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  1. Poppyy

    The tables have turned...

    It amazes me to think that two years ago, I was a well respected mental health/palliative care nurse in the local community. I have since; Left my job. Been homeless for a year. Lost contact with my family and friends. (more out of choice than anything else!) Been passed from pillar to post...
  2. T

    My 40th birthday was ruined

    Hi it was my 40th birthday on the 7th October and all I did was get a tattoo, it was a special one and although my partner has a few surprises for me up his sleeve I can't get used to the fact that no-one didn't do anything to help me to celebrate my birthday on the day, I wish my surprises had...
  3. DavidJames

    Something new today

    You think you're doing ok, you think you've found the right answer, and then life surprises you again.!! I was talking today with my worker of the house when I was talking to him I was quite surprised, yes I was. I was talking to him about intrusive thought and how I manage them and he suggested...
  4. S

    Why can't I just get help from someone!?

    So it turns out you can't even be honest about trying to get help on here. Why do I even bother trying. Well not anymore. I'm feeling suicidal. Cheers admin. I'm assuming I'll get banned now. No surprises there. No one ever wants to get me the help I need.
  5. A

    A Funny Idea

    "One of the weird things about growth, or trying to make your ideas always become new, is that you always assume you're going to know what the next step is. as if even though you're going to become more and more enlightened there won't be any surprises..." --Terence Mckenna