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  1. J

    WAVES - A new discussion and awareness group based in East Surrey

    Hi all, I am part of a relatively new mental health awareness and discussion group, WAVES (Wellbeing, Awareness and Voice in East Surrey). https://www.facebook.com/groups/116187615387216/# Our key focus is on mental health for 11-25 year olds in East Surrey, and our aim is to provide a...
  2. Dave1986

    Who is in surrey

    Just wondering if anyone is in surrey ? It gets awfully boring and lonely when you suffer with social anxiety so it would be nice to meet like minded people
  3. N

    Sutton Surrey: any good, sympathetic GPs in this area?

    Hello All, Can anyone recommend a good, sympathetic, kind GP in Sutton Surrey please? The practice I'm currently registered with has been pretty callous thus far. Many thanks
  4. stardust79

    Sutton, Surrey :) Thought I would start a thread for Sutton.

    :) Thought I would start a thread for people in Sutton, Surrey. Would be nice to meet people in Sutton who suffer with mental health problems. As we all know, mental health is a lonely illness. Sometimes it's nice to know people nearby. Anyway. I am Andrea, 33 years old from Sutton. I am...
  5. D

    Just saying hello. From Surrey, UK

    Hello, I just thought it would be polite to introduce myself to the forum. Joined yesterday after having another rough day and needing to say something to someone. My name is Matt, I'm 21, waiting for results of exams from last year at uni. The last few years I've been dealing with depression...
  6. Sugar Coated Owl

    Hello, anyone from Guildford, Surrey?

    Hello, I'm not new, I joined quite some time ago but I haven't logged into this site for ages. Anyway I thought I'd introduce myself again. My name is Joanna, I'm 27 and from Guildford in Surrey. I suffer from depression, anxiety, BPD, a possible eating disorder and I've just been diagnosed with...
  7. K

    Anyone else living in Surrey?

    Hi I just joined the forum, I was wondering if anyone else is in Surrey, would like to chat and perhaps knows about the resources in the area?
  8. W

    Things are getting worse!

    Well I tried ringing my Dad today, he is 86 and could not get a reply..he never goes out except to the grocery shop across the road..so after 2 hrs I rang the grocery shop (thats the only number I could think to ring) and asked if he had been in they said 'no'..so I asked if they would go across...
  9. Jo1760

    Private psychiatrists in London or Surrey

    Hi, I was wondering if anyone knew of a psychiatrist who worked within London or Surrey that was private and gave good levels of care? I have done the obvious and googled / scanned the internet but some of the ones I have come up against seem such a lot of money. £200 plus for appointments -...
  10. S

    First Steps in Surrey

    This looks really helpful; http://www.firststeps-surrey.nhs.uk/ If you have experience of this it would be great to hear what you thought?
  11. Sugar Coated Owl


    Anyone from Surrey?