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  1. fazza

    Need a complete shutdown reboot Falling apart

    Can't focus on anything. Can't switch my head off. 100000 thoughts an hour. Just had 4, 5mg diazepam but even that's not slowing me down. Can't help but feel like I need to press the off switch. Been for a drive and a walk today but that did not help. At the end of my rope. Can't go on like...
  2. M

    Wellbutrin SR switch to XL

    My psychiatrist had me taking Wellbutrin SR 300mg once a day, even though I read it's most commonly twice a day. I'm now switching to 300mg XL once a day. Wondering is anyone has made that switch? Also wondering if it will be a strange switch because Sr at 300 would give me more in my system at...
  3. D

    Sertraline to Fluoxetine

    Hi All I suffer depression and generally have it in episodes, sometimes brought on by things sometimes just out of the blue. The latest one started about a month ago, I chatted to my Doctor who suggested I move from 40mg Fluoxetine to 150mg Sertraline, which I did. I had been on fluoxetine for...
  4. letmein

    not in a good place

    been a rough couple of days. I can't cope with whats going on, I'm expected to do more and I can't do it. not sure which way to turn. can't switch my head off.......... dark thoughts , not stupid enough to act on them just don't enjoy my own head.:scratch:
  5. S

    Weird Impulses...?

    im new to this place and i made this account for the specific reason of figuring out if i have some type of compulsivity or something. i have really strong impulses to do an action a certain way, and i can't really control it. when i'm walking up the steps, my right and left foot each have to...
  6. B

    Self Harm using Music?

    Do you think it's possible to SH by listening to music that you know will trigger and torment you massively? (I had another post written out about this but my PC crashed x2 times so I'm sorry if this appears as a double posted Thread.) I've only been thinking about this for a few weeks but...
  7. T

    Anyone taking mirtiziapine

    Hi just wondered peoples experiences with mirtiziapine for bipolar disorder. For over 8 years I’ve been taking olanzapine and fluoxetine? Need a med switch? Any advice would be greatly appreciated Sammy 😄
  8. Funnyday

    Attention span

    Something that I have noticed is that I don't have the attention span that I use to have before schizophrenia. I find it really hard to watch a tv show or film for more than an hour tops before I find a fault with it and switch off.
  9. N

    Question - DLA, AND PIP

    HI Follks, I have a question; couldn't there be an easy transition, from dla, within into pip, without having to go through the hassle, and unecessary performance, and stress, to separarly apply. If one could make an internal switch - to use an expression, just like that, it would make...
  10. J

    Early to bed

    Hi Everyone Just wanted to ask if anybody else finds themselves just having enough of their brain in constant overdrive and in attempt to switch it off go to bed stupidly early? Over the last year or so I regularly find myself just having enough and the only way I can seem to switch off is to...
  11. S

    Do you as well?

    I feel like I’m two completely different people... I switch between the two, one is content and happy with life (this is the normal one, because everything is going alright) and then I switch to the other me, same things go on I have different thoughts, this side of me is very suicidal and upset...
  12. B


    do you ever ask why your the way you are. i had a shitty childhood, but now my life is ok no real worries at all. i do have a lot of physical health issues and do constantly disagree with my doctor about weather is the physical issue cause the depression or the other way round. my counselors...
  13. P

    150mg Effexor worse than hell with zyprexa combination

    Is anybody there? I take 75mg of effexor and zyprexa I used to take 150mg effexof but that amount with zyprexa was making mW suicidally depressed.now 75mg effexor is crap and making me very sad and low. I think I should switch antidepressants, maybe switch to Zoloft (Lustral)?I've been on...
  14. kizim

    Think I left it to late...

    I'm still jumping. Its been building up for weeks. I've tried to control it with " positive thinking'. Just need to switch my brain off...
  15. A

    am i doing the right thing ??

    i have been feeling extremely low over recent months and anyway I've been talking to a lady and i really like her but i think when i go after women i am just going to have sex ( yes i am a girl ) i get so confused and run a mike after but i like her what do i Do ?? am i just doing this to do it...
  16. T

    Switch it off

  17. M

    How Rapid do Your Moods Swing?

    I've been chilled, and fine all day despite the crappy pain caused by the Quetiapine. About fifteen minutes ago, it was like someone clicked a switch and my mood has changed in to sadness, just like that. The sadness is switching to anger also.
  18. B

    Can't switch off

    Rubbish past couple of days literally getting by on no sleep as my mind won't switch off and when I do go sleep I have constant dreams about my ex who I've not seen in a year and a half or just completely messed up ones that make no sense! I'm sat here now contemplating messaging my ex but know...
  19. N

    Im not sure...

    Hey...um im wondering if anyone can help me. My friend thinks that i've been actin differently. She says that sometimes im a different person. I know i get angry alot and sometimes im ok but i thought thats normal until she said i switch on the spot. Wats happening to me?
  20. skitzofrantik

    wishing there was temporary off switch

    just wishing there was a temporary off switch so i could just fucking shut my head up for 2 mins had a wee while of being to busy to notice the head and having to drag the metaphorical dead body around, but this last week its felt like everything has been gaining on me, stupid little thoughts...