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  1. N

    Hi, NorasDad here. Just got diagnosed after 40 years!

    Hi All, The realization that my life has been dominated by OCD just came to me in the past few months - and is still coming. I just got effective drug therapy (60mg of Lexapro) and it's a different world. I would be interested in ANY suggestions - here, offline, or in another thread - as to...
  2. L

    Need help

    Had a panic attack today, ended up in the hospital. Did labs and ekg everything came back normal besides my heart rate being up from the panic attack. Not sure where it came from, need help or suggestions with dealing with it.
  3. L

    Need help!

    Need tips on how to deal and combat anxiety. Please help any suggestions
  4. D

    Tactile hallucinations

    Is anybody else suffering from tactile hallucinations ? - touch hallucinations . Do you have any suggestions on what to do about it ? Thanks .
  5. D

    Any suggestions ?

    Hi there ! Does anybody have any suggestions , tips , tricks etc. for dealing with voices and visions that are only partly stopped by medication ? For instance a couple of bad voices have been stabbing me in the head repeatedly . Any suggestions ? Thanks !
  6. B

    What should i cook for anxiety?

    Im pretty sure when someone is in anxiety there will always be a solution for them to be happy again. :) Food maybe one of it :D any suggestions?
  7. S

    I think I have Abulic Depression

    I am wondering if anyone on here has any suggestions for overcoming/getting rid of this disorder. I think it is part of my negative symptomology, but I am not sure. Anyway, any suggestions are welcome.
  8. M

    Voluntary work advice please ?

    Hello. I would like to start doing some volunteer work, just two days per week to start with. Does anyone have any suggestions where to look ? I am UK based. Thank you :salut:
  9. megirl


    Sorry I know I have gone on about this before. Anyway My so called mother abused me physically as a child both physically and emotionally. Even though i have never felt any love from her i still tried and went went out of my way to do anything for her. I have put so much energy to do what i can...
  10. N

    Coming of venlafaxine

    I’m slowing coming of all my medication but I’m scared if I come if my antidepressants the side effects will cause me to get clinical depression. I was never ‘depressed’ just emotional and dr put me on these and now I’m like a drug addict with them. When I try to come of them I actually get...
  11. J

    best med for anxity and obssive thoughts??

    any suggestions for the best medication to help anxiety and intrusive thoughts??i no some meds work for others and dont for some..but maybe the medication that has the best results for anxiety and intrusive thoughts?the medication im on now isnt helping:cry:so looking at asking my docter to try...
  12. D

    Will someone please tell me what to do

    I am desperate for some relief from this awful depression. Don't know what to do. Have tried a million antidepressants and therapy doesn't seem to be helping. I feel lost and beaten down. I have been fighting this for sooooo long but no improvement. Any suggestions would be helpful. I...
  13. D

    Birthday depression

    It's my birthday today I'm 25 but I'm not happy when I was young I thought when I was this age I would be sorted but I'm Not, I'm getting worse, already tonight I have self harmed I have no friends and it's my fault coz I don't know how to act in front of people and always making an ass of...
  14. S

    My 1st post, looking for advice, suggestions

    Life long mental health probs. and finally diagnosed BPD in 1994. The usual story of in-patient, some sections, variety of therapies including DBT, CBT, Intensive something or other (I lose words sometimes but i'm sure you get the picture). In 2006 I made the break away from CMHT. Very happy...
  15. M


    Has anybody ever felt even worse about calling a helpline? I just called one and could not do any of her suggestions due to my phobias and conditions and now I feel even more of a freak.
  16. L

    unbearable mind tonight- sleeping aid?

    I'm pretty low right now. i can hardly put how I feel in words but I can't keep going on like this. My thoughts are spinning and it won't just stop tonight. I keep thinking everything is going to go downhill. Any suggestions on a good sleep remedy? cant relax enough to sleep but it's the only...
  17. A

    Pacing the floors

    im very nervous and fearful right now, any suggestions????
  18. S

    Any other trusted forums?

    Hi, does anyone know of any other trusted forums, I'm looking for one which is highly moderated and less likelihood of trolling etc. I'm looking for help in a place where you can talk openly without being judged and mocked. Somewhere that's not too cliquey but safe. If anyone has any suggestions...
  19. F

    Anxiety and depression problem

    Hello! I am new to this forum, I am just seeking for advice as one of my father is addicted to alcohol and he needs my help to quit it. He wants to stop, but it seems to be very difficult for him as he is facing severe withdrawal symptoms. He doesn't know where to run. He wants to change, to be...
  20. C

    todays a good day

    hi all. so today i woke up cheerful. been to shop with no anxiety now. i can't work out how some days i'm fine. others i can't leave the house. i'm a psychologist but this puzzles me! maybe to do with my sleep? i welcome your suggestions. it drives me mad!!