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  1. W


    How does everyone else deal with the loneliness? When you feel a burden to everyone and get told your texts are too long so then you feel like they’re dreaded, where do you turn?! Can’t cry it out that’s not an option just feel empty and pointless. Why can’t I just get a little support not from...
  2. E

    I don’t know much about trains and I’m very anxious... help?

    Tomorrow I’m heading out to hopefully get to the train station around 10AM at the latest. I’m getting the train from where I am to London (about 2 hours 30 minutes away on a train) but the train I want to get departs from the station I’m going to, then it heads to the city centre and then goes...
  3. Luci

    Private chat support?

    I need to talk about something but it is too private for a public post. I don't want to talk to my care team as I have not disclosed this yet. I just want advice and to talk it through with someone who can maybe relate...?
  4. Justafriend95

    What helps you to get out of bed?

    This week alone I spend 3 hole days in bed. No energie, no nothing.. every morning I feel the same. Tired, anxious, sick and depressed.. what do you do to get out of bed?
  5. E

    Can someone help me out quickly please? What does this mean? I’m very upset.

    This is about my psychiatric nurse... This was ages ago. I told him that I was uncomfortable by his remarks e.g “you’re attractive” and “what’s not to like about you?” and firstly, he acknowledged it and he claimed he wouldn’t mention it again. Weeks later, I saw him again and he said “I was...
  6. H


    FREE SUPPORT LINE 4 Hearing, Visions & Paranoia @ Hearing Voices Network UK Welcome 2 our FREE Services :welcome::welcome::welcome: About us... :dance::dance: Who are we? The Hearing Voices Support Network is a branch of support across the UK to listen & support anyone who hears voices. Or...
  7. J

    Scared to relapse/fall off track.

    Hey all. I struggled with anorexia and orthorexia all throughout high school, then in college a bit, but then last summer I actually became bulimic after a trip to Europe with a lot of food. Since then, I'd seen a nutritionist, she gave me a plan, but it was just way more food than I was used to...
  8. J

    How to help a friend with severe depression and insecurities

    Hello everyone, I have a very close friend who has had to deal with depression for many years. She has attempted to take her life in the past and is currently displaying some behaviors similar to that time although I don't think it's likely she will. However, it does indicate she's in a bad...
  9. Urban Hermit

    Emotional mapping xx

    I've been reading about support for mental health issues, does anyone here doing emotional mapping xx Where you record your emotions, the highs and lows and the things that maybe have altered or influenced them ? As a way to track your triggers and to plan better self care ? Just wondering...
  10. frisas45

    Has anyone dealt with the burden of taking care of someone, especially you having panic attacks as a result? How did you overcome them?

    I'm going through this problem, and I want to hear your story for encouragement. How hard was it for you to take care for someone? How did you deal with the stress, especially the panic attacks? Did you have hope that it would turn around? If religious, how did your faith play a part?
  11. Parfait1722

    Anxiety :/ ever suddenly want to push away loved ones?

    Do you guys ever wake up one day and feel uncomfortable around someone you like even though they didn’t do anything or haven’t changed?? Everything they do seems a little bit cringey in a way and when they try to interact with you it makes you annoyed?? This happens every time I make a friends...
  12. frisas45

    Has anyone dealt with the burden of taking care of someone, especially you having panic attacks as a result? How did you overcome them?

    I wanted to know some inspiration from people who raised their loved ones and had difficulties. I am facing mine, and the burden puts me in dread and panic. I'm telling mine. I am a mentally challenged man (suffering from bipolar disorder and paranoid schizophrenia) raising a mentally...
  13. K

    My friend worries me

    So I am looking for a wide range of responses and opinions of any kind whether you have experience or feel you can relate. A close friend of mine has been depressed for a while now, never understood why, never delved too deep in why, just gave him the support he needs. Whenever he has had a...
  14. J


    It saw psychosis, schizo-affective, bipolair and schizophrenia appear on paper. It is favored, it understands the intention, but it is not true. It is well-intended, blessed but needlessly painful that this is made up for not yet feeling emotions, observing thoughts and opening the mind. These...
  15. Urban Hermit

    First post

    Hi, I've been trying not to self harm again and thought I'd come here to read some of the other threads for support and advice. My world recently fell apart and I just feel so empty.
  16. J


    I have just joined in hope to get support and give support. I have GAD, and have had it since I was 18. Now at (cough cough) 42, i have learnt new ways to deal with it. I go up and down, depending on the stress in my life. Currently fighting a battle with fear and panic attacks bought on by...
  17. T

    In need of some advice! Urgently!

    Hello! I’m writing in here because I’m strongly needing some advice and support for myself and my loved one in a current situation. I’ve been with my partner (currently ex partner) for almost 2 years. We live together, the relationship has been absolutely perfect, we rarely argued, we...
  18. I

    ... Losing battle

    I don't want to go into too much detail, but I found the love of my life two years ago when my dad died, and she saved me from depression, my dad been dead is not a issue for me any more at all, both me and my girl are intense people with a inane amount of honesty, we are long distance and been...
  19. C

    Helping My Children

    My ex wife has BPD. At least this is my non-professional diagnosis after many years of a confusing marriage. It was the main cause of our marriage failing. I moved out a few years ago and our relationship is much better now. I'm no longer compelled to put up with her moods or try to fix things...
  20. F

    North Fort Myers, Fl Here

    Like to know if there is anyone from the Fort Myers area here. If yes, hopefully we can support one and another