Everyone, So I went out for sushi yesterday with a buddy of mine. A good hour and a half into the evening I without paying attention took a fair sum of wasabi and ate it. It was a little bothered, but soon after it stopped bothering me. However, I remembered reading something on the dangers...
  8. B

    How do I make her realize she has GAD?

    Hi everyone, I'm new here, and I should probably say that I don't suffer from anxiety myself. My wife, however, clearly does. She has all the symptoms, and there is no doubt whatsoever that she has a severe case of GAD. I can't get her to even entertain the thought. A mutual friend - who has...
  9. J

    Anxiety on an Off for 10 years, the worst its been in a long time now

    I dealt with panic attacks and anxiety in college about ten years ago. and for the most part have been free of them except for maybe a few minor episodes. Anyway recently I have been having what I would describe as constant anxiety and sometimes panic disorder. Im constantly worried that...
  10. S

    Amitriptyline block physical anxiety.

    Hi New here. Ive taken amitriptyline 50mg for years and its helped control physical anxiety symptoms in my body. I used to get palpitations and they stopped so its been doing its job. Side afffects are minimal (was dry month but ok now) Im no expert but i was told it regulates something in your...
  11. L

    Physical symptoms of anxiety

    Can everyone write their physical symptoms of anxiety. Mine include: chest pain, brain fog, weird feeling, numbness and tingling sensation, headache, itchiness, hot flashes, dizziness
  12. E


    I'm so nervous to even be doing something like this. I feel like I shouldn't have to because I have a good support system.. good bf, friends. But lately I feel like it's just not going to get me anywhere. I have been on anti depressants for about 2 months and don't feel like it has brought any...
  13. A

    Anxiety flare.

    Hi everyone! I’m having a bit of an anxiety flare and am looking to talk a bit. I’ve had bad anxiety in the past, but mostly had a handle on it recently. Recently I’ve had an issue with my medication and its set me off again a bit. I’ve been trying to come off citalopram as I’m now on...
  14. D

    Anxiety is here again?

    Howdy, Actually I wrote the below post to another forum 3 weeks ago. It describes where I was then. This one seems more active so I move my ass in here :) Since that post I actually started Venlafaxine on the following day and am now full 3 weeks on that. At the start of week 3 things were...
  15. Bizzarebitrary

    Hello! Making introductions is awkward but I'm pleased to be here.

    Greetings to all from Northern California, or the darkest portion of it which happens to be wherever I'm sitting at the time. :low: From the Mental Illness Buffet, I've been served a generous helping of Major Depressive Disorder smothered in Treatment Refractory gravy, several large sides of...
  16. A


    I was diagnosed with GAD 7 years ago. Today after numerous medications CBT inpatient treatment I have seen no improvement. I now self medicate using sleeping tablets which I now have an addiction to. It’s the physical symptoms I suffer with some can be best described as vile. Does anyone else...
  17. J

    New poster with horrible strange symptoms (feeling drugged)

    Hi all I have been an OCD and anxiety sufferer for around 15 years and I have been on Paxil for 8 years. About two years ago I started having some very strange symptoms and no one has been able to tell me what is wrong. I have had an MRI of the brain and it has all come up normal, and a...
  18. M

    Haloperidol/Haldol Withdrawal

    Apologies, but I am not sure where my questions belong. Although it is to do with Haloperidol/Haldol, it involves depression. As well as that, I have suffered from depression for several decades. I was prescribed Serenace (Haloperidol/Haldol) 1.5mg day for a nervous tic about fifty years ago...
  19. J

    Anti depressants

    I'm thinking of taking anti depressants as from tommorow. I lost my brother and wife got diagnosed with terminal illness shortly after and I've been suffering with health anxiety for nearly 3 years. My doc Thinks I'm depressed and stressed out. I have a lot of physical symptoms like body aches...
  20. Mayflower7

    Delusional disorder

    Hi All, My psychiatrist is now querying if I have delusional disorder and not paranoid schizophrenia. Anyone have delusional disorder? I seem to have more symptoms of delusional disorder. Thanks