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  1. sneaky snek


    Hi, I'm Snek. I'm here to ask questions about some stuff and yeah. Other forums have mental health sections but they're usually really slow so I figured I'd find a forum just for mental health And it's awesome that this one supports the dancing banana :dance:
  2. Shoreweeper

    success story

    I have been severely mentally ill for over 20 years. My seventh suicide attempt was about 8 months ago. Since then I have learned to lean on the system and seek as much help as possible including a lot of group and individual therapy from addiction services. There is very little help for mental...
  3. cpuusage

    Long-Term Social Supports Needed After Onset of Psychosis

    Long-Term Social Supports Needed After Onset of Psychosis New data on the effects of social support after the onset of psychosis suggests that patients with intense social support function better than those without such help, but than once supports are removed the effects eventually diminish...
  4. C


    Banff and surrounding areas The Arches Anderson House 46 Ardanes Brae Banff AB45 1FG 01261 815449 The Arches supports our community by offering confidential support, information and advice to anyone who experiences mental ill-health. We can help you make friends, overcome distress, meet...
  5. K

    Katss gets to grapple Simon Hughes Lib-dem MP for Southwark & Bermondsey on MH and Sickness cuts.... with

    Katss gets to grapple Simon Hughes Lib-dem MP for Southwark & Bermondsey on MH and Sickness cuts.... with So off I goes to a party, what with it being the Christmas and all its good to try and get into the spirit, even though really want to rave in the freezing cold under a concrete flyover...
  6. Mark_01

    Short Schizophrenia mini-Documentary

    Short documentary about a schizophrenic in San Francisco. Interesting to note, one of his sons has schizophrenia as well, which, I guess, supports the genetic theory.
  7. calypso

    Lolli Liability

    Lolli has asked me to update people on here on how she is doing. She became so ill, she went down to an extremely dangerous weight. She spent several days on ICU and it was touch and go. She has survived, just, and is now in psychiatric hospital for the foreseeable future. She has serious...
  8. S

    Changing the face of Recovery: What has worked for you?

    Hello all, I am new here so please forgive me if I am being repetative but it's my second day and I've looked and searched for this but found no help. I've been hearing voices for well over five years. I now work in the field in the US and I am always looking for new, innovative, and...
  9. A

    Moving Away from the Psychiatric Paradigm:

    Moving Away from the Psychiatric Paradigm: The Importance of Supports and the Emergence of the Wellness Models Good supports are crucial for people in distress. People with good supports usually fare better than those with little or no supports. What does this say? It indicates that as...