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  1. P

    A Positive Step

    I just submitted my first University essay (for a take home exam) since I survived my suicide attempt. I wanted to tell someone about how much it feels like I have accomplished something, but I know at this point my friends are sick of hearing it and they cannot really understand. The effort it...
  2. E

    Hello from a newbie.

    Hi there. I am 37 year old mum of two one 16 year old boy and a 4 year old girl. I was dinosed schizoaffective disorder 4 and half years ago when I was 13 year old I heard my frist two people and my moods go up and down like a brides nighty. I have more downs than ups. At the min I haveing some...
  3. I

    how have you survived?

    Just as the title say's really. I lost my strength after a psychosis induced grand mal seizure a few years ago. Since then ive done nothing but be a burden to those around me. I look back in utter amazement at how long I lasted,the places I went to (war),the things I did (drugs,rich,bankrupt n...
  4. Kerome

    Morgan Freeman explains how God can be an Invention and Real

    Morgan Freeman has played God on the big screen, but in real life he sees the Almighty as an invention of the human mind. It might seem curious, then, for the 78-year-old actor to star in a National Geographic Channel show all about God and religion. But “The Story of God with Morgan Freeman,”...
  5. R

    Are there any good books out there to help with depression

    I would like to tackle my enemy --depression with some better tools . How can I forgive myself , how can I help myself , block negative thoughts ,how to get better sleep ,Is hard work comparable to exercise . How do I get the trauma that I made myself view out of my thoughts . How to keep going...
  6. dubblemonkey

    I have to behave myself

    there are so many things that make me do something that I prefer not to do! it's been so many years that I am a shame... and then it's too late and very on time! I should be pleased that I have survived being myself!... and I have also died being someone else... I adore anyone who can do...
  7. C

    This is unbearable

    Why, people am in such a state of fear & paranoia about bloody simple things like my mum coming 2 visit? It's destroying my life. In fact, often I wish I was dead. That sounds disturbing I know! I survived a 100mph motorway pile up without a bruise. People died in that crash. I had what's called...
  8. dubblemonkey

    I am the worse....the terrible survived

    it hurts me everyday... my friends are all dead... what I wanted was exactly the same... and they went to die! I loved them...but they went to die it was easy for them to die.. and it was harder for me to survive they over did it!....
  9. C

    Coping With Flashbacks

    Ideas for coping with flashbacks Tell yourself you are having a flashback and that it is ok and very normal in people who were traumatised as children (or as adults). Remind yourself that the worst is over – it happened in the past, but it is not happening now. The “child” inside you who...
  10. albie

    Alone over xmas? me too

    I don't interact with family at all and I have no friends so I was alone over xmas. I survived it ok, glued to the TV. Anyone else alone this xmas?
  11. calypso

    Lolli Liability

    Lolli has asked me to update people on here on how she is doing. She became so ill, she went down to an extremely dangerous weight. She spent several days on ICU and it was touch and go. She has survived, just, and is now in psychiatric hospital for the foreseeable future. She has serious...
  12. bongozebedee

    quitting my meds

    :grin: been on 30 mg abilify for years and 200mg sertraline for the same. I want to completely stop cold 'turkey', please don't post any scare stories and warnings about this I have researched all the negative but I am looking for positives if anyone else has just quit and survived pretty well...
  13. M

    hitting rock bottom....

    Has anyone hit rock bottom....? I have no one who can help me..I have two sons...i have no work..no money...no where to live.I just dont see how to move forward from here.....my heart hurts I guess from all the crying....shortness of breath....im just praying for a miracle now really....has...
  14. M

    Name's Mike. I'm nuts, but I'm not a d***!

    I'm not sure who's going to believe me online, since I'm sure we all know there are a lot of fakers and liars of mental stuff out there, but I'll lay out what I know is the truth and hopefully people's gut will know I'm the real deal. I've been diagnosed many times over (last count I think was...
  15. R

    hey 23yr old with bipolar 1

    Sup im a 23 yr old dude with bipolar, im constantly struggling with my moods, thoughts and substance use. I have survived a lot, from sexual abuse to suicide. Just would like to chat
  16. Lincoln1990

    Today's the day!!!

    Yes, today is the day I go camping! I'm so excited. Last night the fireworks weren't that bad. I survived them. Thank you to everyone who has helped me ever.
  17. M


    Hi all my name is Chris as you can probably tell from my username lol. I was wondering perhaps some of you could share your experiences of hypochondria. I have been with symptoms two years now and no matter how much I try to control it, it always manages to rear its head. So fair I have managed...
  18. N


    Hello to you all,I'm new to MHF. My diagnosis:PTSD,Chronic Anxiety & Insomnia,ADDHD,& Bipolar Disorder. I'm a total hypomaniac most of the time,very little sleep required...I've had BPD as long as I can remember,genetics,my father,3of his siblings,& my grandmother-all had it. I believe its made...
  19. NicoretteGummed

    Accepting Your Strengths and Weaknesses-Warts 'n' all.

    This plays a vital role in getting your life back. You can only really find out about yourself if your not "out of it" more than two days a week. My teachers invariably told my Ma and Pa that I was creative and artistic. They and I were constantly told by Maths/Science Teachers that I was...
  20. Sally Cinamon

    Is anyone else actually Happy right now?!

    Just wondering...I mean not in a high/manic way, just happy, relaxed & at peace with life... despite* years of ups & downs & medical coshing & phsychictric trauma...?:unsure: I know the MHF is a great place to get support when things are going badly, but surely I can't be the only one who has...