1. Not_Crazy_Yet

    The olde familiar feeling

    I get out of sorts in the spring/ summertime. I can see myself waking up in state custody soon.:\
  2. A

    seasonal affective disorder but in reverse

    i was wondering if anyone has heard of this, but the other way around? in sted of being depressed during winter, it's summertime you're depressed? i swear i have this (since i feel really depressed during summertime) but also constantly trying to work out if it has something to do with my...
  3. Pierrot

    Summertime Hiding time

    I love the summer, but I can't really enjoy it, having to cover my scars all the time (arms and legs):redface: Combined with the girlish boy/boyish girl look I have:(, it doesn't make it easy feeling comfortable and relaxed outside during summertime. So I stay inside a lot and when I go outside...
  4. B

    Does anyone find their depression getting worse in the summer season?

    I'm generally depressed all year, but I always find that my depression is at it's worst during the summertime to the point where it's almost unbearable. It's more manageable in the other seasons. Anyone else feel this way?
  5. Reach

    Pleasure seeker

    Got that summertime, summertine sadness, got that summertime summertime sadness. :clap: Songs like that get me dreaming of mania, dancing, deliriously elated, attention seeking, pure joy. But i know where that leads, i know to stay on my meds because i know that it isn't all good, at least it...