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  1. C


    Swansea Transcend 01792 544018 [email protected] Transcend can provide one-to-one support to individuals with mental health issues living in Swansea. Anyone that is experiencing mental health difficulties can be referred to access support from Transcend. You do not need to be involved...
  2. S


    Hi people! I'm Andy from Swansea. I'm hoping this forum can help me!
  3. D

    Hello all

    Hello everyone. Been browsing the forum and everyone seems lovely, so I thought I'd join up and say hi. Basic background, been suffering depression for around 2 years, and this seems like the place where people understand. I was also wondering if people here ever meet up? I'm living in Swansea...
  4. M

    Returning from holiday, need prescription asap.

    I will be returning to the UK on March 1st after 3 months in Vegas, which has done me the world of good :) I am on mirtazapene which my doctor was kind enough to give me 3 months worth of before I left. When I return I think I will have 1 or 2 pills left and I will be staying at my parents in...
  5. Rosepoet

    Swansea support group

    Hello i live outskirts Swansea is anyone interested setting up support group with view to helping each other and eventually meeting up regularly i am fighting Agraphobia and depression and would Like to help others too.