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  1. Funnyday


    I'm being targetted by a Phiser. I've received bogus emails purporting to be from various organisations asking me to login and check my account as it is in disaray etc. I always check the address of the email to see if it really comes from that organisation or not. Surprise surprise it don't...
  2. T

    you should get a job and

    - get married, and have kids, and get a car, and go to the gym. You are just in a bad cycle. You should stop your medication as it isn't helping much so you maybe don't need it. When you start work, you'll be fine and will surprise yourself that you will feel so much better. Work helps you. :eek:
  3. static void

    I just had an epiphany!

    In the last three weeks I was feeling more tired than usual, I felt a knot in my throat came in to being because I was trying to push back the tears every ten minutes or so. The last time I felt like this was 6 years ago when I had major depression episode. I said to myself: "oh shi.t, don't...
  4. N

    Surprise Happier News - not so d readed brown envelope anymore!

    Hi Folks, I had a surprise today, via the post, from DWP, and I am feeling happier, that for the current year and onwards, I shall be on PIP, and, I have a slight increase. So I am feeling happier on that note. It was always a certain for a rate of DLA, figure of month, now, I'll be...
  5. E

    Is there anything I can do that could help my friend?

    My friend is extremely depressed right now. Is there anything I can do that could help my friend? Even just a little? Anything I can do to surprise my friend? My friend is a guy, he's in the mental hospital right now. We have had several conversations, I wonder what kind of gift would be a...
  6. B

    Surprise Eye-Contact Fear

    Just moved to a new place and an anxiety I've had since I was a child has returned. As I'm in my room, I'm always terrified that I'll look at my door and see a small face peering around the door. The biggest fear of this (I have a clear picture of this situation and to it as I type) is that...
  7. S

    What a scumbag!

    I found out that my boyfriend (now ex-boyfriend) has been actively seeking other women on a dating site. I had my supiscions for a while as things didn't seem right, so I decided to do some investigating and found a live profile on a dating site. I confronted him, he made a lame excuse saying...
  8. S

    psychiatry gone astray

    Myths about antidepressants & antipsychotics | Dr. David Healy Say's in part of this that the estimate of deaths caused by zyprexa is 200,000. I wonder what the total of deaths is for all prescription drugs, ECT, insulin shock therapy and just the general treatment of the mentally ill.. It...
  9. blacksmoke

    Crappy Dayz

    t0day has been just s0 bl00dy hardw0rk. my dad is s0 n0t g00d t0day and my mother is pretending everything is fine my 0ne br0 is unwell with a c0ld. about 4 years ag0 he had swine flu and had t0 have this injecit0n it was all surreal really and he has not been the same since. and my 0ther br0...
  10. T

    Please Help - Reaching out.

    Hello and thank you for taking the time to read this. Truly, thank you. I have never written on a forum before, but it felt necessary in this moment so here I am... I am 30 years old, and have dealt with depression, CPTSD, and anxiety for years now. I was put on a small dosage of sertraline...
  11. A

    To Live is to Risk.....

    I have found in my own personal journey that life is about taking risks. If you take risks you find surprises because much of the time what you thought might happen simply doesn't happen as you thought it would. Many times the opposite happens. I am only saying that is what I have experienced...
  12. G

    Intense love with people since childhood

    When I've fancied people in my younger years, it has always been very intense. I'm almost 19 and in the last couple of years it seems to matter a lot more than it did. I always seem to fall in love with people who are taken which in infuriates me to no end and also greatly upsets me. I can't...
  13. L


    Hello. I think I've had a low grade depression for the past 16 years of my life and have a schizoid personality, or neurosis. I've also had episodes were I got fully depressed for days at a time in the past, and have recently suffered what would categorize as severe depression, along with...
  14. S

    How original?

    Surprise surprise, a depressive posting that she's feeling low?! Sorry to be unoriginal, but anyone know when this ends? I can't seem to get out of it. If I can't be myself I might as well not bother, but then why be myself when that is so bloody ugly? Everyone is watching as I fall apart, I...
  15. L

    All I want to do is stay in bed and watch Jeremy Kyle

    Hi all I have no energy or motivation to do anything. I cant even be bothered to shower, how disgusting is that? Crisis team no help, surprise surprise, just got told not to cry. I have found comfort in watching Jeremy Kyle lol. maybe I have become a bit obsessed. I really can not cope in...
  16. O

    testing the water

    Hi i am here to test this forum out to see what people say. I do not consider myself mental, or anything, but I do have all the symptom as any schizophrenic has, and I am learning how to manage it, and put an effort in it, and I even turn it into something. I see thing, hear voices, think...
  17. C

    same shit different day

    Hi all Well it's thursday (i think!) And two guesses what i'm doing? Cider & fags. Oh yeah what a fantastic surprise eh (not to my buds on here tho!) Not much else to do. Both phone bills paid. Just tv licence to sort now. Hope everyone ok??
  18. RainbowHeartz


    ok so i cant sleep, surprise surprise im moody, no surprise there my memory is real bad, but i joined a schizoaffective group and it seems this is common... my memory was also bad as a child and this often got me in trouble for "not listening" doh! anyway yes i have many problems right now...
  19. H


    In the past a lot of bad things happened to me as a result of others. I had abuse from a young age and was also witness to it. I used to report the abuse, but the police never believed me, because the one responsible always bursts in to fake tears, claiming that 'I'm insane' and that I'm...
  20. cpuusage

    Synchronicity As a Mirror of Our Thoughts, Emotions, and Beliefs

    Synchronicity As a Mirror of Our Thoughts, Emotions, and Beliefs | SuperConsciousness Magazine Interview with Dr Kirby Surprise, author of Synchronicity Author: Jaime Leal Anaya The heralds and defenders of our innate and extraordinary human potential, the creative divine-like qualities we...