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suicidal thoughts

  1. C

    It never gets better?

    I went 17 days without hurting myself, which is the longest I've gone in months. I really hate myself, and hate myself for continuing to do this. The last time I hurt myself it got infected, which is why I think I was able to stop myself for so long. But yesterday I couldn't get out of bed. I...
  2. A

    Really struggling right now, please can anyone help?

    Hi so I started on 20mg Fluoxetine (Prozac) almost 3 weeks ago now and I’d say I don’t really think they’re doing anything. The first few days was more of a placebo effect of me thinking they’re working and then it just went back to normal again.. anyway I’m really struggling right now with my...
  3. A

    Is it wrong?

    Hello, i didn't know which forum to put this in Is it wrong to ask someone to take me in for a weekend because i'm feeling suicidal and can't be in my house anymore? I trust this person but don't want to burden them with my mental health problems. I feel like everyone is tired of me and no one...
  4. A

    anxiety has ruined my life and i don't want to be alive.

    hey everyone, i've been doing very bad lately and think about dying constantly. i don't think i have the will to live anymore. if it wouldn't be any trouble, would anyone be willing to message me? i'm just so sad and scared. only one person in my life knows i feel this way and they won't talk...
  5. X

    Should I talk to my friends ?

    I have a few very close friends but I dont want to annoy them. Right now I only feel hate for myself. They helped me for a week now and I dont want to scare them away. I have thoughts about suicide aswell and i think about sending myself in a hospital but i dont want to hurt my mother.
  6. I

    Help me, I feel I'm dying. ROCD

    First, sorry for my English, I'm not native speaker. Here is my story. I've been dating with my girlfriend almost 4 years ago. She's an amazing woman (we're 24, almost 25); I've lived a lot of adventures by her side; she thought me a lot of things and an amazing way of living life. I was her...
  7. L


    I just need to say this I guess. I don’t have anyone irl that would even come close to understanding how I feel. I try to talk with them about it but they just don’t get it. I constantly struggle with my depression and suicidal thoughts. Its really bad lately especially since what happened with...
  8. icannotcope

    CMHT Care Coordinator

    A few months ago I had to go to the community mental health team and was given a Care Coordinator a few weeks ago. But today I saw her and tell you want I feel like forgetting the whole thing because I am there to get help with PTSD from being rape by my ex-husband a few years ago, so I am...
  9. spoon-racoon

    insomnia and suicidal thoughts

    I've slipped back into thinking that I deserve to die and I know it's not logical but it feels true at my core right now and I think part of it is that I haven't been sleeping, but basically what triggered the thoughts this time was making a mistake with the upkeep of my fish tank and having to...
  10. E

    My self destructive anxiety

    Hello, I'm a new member to this forum and to the forum life in general, and am here to talk about my anxiety. I have had anxiety since about two years ago, and slowly and steadily it has proceeded to get worse and worse to the point where I've now ruined my closest friendships here at...
  11. C

    25 and hopeless

    I'll put it bluntly, I've been depressed since I was 8 but was only officially diagnosed with moderate to severe depression and anxiety 3 years ago an saying I've had plenty of horrible stuff happen in my life would be putting it kindly. From being abused by my sperm donor (I refuse to call...
  12. L

    I probably need help... :/

    ...But I don't really want it. But I should talk anyway. I'd regret not trying it, right? Oh, I should probably put a trigger warning. Suicidal thoughts and whatnot. :| Umm, yeah, I'm sorry... this is only like, the third or fourth time I've ever posted here and I didn't join planning to just...
  13. T

    *TRIGGER WARNING* I feel numb and can't stop fantasizing about death

    Okay, so this is a long story. It begins with my issues with relationships. Recently, the guy I fell in love with has completely cut me out of his life because I did something stupid and told someone about a private conversation we had. The is this second time this has happened to me in a span...
  14. M

    Will my Therapist do This?

    Hi, I've been having suicidal tendencies for years now, and I've attempted it several times. I'm scared to bring it up with my therapist because someone told me if I say I've attempted suicide she has to force me to go to the hospital. I heard this when I was a kid though, so I'm wondering as an...
  15. M

    I feel like I have a problem and I'm not sure what

    Hey everyone! I've always tried to be close to people or to integrate myself in groups, I feel awkward and don't know why. I find it really difficult to make friends, and when I do most of the time I lose them due to feeling depressed (complicated life + overthinking).:panic: I've tried to...
  16. R

    Depression and Suicidal thoughts Triggered

    Hi there, I struggle with anxiety and depression. I was wondering if you could give me some advice on what to do about a particular situation. My dog recently passed last September, and it's been 6 months since his passing. My family led me to believe that they wanted another dog, and then they...
  17. B

    Not sure what's wrong

    Hi everybody, For around 5 or 6 months I have had some kind of a mental tick where I think to myself: "I want to kill myself." It usually happens when I remember something embarrassing or stupid that I have done even if I realize that this something is not a big deal, or during moments of...
  18. K

    My depression is suffocating me

    Firstly, I wanted to say hi, my name is Hannah and I'm 19 years old. Since Christmas of 2017 I've been diagnosed as being chronically (severely) depressed with social anxiety and mixed anorexia and bulimia. I have been on various antidepressants for just as long. In present time I attend weekly...
  19. B

    Just another depressed young adult who wants to talk.

    Hello, fellas! :dance: (love these emojis) I have been depressed for something like three years (with a small break, when I thought that three meetings with my crazy tissue lady, a.k.a my psychologist, would erase my weird understanding of memes about death). It all started in my first year...
  20. B

    Manic mood swings and dodgy dreams

    Hi everyone, I'm new to this and just needed somewhere to write this all out and find anyone who has even the remotest idea how I feel. My family and friends have been wonderful and are very supportive, but they find it difficult that I don't seem to be "getting better" and definitely don't...