1. K

    Hi :) (I’m new)

    Hi, I don’t yet know what I hope to find from this page, but I have depression, suicidal thoughts and I self harm.. maybe I can find someone to talk to and someone I can help too :)
  2. Midnight.Panda

    Emptiness suppressing suicidal thoughts?

    For the last few years, and more so for the past few months, I've felt numb and emotionless and unmotivated. It isn't there all the time but it seems to be there for a good portion of the day, especially at night and when I am alone. I've noticed that the empty feeling usually follows after I...
  3. L

    Long term fluoxetine use and suicidal ideation

    Hi all I have been on fluoxetine a long time on and off. My dose was upped in November 2018 due to crippling anxiety and depression to the point where I was off work. I did feel it helped initially but recently I’ve been having horrible thoughts about self harm/suicide. I haven’t and don’t think...
  4. M

    I'm new here and looking for advice....

    Hi, I'm new here and looking for some advice. I have been feeling incredibly down for about 9 months and have been having very dark thoughts. I have been struggling not to do something stupid... I am speaking to a councilor over the phone but don't seem to be getting any better. I have never...
  5. HumanPerson

    19 Stuck in Life

    Hello everyone, this might be a bit of a read I'm not sure yet. Overall, in this thread I'm going to keep the self-pity to a minimum and just give you all the facts. I'm 19 currently living at home with parents and working a part-time nights job at a supermarket. I recently finished studying a...
  6. M


    Well, guess im here. Diagnosed bipolar nearly 30years ago....and still here, just. Currently discharged from care and bouncing from pillar to post. Psychiatrist, or should I say the team have decided that because im diagnosed drug resistant that she had discharged me and wont prescribe any meds...
  7. Deadheading

    I tried it again yesterday

    I had this suicide attempt planned for at least a month. I had it mentally rehearsed. I would pack my bags and leave a suicide note in my wallet. I also decided on the restaurant to go to for my last supper. As I had my dinner, I was getting more anxious. It peaked once I payed my bill. I went...
  8. B

    Advice for depressed and suicidal friend

    Hello, I have a future brother in law who will be the best man at my wedding in just a months time. His wife left him just 2 weeks ago and moved with their son to another city. Unfortunately, my fiance’s brother suffers from depression and a multitude of physical ailments despite being only 34...
  9. vanish

    My family sucks!

    I consider myself a survivor of my family. I endured the trauma of childhood emotional abuse at the hands of my aunt/stepmother and father and cousin/stepsister (yes I belong on the Jerry Springer Show). I was kicked out of home penniless as a teen and found there was nothing but disloyalty and...
  10. soulsearcher

    feeling down

    hey peeps im feeling really down and suicidal, remember me in your prayers
  11. F

    BlueIce app for managing self-harm: what do young people think?

    Posted by Bethan Davies Dec 13 2018 . BlueIce app for managing self-harm: what do young people think? Has anyone tried this app? What are your thoughts about it?
  12. qwerty1234

    Deeper connection

    I will make simplistic ideas here in order to be able to state my ideas in a way that I understand them. I hope that others can help me understand and refine what I am saying. I believe in collaboration and communication from diverse views as a way of getting to more pleasing, beautiful and...
  13. H

    I AM HOPE - Comedian Brings Hope to Many

    There's a comedian in New Zealand called Mike King. He's been involved in a campaign to help people who experience self doubt and low self worth to the point of suicidal ideation or worse. He has travelled the country speaking from town to town, telling his own life story and sharing his amazing...
  14. A

    Try again?

    I guess this is most appropriate forum. I have been suicidal since 16, perhaps earlier, but that is the age I most remember being suicidal. I'm 26 now. I attempted when I was 22, and again about 1 year and 4 months ago, when I was 24. My first attempt was fairly halfassed as I only a higher...
  15. R

    Relationship with a Schizophrenic

    I recently initiated a relationship with a woman of 16 (I'm 18) in South Carolina. She was raised in South Korea and moved here a couple years ago (originally to Colorado) due to her mother and father divorcing because her father was alcoholic and abusive. I've met her mother and she seems...
  16. soulsearcher

    going to hospital, what to expect?

    hey peeps so the dr from home treatment team has deemed that im too high of a risk for suicide so im now on a waiting list for a bed, so i was wondering in regards to going to the hospital, what to expect?
  17. S

    What happens when you get help?

    I've had really bad depression for years. It's so bad that I have suicidal thoughts every day. I really want to get help so that I can live a normal life but telling a therapist about my suicidal thoughts is a fear of mine. It's uncomfortable for me to talk to my doctor about this because I know...
  18. M

    Writer, fresh out of the hospital, working on my PTSD

    Hi. I'm Matt. I live in the states, formerly someone working in the mental health field in department of corrections. Currently a Lyft driver, struggling author (I've published several books with moderate success, but nothing that allows me to continue it as a full time gig), looking for work to...
  19. M

    Totally lost!

    In short 2 years ago I had job, partner, friends and was in the best place I have ever been. I am now on meds very alone and jobs gone down the pan and split from partner. I had never been as happy as I was and for 3 years nothing could touch me, it was simply best ever. Now I am scared of...
  20. L

    in a hole..

    still rock bottom, still thoughts of suicide.. not sure how much more i can take.