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  1. G

    Frustrated Supplement Warrior

    My name is Brett. I've never done this before, but I am constantly misguided by the advice of myself and my family. My father never dealt with mental illness and lost his marriage because he didn't understand it(Pray and tough it out.) My mother's depression seemingly subsided when she stopped...
  2. Konifera

    Adverse Effects of DHA & EPA

    So, interesting story: Many years backed paired with exercise and regular sleep cod liver oil supplements seemed to be doing me wonders on my ability to think clearly in regards to attaining my goals - things seemed easy. This go around or any attempt in the past few years fish oil or cod liver...
  3. F

    Don't waste your time taking antioxidant supplements after exercise

    Posted by Mayur Ranchordas Jan 22 2018 Don't waste your time taking antioxidant supplements after exercise What do those here who exercise a lot think ?
  4. F

    B vitamins reduce schizophrenia symptoms,study finds

    Lead author Joseph Firth, based at the University's Division of Psychology and Mental Health, said: "Looking at all of the data from clinical trials of vitamin and mineral supplements for schizophrenia to date, we can see that B vitamins effectively improve outcomes for some patients. "This...
  5. N

    Vitamins as medication?

    Hi this is my first post so apologies if there is anything wrong with it... I'm going to start to use supplements to combat my anxiety, I've spent days literally days researching them and my stack will consist of ... Magnesium Vitamin D And Vit B complex The only thing I'm unsure / uneasy...
  6. L

    Kick Start or a hug ...advice

    Hi forum, This has taken me quite a lot of courage to come on here, I have a severe muscle weakness disability. This consequently makes me electric wheelchair bound/unable to walk, and unable to do anything on my own without help, which requires me to have a carer/personal-assistant 24/7...
  7. S

    Low Vitamin D3 levels causes depression! Check yours!

    Hey guys, For the past 1 year i have felt in a depressive mood with fatigue, lack of motivation and sleep issues. I did some blood tests at my family doctor and it turned out i have Vitamin D3 Deficiency! My levels were at 7,5 and the minimum should be around 30 - 40. My family doctor explained...
  8. D

    Testing serotonin levels?

    Hi , guys! I tested today my serotonin level in blood, they told me that it correlates with level in brain, result will be in 21! days. Did anyone here do it?Did anyone use 5HTP and can I use it with AD? It is weird if it is low, but it will probably be, I am depressed and anxious,sometimes...
  9. F

    Omega-3 fatty acids for depression: Cochrane find insufficient evidence to support use

    Omega-3 fatty acids for depression: Cochrane find insufficient evidence to support use This recent Cochrane systematic review was done to investigate the evidence base for omega-3 fatty acid supplementation (n-3PUFAs) as a treatment for major depressive disorder (Appleton et al, 2015). Fish...
  10. D

    Trying d3 vitamin supplements

    I tried so many meds but they arent working, someone here was writing about D3 supplement, I have long-term depression that worsens usually in fall/winter. :panic: Which dosage daily is good, I bought some supplements with 400 i.u.(200%) in a single pill, should I try huge dosage? Please help if...
  11. J

    Otc supplements

    Hi, Has anyone had luck with OTC herbal supplements or amino acids? Thanks
  12. F

    Bodybuilding supplement overuse 'an eating disorder'

    Among men who regularly work out, a desire toward looking lean and muscular leads some to use over-the-counter supplements to improve their chances of attaining their ideal image. Researchers assessing the use of these supplements now say that some men are using these supplements to such an...
  13. B

    travel anxiety and supplements

    Hello I get anxiety and panic attacks when I travel. A condition Ive had for over 10 years. I do not travel far at all. Unable to. Many years ago driving out of town was impossible and flying just did not happen. Now Im comfortable doing road trips and flying only to very close locations. For...
  14. HappyBunny

    Vitamin D

    Went to the doc's because I was feeling so depressed/severe pain in my bones/flat-as-a-pancake and crying most of the time. This was back in the winter. I felt DREAD-ful, beyond seasonal affective disorder! The doc ran some blood tests and I tested for VERY low vitamin D levels. Hardly...
  15. D


    Hello, I'm interested in starting to take some supplements which may be considered to be useful for mental health. Does anyone do this and have they found it beneficial. Have heard magnesium, vitamin D and zinc can all help. Would love to know what you think. love D xxxxxx

    Do you take any supplements?

    I take a multivitamin. I am also taking St John's wort + 5htp for anxiety and depression. Also Omega 3,6,9 for good circulation. :meanie:
  17. F

    B12, folic acid may not halve dementia risk

    A large-scale study suggests that taking vitamin B12 and folic acid supplements does not halve the risk of developing dementia in healthy people. The study conducted by Dutch researchers demonstrates that there is no protective effect against dementia in those who take vitamin B12 and folic...
  18. M

    Supplements for Anhedonia

    My focus is on treatment and what I need that could help me and I am currently experiencing anhedonia that is there all the time everyday despite the fact that the depression itself is gone. Now I realize that scientific theories regarding depression and anhedonia are just theories--they are...
  19. C

    best supplements

    what are the best supplements tablets you can get if you have a eating disorder and losing a lot of vitims and minerals
  20. BillFish

    Anybody take diet supplements? What do you recommend?

    Anybody take diet supplements? What do you recommend? Doing a bit of a health campaign this spring and summer, do any of you take dietary supplements? Or do you just eat healthfully, or both?:p