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  1. Bitterdregs


    I will be here periodically according to my mood I suspect. Can anyone tell me how to do the avatar/profile pic ? I hit it and nothing happens.
  2. B

    Why I live?

    I wonder lately why I am living? What is all the sense. I am useless, good for no one. Dont have a job, although I am sane enough to work and qualified. No one is looking for me, asking how I am. I am alone, even if living among people. Feel like a living dead. All days are the same, nothing to...
  3. L


    Just a quick introduction, I'm new to forums so don't really know what I'm doing yet! I've recently split from my bf of nearly seven years so am in grief stage! I've also just discovered from online research that my ex has some form of mental health issue(I've worked a little with mental health...
  4. L


    Hi, I'm new to all this and could really benefit from some advice! I'll give you a quick run down of my situation and see what you think! I was with my boyfriend for nearly seven years, during which time I often felt he had some sort of mental health issues. However, the last six months have...
  5. D

    Bullied by my neighbour for 5 years

    i dont know who to turn to ,my neighbour has been harassing me since 2011 i suffer from ocd and post trumatic stress and social phobias because of this , the neighbour has recently threatrened me and physically assaulted me by pushing me .i do have video and audio evidence . the man was...
  6. E

    Aren't you hated by your parents, friends, partners or whatever?

    Hey guys! Don't your parents, friends, partners.....hate you? Personally I think I'm superior, that they can't compete with me, and I'm convinced that they don't feel nothing of their existence for real, that their emotions are fake, not true. Not how they should be. They live in a fake...
  7. W

    concerned mum

    Hi I have just joined to get support and advice, my eldest son has been at war with himself for at least 5year and I am at a loss, I suspect he is bipolar and I think I am in and he is in for a rough roller coaster and I just need help to navigate what is coming, I have tried numerous times to...
  8. M

    Problems with speech/reading/listening to speech.

    Bear with me on this... On Monday (3 days ago at the time of writing this), I had a migraine, which is a usual thing for me. I've been getting them for years. A common symptom for me DURING the migraine (through the stages of visual aura and pain) is impaired ability to read, talk or understand...
  9. M

    so so lonely. Need friends.

    Hello I know I'm just another member of this forum but please read this. :( My therapist says I need to open up to someone but I have nobody. I am 25 and have suffered from depression and other mental illnesses for over two years now. I'm on medication and having therapy. I am in a dead end job...
  10. N

    Hi I am new to this forum

    Hi I am new to this forum I suspect I have avpd. I will be seeing someone on the 17th this month so i guess thats when I will find out . i hate going to any events i have a real fear of talking to people I don't know so I will avoid these people. If I can find a way out of not going I will. I...
  11. B

    Hi Everyone!

    Hi there, my name is Karly I apparently signed up back in May, because I was searching for forums such as this, clicked on the link and saw that I was signed in. :whistle: I don't know if I ever introduced myself, so I'm doing it now. First off, I'm always really bad at theses things. They...
  12. calypso

    Please help and write

    Our old psychiatric unit has closed and a brand new one was opened this year for both sexes in Lancaster. Suddenly, with no consultation or anything, they have decided to make it all male. Their logic is that if a man needs a bed and there is only a female one, then he will be sent elsewhere...
  13. BlueBerry

    I think I have BPD?

    Hey all! :clap: I've been a creepy lurker on these forums for a good few 3 or 4 months now ever since I started to feel like I had some mental issues. I always used to feel like I had some kind of depression ever since I was about 16 or so (I'm 23 now), but I never sought any help for it...
  14. prairiechick

    How did you find out you have BPD?

    After looking at info on psych central's website I suspect I may have BPD, but I have been diagnosed with bipolar. Is it possible to have both?
  15. prettycolors

    Suspect BPD - what do I do?

    Totally starting to freak as i cant take the uncertaincy anymore. I have a few symptoms that make me suspect I have BPD and was wondering if anyone with An idea of what im talking about would like to chat about it before i do something stupid (dont panic im not suicidal but i really dont like...
  16. 4

    "Autophony" Anyone?

    Anyone here got "Autophony"? Anyone here even heard of "Autophony"? I'll leave it at that for now and see how the thread goes! I do suspect the thread may die, but still worth a try!
  17. F

    Clinical Psychologists

    ...I really don't like it. It's B.S. C.B.T is pretty much all they do. I don't think C.B.T should require a 3 year psych degree, followed by an assistant job, followed by another 3 year DPsych. And they tick boxes. And ask stupid questions like ''Are you religious?'' when they suspect...
  18. A

    Newie! My 8 year old has selective mutism but also suspect Aspergers?

    Hi guys My beautiful daughter was diagnosed with SM when she was 3 years old. However, I suspect that she may also have Aspergers that wasn't diagnosed at the time of SM. Would love to hear from anyone else in a similar position. Xx
  19. N

    Hello everyone :)

    Thankyou for this cool place to share and to offer support. I am a guy in my mid forties, gradually putting my life back together after a serious breakdown. I have learned alot from the extremely tough times over the last few years and am hopeful for the future, though I suspect I will be...
  20. X

    what should i be feeling ? (med related)

    hi everyone :) i recently started taking depakote 250mg twice a day wondering what i should feel? how will i know if it's working? if i'm bipolar as we suspect is this going to help me? is this likely to affect my panic disorder ? thanks for any advice :D