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  1. J

    Hello :)

    Just popping in to say hello to everyone! I've joined the forum today and looking forward to sharing my experiences and supporting others.
  2. E

    Poem About Voices

    This poem is based on words I heard the voices say when I had my first major encounter with them. I actually heard the first line of the first verse and there was a chorus but I have not added it here. Looking back on the experience while writing the rest of the lyrics I feel that this is about...
  3. P

    Capability for work questionnaire

    I have one of these through the letterbox and know nothing about it. it's not like a claim form, I am on ESA SG and DLA for mental health. Do you know if I have to send it back with supporting letters from the GP or psychiatrist. thanks.
  4. B

    Not sure how to get help

    Hi, I'm a student studying at a big university. For the past four years, I've felt a lot of ups and downs and dealt with (self-diagnosed) anorexia/body image issues, low self esteem, insomnia, and other anxieties. I've kind of dealt with it by myself, but now I'm at a point where I'm so anxious...
  5. cpuusage

    The free psychotherapy network

    The Free Psychotherapy Network We are a group of psychotherapists offering free and low-fee psychotherapy to people on low incomes. We are currently developing our own ways of doing no-fee work and we are supporting each other in the experience. We would like other qualified psychotherapists...
  6. E

    PIP Reconsideration

    So, i'm writing a letter for my PIP recon as it was just purely insulting what the decision makers reasoning was. Was just wondering if anyone has any tips? I don't have much supporting evidence as I don't have my CHMT appt for medical and mental assessment til January. Any advice would be great.
  7. W

    If you have some time, please help me

    (trigger warning) Hey, I kinda need some help and support, cause I feel really alone right now. I really want to solve my problems. I want to recover. I'm kinda done with feeling like shit. I constantly have the urge to harm myself. I have constantly the feeling that I must hurt myself...
  8. pepecat

    The Absolutely Vital Importance of Listening

    https://www.psychologytoday.com/blog/inviting-monkey-tea/201509/the-absolutely-vital-importance-listening?utm_source=FacebookPost&utm_medium=FBPost&utm_campaign=FBPost I received an outpouring of feedback on my recent blog, “What We Really Want and Almost Never Get,” about the profound...
  9. *autumn*

    Expressing gratitude

    I wanted to thank the administration team for all of the work that they put in for making this forum a safe place to post. I wanted to thank the forum safety team, guides, moderators and administration team for the ongoing work and effort they put in, in supporting people with mental health...
  10. J

    Don't know what to do anymore

    Hi, This is my first post since registering, I've suffered with depression for quite a while but has became worse lately due to the fact me and my girlfriend of 4 years have broke up. She was my souls mate and my rock and I seriously don't know what to do, my family are broken and friends...
  11. F

    Caring for people with psychosis and schizophrenia

    Explore the key issues related to caring for a relative with psychosis or schizophrenia, with this short, free online course. About the course Psychosis conditions, including schizophrenia, are treatable mental health problems that can affect anyone although very few people talk about the...
  12. C

    Recovery and change of career/working hours

    I hope it's ok to post this here. I did consider posting in the Employment section but there seems to be less regular views/responses on there. Also, feel work is relevant in terms of getting our lives back. Just wondering if those that have suffered and continue to suffer with depression have...
  13. AimeèJo2014


    I've just found out I'm pregnant and dont know how to handle it and I'm worried my depression will get worst, my doctor doesn't seem bothered. The only person that's supporting me atm is my boyfriend which is good I just don't wanna take everything out on him. Please help x
  14. C

    East Riding of Yorkshire

    Kingston upon Hull Mental Health Action Group 33-34 Caroline Street Hull HU2 8DF 01482 585244 [email protected] Mental Health Action Group offers a peer advocacy service to people in the Hull and East Riding area. We aim to ensure your needs and wants are listened to, taken seriously and...
  15. C

    Coping With Flashbacks

    Ideas for coping with flashbacks Tell yourself you are having a flashback and that it is ok and very normal in people who were traumatised as children (or as adults). Remind yourself that the worst is over – it happened in the past, but it is not happening now. The “child” inside you who...
  16. C


    Carlisle/Eden Carlisle Eden Mind 01768 899 002 A local charity supporting people who feel distressed or isolated. We want to help you to become more positive about yourself, hopeful about the future, in control and able to deal with life’s setbacks. Services: Mental health training courses...
  17. C


    Buckinghamshire The Oasis Partnership OASIS House George Street High Wycombe HP11 2RZ Tel 01494-898480 Unity House 98 Walton Street Aylesbury HP21 7QP Tel 01296-338008 [email protected] Oasis stands for ‘Open Access Social Inclusion Support’, which is exactly what we...
  18. T

    I can finally say Merry Christmas

    Hi all, I have struggled with depression for what feels like forever. This was due to a relationship break up and then in march this year from another matter which has hung over me and my family like such a heavy weight. I risked loosing everything. Basically it was resolved on the 23rd and its...
  19. F

    Users invited to advise Mental Health Service research

    Users invited to advise Mental Health Service research Do you have a diagnosis of schizophrenia or bipolar disorder? Do you support or care for someone who does? Get involved in new research on mental health services. Payment, training and support will be available. Many people diagnosed with...
  20. colaqueen

    Supporting Voice Hearers

    Hi Guys n Gals My partner hears voices and I am just wondering if you all have any tips for me as to how to best support him (as a non-voice hearer). Currently, all I pretty much do is: listen when he wants to talk/vent about what he experiences/believes (he suffers also from delusions)...