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  1. EarthDreams


    Hi all! I am new to this forum and I don't really do introductions well so I think I will just spit out a bunch of random things about me and see if that works. ~ I live in the United States ~ I hope that I can get support on here for my mental problems. ~ I love animals. ~ I have been...
  2. P


    I’m self harming again. I was doing well but I feel like I have relapsed. Nothing I do that used to help me by distracting me is helping. Feeling super low, I don’t know what to do.
  3. T

    Weird Dizziness

    Hi guys, I am 19 years old and the past 4 years I am experiencing a problem I can't really find an answer about. First of all, I think I have a mild form of depression, though it may not matter, cause the problem might not be associated with the depression, but I could not find a link in the...
  4. H


    i had generalized anxiety disorder with adhd for awhile now. i use to get pretty anxious, but since i have been treated it for awhile. it hasn't been a super bother to me like it was before:) anyways, i was wanting to know what type of things do people do for social activities
  5. U

    I fell I might need to see someone, first step.

    Hi people, I really have been avoiding this for some time but I feel that I might have a problem, I will try to be as honest as I can, I lost my dad when I was 17 a week before my 18th (im late 30's now) then four years ago I lost my mum both were very sudden and quite harsh to say the least, I...
  6. P

    Could I have Quiet BPD? (19yo)

    "I am not who you think I am; I am not who I think I am; I am who I think you think I am" I'm trying to figure out what the hell is going on inside my brain, what condition I might have, and unstable sense of self is SPOT ON. Around mom I'm an irritable, lazy teenager. Around dad I'm a...
  7. Not_Crazy_Yet

    Mind fog

    I'm feeling very strange today. I have been having intrusive thoughts and been getting synchronicities with the Tv. I cant think clearly. My voices are all over the place. When I do eat I feel nauseous. I've been having thoughts of SHing or harming other people. I saw my nurse today. She wasn't...
  8. K

    Super jealous

    How do I stop being super jealous and anxious I'm sick of being that person, an hurting an destroying good people and relationships with my craziness by people I me my boyfriend an my ex I feel bad but just can't control my jealousy an anxiety I have social anxiety also which is hard for me an...
  9. ChloChlo

    Another Counselling Question

    Hi Guys, Sorry I have been away for a while - just been working on myself and trying to avoid any form of social media. I have a rather trivial question. I have a fancy dress party on Saturday which is making me feel super anxious - do you think it would be appropriate to ask my counsellor...
  10. A

    I need help

    Hi there everyone, I just moved out of my abusive house and I'm on my own. I was seeing a guy I'm in love with but he left me recently and ever since then my disordered eating has gotten out of control. i can't eat anything unless im binging and when I binge I hate myself and get super...
  11. D

    Keep being told I'm depressed

    Hi everyone, I have joined this site because I would like to know people's opinions on whether I'm depressed or not. My wife a doctor and the woman who raised me says I am . I have always been the life and soul of the party. I have a rare gift of making people feel good but I think I only use...
  12. M

    Cancer worries but normal bloods

    Hey guys, Im super anxious and have been really worried about my health for the past 3 months. Got bloods done this week and they are all okay but still feeling nausea and have bouts of the runs. Super worried I have some undiagnosed cancer or something :( Anyone else feel like this...
  13. B

    Depression and relationships.

    My depression is the worst it has been since being with my boyfriend (coming up to three years). This time it has made me realise how hard balancing a boyfriend and depression is. I'm constantly thinking he don't like me anymore, or that he may be cheating and I'm feeling super self conscious...
  14. Z

    Schizoaffective friends?

    Does anybody else out there have this? I do, and it's hard a lot because sometimes I feel good, like I can do a lot with myself. And then I feel like I can't because I remember that I have to take it easy. Overloading on activities is a stressor, which always leads to breakthrough symptoms...
  15. C

    i actualy love my bipolar?

    i know bipolar is bad but i actualy love my bipolar?i mostly have mania so i stay high all the time,and im super creative,always having new ideas and i also feel that now that im awe that i have bipolar i can control it but i mostly go along with it,because i get super high and estatic and...
  16. S

    How BPD has ruined my trust forever....

    I live with constant thoughts of being cheated on or replaced, I cry all the time to myself and my other it hurts so much. I think if I was super good looking I wouldn't feel this way. But I could never let myself get into a relationship again it hurts so freaking much.
  17. Hayyyleyyy

    Feeling super unsafe

    Feeling super unsafe and basically down and fed up with life.. I could go on a whole rant but scared I'll say something I'm not allowed.
  18. K


    JESUS christo is getting in the way of my effing Bi-polar actually?11111 effing flippij the world ever about you? NO not, get used to it, and life will be easier, so we want the moon, go get a living, super, model, yes some are some are not, be their publisit, what can say it's tough out there...
  19. E


    I know I probably should do to doctor or something,but I've tried once and it seemed like I don't need help, there are tons of people who need it more and also I can't imagine my life differently. But I just want your honest opinion, am I normal? Everything started when I was 17 (now i'm 20)...

    Coping with super intellect.

    I feel as if I have super intellect. Because of this, I find it difficult to trust others or believe what they say. I feel I can understand everything in a mill-second, and do not need to bother with trivial activities. I feel I may be destined to a solitary life, because the average Joe will...