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suicidal ideation

  1. PurpleDaffodils

    Dealing with the anniversary of a traumatic event?

    I was officially diagnosed with PTSD within the last year from an abusive relationship I was in almost two years ago now. I was in the relationship for 5 years which included manipulation, emotional, paychological, financial, sexual and threat of physical abuse. I started noticing my depression...
  2. D


    So, what's my problem? Currently, I'm wide awake because I haven't been able to sleep these past few nights. I self-harmed 3 days ago really bad, to the point where I have trouble moving my arm and the wounds aren't going to heal for the next few weeks. I don't care, it made me feel better...
  3. Midnight.Panda

    My Mother's Words From 5 Years Ago Still Hurt Me Today

    Hi everyone, I am going back home very soon, so I wanted to get this off my chest and maybe get some advice. To give a brief background behind this, I have always had a distant relationship with my parents. I think a big reason for this is because they are busy with work or doing something...
  4. Midnight.Panda

    Feeling bad about needing constant reassurance

    I worry an excessive amount and no matter how much someone tries to cheer me up, I can’t stop worrying. The negative feelings are just overflowing so the only way I can let them out is to verbally express myself. I only have a few close friends, but they seem to get angry at me because I need...
  5. J

    Remedies for uncontrollable suicidal ideation

    Here are the problems which require remedies: 1) Have uncontrollable thoughts about past traumas 2) Constantly feeling either extremely empty or extremely fearful 3) Feel like I've already died inside, and just a meaningless body 4) Complete lack of desires and only concerned with fulfilling...
  6. D

    Every day is the same

    I'm 21 years old and I've been struggling with depression and anxiety for about 10 years but it's been especially bad the past 6 months. I'm nearing the end of my TMS therapy that my family had to spend $8k for and I feel no different than I did before. I've never had a job or a car and I...
  7. sabbathcat12

    I want to die so bad, please help me

    Hello this is my first time posting and I don't know exactly how to begin. I am a 36 year old female, people say I look 25-26 I think I am having a nervous breakdown, I've struggled with depression and anxiety since I can remember but I was diagnosed at 20. I used to selfharm and I've attempted...
  8. E

    Suicidal ideation **caution may trigger**

    I've been going through all the meds I've been prescribed over the last 3 years, it should be enough to OD, my only concern is that I'll either pass out before I can ingest enough or throw it all up. The quickest most certain methods I either don't have access to, or am too scared to try...
  9. C

    Clinical depression, GAD, and suicidal ideation. Need feedback.

    I've only been dealing with these symptoms for a month now and taking Prozac for 4 weeks. I hear people going through this for years on end, so couldn't imagine how to endure this for that long. I've also been doing cognitive-behavioral therapy for about 2 weeks now and have seen my psychiatrist...
  10. B

    strange, concerning experience....worried that my condition is worsening/becoming something else

    strange, concerning experience....worried that my condition is worsening/becoming something else I was formerly diagnosed with clinical depression 3 months ago and was prescribed 10 mg Lexapro which was recently bumped up to 20 mg. I've been experiencing the symptoms of depression for at least...
  11. K

    Feeling low

    Lately I have been feeling really low. It's been almost a year since I felt this terrible. For the first time in years I actually thought about harming myself and it honestly scared me. I didn't like taking Zoloft which I was prescribed for the last time I had a bought of depression. It gave me...
  12. K

    hello :)

    Hey, My name is kalismystic but you can call me KM. I'm brand new here and am excited to read about other people's experiences and hopefully be able to learn and cope with my own. I have been diagnosed with mild bipolar, depression and anxiety. A lot of the time I feel very alone and...
  13. D

    Crisis (tw:suicidal ideation)

    Hi, So I'm only 18 but have been struggling with my mental health from quite a young age which included suicidal ideation. However I never attempted to take my life because of not wanting to hurt my family but lately I've convinced myself they'd be better off without me. I've thought of plans...