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  1. L

    Antidepressants won't work.

    Hiya, I've tried three I think different meds for my depression and anxiety over the last year and none worked. First it was low dose citalopram, no effect. Increased dose twice over about six to eight weeks, no effect. Switched to venlafaxine, no effect even with increased doses. Came off them...
  2. T


    I feel I've switched off. I feel persecuted like everyone is out out to get me And it pisses me off when people say it isn't true It is true I heard it.
  3. A

    My doc switched my anti anxietymeds from xanax to atavan ??? Any difference

    My doc switched my anti anxietymeds from xanax to atavan ??? Any difference Arent they the same lol
  4. P

    Paranoia - Any advice

    Hi, I've joined this site as my Mother is becoming increasingly paranoyed and any advice I can get to help her would be more than welcome. It started around 8 or 9 years ago when she believed she had fleas from one of our dogs. She would spray herself with all kinds of stuff to try and deter...
  5. Empty


    So I've only just started takingMirtazapine after been switched from a different SSRI that wasn't working. Anyway it made me sleep for like 18 hours and I feel really spaced out and groggy. Is this a permanent side effect or does this stop and if so what are the timelines?
  6. S


    Has anyone taken xeplion 75mgs on a monthly slow release injection im currently taking it and it makes me feel really werid numb confused panicky shake inside can't be bothered not me switched off and many more
  7. K

    Recently diagnosed with phycotic depression

    Have been put on anti phycotics and do not feel the same anymore. Feel like I've been switched off and not feeling my emotions. Also that I may now be addicted to them. Very confused alone with no one who I can talk to.
  8. E

    Got it in to my head that I'd left the iron on

    Today I went to meet my mum by train, I'd gone about 15 miles in one direction & she'd come about 100 miles in the other direction to meet in the 'middle' (her train does go faster than mine), anyway I got it in to my head that I'd left the iron on, I couldn't remember the precise moment I...
  9. Poppy12

    embarassing side effect

    Hi all, I'm on 20mg Olanzapine each day for schizoaffective disorder... But a problematic - and embarrassing - side effect is constipation :redface:.I've been on movicol but one sachet is not enough and two gives me the runs. I've switched to lactulose for the last few days but nothing is...
  10. D

    Just so unlucky

    Im not supersticious, but i cant help but wonder if my bad luck is down to being born on a friday the 13th. Im probably just looking for anything to pin it on. But jeez, it literally is just one thing after the other. I keep telling myself that you can only go so far down before things start...
  11. chazxxx

    hearing music and freaking out

    Sorry but im freaking the fuck out. Its really anoying. My nans song. Her favourite. And her funeral song keeps coming on the damn radio. Everytime im at work. I run and switch it off. But this time. I can still hear it. Ive switched it off but i can still hear it. What the actual Fuck. What...
  12. S

    Just switched from SSRI to Klonapin - not going well :(

    Have always taken celexa with success for my anxiety. Except for that dreaded sexual dysfunction side effect :( switched to lexapro hoping it would be less but no luck. Doc decided to wean me off the lexapro (I'm down to only 5mg every other day now) and put me on Klonapin instead. Started it...
  13. samuel-oc235


    anyone had any experience with this med? what were the positives and negatives ?? just switched from risperidone
  14. Lincoln1990

    Then voices!

    They are really really bad today. Worse than they have been since I started working. Switched to Seroquel from Risperdall Slept last night. Feel less tired. Want o die. Nobody would care anyway.
  15. V

    Haldol side effects

    I am on six different medications at the moment, which I find a lot and it's really driving me to the edge. I think the worst side effects come from the Haldol, so I have Artane against those side effects but the problem is I feel constantly zoned out, I can't move freely I'm really stiff. My...
  16. LostInThisWorld

    ** trigger warning ***I want to and don't know why!!!

    I have previously harmed myself many times, I self harmed and tried to kill myself. I have not harmed myself for over a year now... But I can't get this voice out of my head telling me to do it. I'm being told I will enjoy the pain again. I'm so annoyed with myself for allowing these thoughts...
  17. fazza

    Voices coming from switched off Laptop

    I was awoken this morning by voices coming from my switched off laptop. The voice sounded like a cartoon voice telling me to kill myself. "Its time to get the job done". I have just been switched on to a new depot injection of haloperidol after being on risperdal consta for the past year. My...
  18. C


    So this is a strange one So i started a new apprenticeship yesterday been happy for the last 2 days but now my moods have switched and gone to a dangerous state of mind again ;/ but i just dont get why they have switched after being physically happy for the first time in years I actually...
  19. T

    What does my therapist mean?

    I met my therapist today for our 6th out of 20 sessions. I'm finding therapy difficult and she knows that I have a real fear in sharing my troubles. She said 'I'm wondering where this leaves us?'. What does that mean? I didn't answer, just switched off from her again. She wants to finish seeing...
  20. kosmonaut

    somebody shake me. bp2 and AP's

    hi'dilliho ladies and gents Short sentances otherwise I'll ramble. couldn't handle lamotrigine. failed continuing with it twice. They switched me to sodium valporate. An AP?? wth! didn't fill prescription. wasn't on anything. [Apparently I'm bipoar 2 and with an ED] 5months later after...