1. J


    It saw psychosis, schizo-affective, bipolair and schizophrenia appear on paper. It is favored, it understands the intention, but it is not true. It is well-intended, blessed but needlessly painful that this is made up for not yet feeling emotions, observing thoughts and opening the mind. These...
  2. Urban Hermit

    First post

    Hi, I've been trying not to self harm again and thought I'd come here to read some of the other threads for support and advice. My world recently fell apart and I just feel so empty.
  3. J


    I have just joined in hope to get support and give support. I have GAD, and have had it since I was 18. Now at (cough cough) 42, i have learnt new ways to deal with it. I go up and down, depending on the stress in my life. Currently fighting a battle with fear and panic attacks bought on by...
  4. T

    In need of some advice! Urgently!

    Hello! I’m writing in here because I’m strongly needing some advice and support for myself and my loved one in a current situation. I’ve been with my partner (currently ex partner) for almost 2 years. We live together, the relationship has been absolutely perfect, we rarely argued, we...
  5. I

    ... Losing battle

    I don't want to go into too much detail, but I found the love of my life two years ago when my dad died, and she saved me from depression, my dad been dead is not a issue for me any more at all, both me and my girl are intense people with a inane amount of honesty, we are long distance and been...
  6. C

    Helping My Children

    My ex wife has BPD. At least this is my non-professional diagnosis after many years of a confusing marriage. It was the main cause of our marriage failing. I moved out a few years ago and our relationship is much better now. I'm no longer compelled to put up with her moods or try to fix things...
  7. F

    North Fort Myers, Fl Here

    Like to know if there is anyone from the Fort Myers area here. If yes, hopefully we can support one and another
  8. J

    Just saying Hi !

    Hi everyone. Firstly I'm pleased to say I'm relatively stable at the moment , so a good time to join and say hi . I'm 52 and have had issues with mental health to varying degrees all my life. My conditions fluctuate greatly and my only support these days is a rather wonderful GP. ...
  9. C

    what's the use

    i read the unanswered threads, and i try to offer assistance, but what i see is that are people who have concerns about themselves, their loved ones, or others and i see that their stories are viewed, but go unanswered. Honestly, what is the purpose if you are going to view someones post and...
  10. ThatSinkingFeeling

    Myself & My Situation

    Hi there. I have Anxiety, Depression, OCD, PTSD, BPD, and I consider myself 'borderline-autistic' as I was 2 marks away from having Aspergers. I have been in recovery for over 5 years now and am training to be a creative writing tutor for people with mental health issues. I am looking to get...
  11. Fairy Lucretia

    should i come back? x

    i can't decide feeling very alone but don't feel i can relate to/be around people right now don't know how to support others or talk about myself so being here seems pointless yet so alone x :low:
  12. J

    Cyclothymia - help and advice needed

    Hi I am new here, so I will go into my past in a little bit of experience. I have all ways had MH issues March 2017 - diagnosed with Dysthymia and emotional dysregulation September 2017 - cyclothymia and anger management March 2018 - traits of emotional unstable personality disorder (BPD)...
  13. W

    ESA reviews

    I have received the letter for my ESA review, currently I am in the support group and the last time I had a review it went well and was put back in the support group, the review was stopped halfway through as the Doctor knew that I had issues. I am freaking out this time I can’t stop thinking...
  14. T

    I’m done.

    Whether anyone reads this or not I just need somewhere to put this down right now. For the last 5 years I’ve been suffering with anxiety and depression and for most of that time it has been more on the anxiety side of things but for the last year or so the depression has been getting noticeably...
  15. C


    I'm here because I've been diagnosed Schizoaffective after hiding it for 30 years and I'm looking for some support
  16. R


    Hi just looking for support
  17. T


    AddCtion is a charity That offers support rehab support grouos for both men and women And many other services.
  18. J

    Mandatory ReConsideration for WRAG to Support Group

    any ideas what I need to put in a ReConsideration after being placed in WRAG group after ESA Assessment? I was previously in the Support Group then received a letter saying I had been placed in WRAG after a "recent change", the only recent change is that my condition has got worse! What can I do...
  19. S

    New here

    Hello.. I'm a Freshman in college who has been struggling with depression, anxiety and self esteem issues since before my diagnoses at age 12. I'm here looking to receive and give out support when needed! I look forward to the days to come in this community :)
  20. B


    I am a clergy member struggling with depression, anxiety, guilt, shame, and addiction. I am here seeking more or less anonymous support through my journey of spiritual and psychological healing.