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  1. B


    Hi I'm a 65 year old lady who has pretty much given up hope right now. Tired of fighting everyday just to survive for another day. Not sure why I'm still bothering. Just need to know I'm not alone
  2. AliceinWonderland

    A different way to think about personality disorders

    "Here's another way to look at it: little children develop patterns to help them survive, but sometimes those patterns give them trouble later in life. Survival means more than staying fed - it means trying to develop a sense that you matter and are loved. What a task, particularly for tiny...
  3. Chris Walken

    A Picture of Chronic PTSD

    Monkey with the Thousand Yard Stare, eating a rat, encapsulates living with Chronic PTSD ~ Going through the motions, to survive
  4. Alex_Nash


    I was diagnosed with paranoid sz. I'm sad because i'm not a "normal human being". But I try to find new things that can help me survive. I also want to help others :)
  5. M

    Has anyone beaten clinical depression?

    Having suffered for over 30 years with depression and suicidal thoughts I am at my wits end on how to achieve some kind of happiness. The only thing stopping me from ending it is my beautiful 8 year old daughter. Am trying to survive as I cannot leave her without a dad but have reached the point...
  6. H

    I'm tired.....

    Worn thin , no family left , no friends for years , haven't had conversation that doesn't make me want to end it all for so long , empty lost emotion tears my thoughts , reminiscence pounds my chest , I'm waiting ,waiting for so long , waiting because I need more , I can't do it without more , I...
  7. W


    Im incrediby low. I may not survive
  8. L

    Wishing I didn't exist.

    Just found this site. I just can't find anything to look forward to. Every day is a battle, and I feel more and more down. I feel so very alone. I wish I was not alive, but would not do anything about it, as my children need me. So I have to go on with this life. I should be grateful for the...
  9. N

    insight is a con job

    Having insight is bullshit. I feel worse now than i ever did mid-delusion psychotic-as-fuck. I wouldn't wish this on anyone, and i can be a vindictive little shit. How does anyone survive this??
  10. BorderlineDownunder

    Antidepressant WARNING *PLEASE READ

    I have been on Zoloft for 20 years now, recently 75mg it has been decided to take me off it as I am just getting sicker and sicker come to find that ANTIDEPRESSANTS CAN CAUSE MANIA in my case they have and the medics know the risk and IGNORED IT. I am now going through week 4 of detox from...
  11. 6

    Better days might not be coming

    Why do people say 'better days are coming'? What if only worse days are coming? Then what?!?! I just had my birthday a week ago and honestly is this next year is as bad as the last one I don't know how I will survive.
  12. Fairy Lucretia

    there is no hope for me

    i have been ill since i was little ,my childhood was filled with abuse ,i have never lived a normal life ,im still a child ,im stuck at 11 ,i haven't experienced any of the things my friends have (online friends ,i have no rl friends) ,i cant cope on my own and mummy has died ,i relied on her...
  13. L

    Work pay and benefits

    At work they don't like people who need money ie wages, they don't like people who claim benefits. But do they work for free? And if so how will they survive.
  14. dubblemonkey


    it's not like I have no idea...?!! my drug and alcohol abuse makes sense only to a suicidal person... to make sense of everything forever! it sure looks that way when people watch the blood drift away from my body... and the people are not there... it was always me myself bleeding to...
  15. dubblemonkey

    borderline means everything misunderstood

    ...I went over there...I had a look! I changed direction....and had another look! I stopped moving! and it was impossible to stop feeling what I looked at! ...it seemed for a moment that I might survive...being this way! ...and yet!...certain mis-adventures proved to be bullshit.. whatever...
  16. S

    Is it my job or cycling?

    I am at my wit's end! I struggled with bipolar disorder for several years while I worked in education over 10 years ago. I finally quit the profession thinking that it was surely my job that made me so miserable. For 10 years I worked in my family's businesses in bookkeeping and, although not...
  17. dubblemonkey

    it's difficult to survive this way

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P5l0g19Xs3w some sounds make sense ... forgive me ...xxoo
  18. ninnin


    hi I am me and doing this is scary i am 44 i dont talk about my problems but have had since a teenager more often on and sometimes off. this last time it got really bad it has taken me 4 years to go to the doctor cos of fear of judgement and just the journey. Applied for pip last year just been...
  19. dubblemonkey

    things are difficult and even more crazy!

    ...every attempt to survive and to survive alive? ...there are ways to be somewhat in-significant... and there are even better ways to be something awesome and even better! it's ok dearest friends ...it's ok to be adorable.... much love... james...xx
  20. dubblemonkey

    sometimes it's time to make a decision

    it's easy for me to hate myself... I survive!