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  1. M

    Stuck in Limbo

    I just feel like im going round in circles and stuck. Im on 5mg risperdone which has just been increased from 4 and 5mg aripriazole also sertriline 100mg and dizeapam prn. I cant cope with the three voices that are outside my head not inside. I got so bad the other week i wanted to go into...
  2. S

    Spousal Arguments

    So I'm more looking for advice and I hope I'm in the right forum- I couldn't tell if it belonged here or in people (forgive me, I'm new!) My spouse and I both have short term memory issues, especially during stressful situations. So when we argue, it was suggested to me to write down things I...
  3. W


    Female, 33 years old. I suffered my whole life with depression and later developed anxiety, PTSD and a mild form of BPD (as she told me, it is mild). I'm here because a therapist suggested this to me. I think this is worth trying. :) Is it weird that my anxiety is high, even when typing to...
  4. S

    Hayone moved from mirtazapine to sertraline?

    Hi I've been on mirtazapine and quetiapine for a long time but my anxious is far from under control. My GP said that sertraline works well for anxiety but she didn't want to swap me without the OK from the complex care team. After leaving a message a day for 10 days, I've finally got to talk to...
  5. Y

    When I first heard of Abilify

    One time I was in hospital, and the doctor was trying to persuade me to take an antipsychotic voluntarily. It was suggested I go on a new drug Abilify because, he said, it had less severe side effects than older drugs such as Risperidol that I had taken previously. He suggested it might make me...
  6. S


    Anyone know anything about them? My doctor phoned me yesterday and said that I have a fibroid after I had an ultrasound, she suggested that I have the coil or mini pill so I chose the mini pill.
  7. freshstart2016

    Anxious Guy Advice?

    Hi Guys Really need your support and advice here. So far everything you have suggested has been totally spot on. Okay so me and my colleague had discussion. I can honestly confirm he has high anxiety. Bascially we really gelled today working together. I offered support. He seemed to ease up...
  8. A.m.b.e.r


    I am having a really hard time at the moment and I feel like I am heading in the direction of a relapse, just having 1 meal a day at the moment. A friend suggested marijuana, what are you thoughts? thank you in advance, Amber x
  9. 0

    Advice please re. Depression

    Hello So I've been with my partner for around 9 months now, since I've known him he's been open about suffering with depression for the last 2 years or so. Around 6 months ago he said he could feel himself 'spiralling' down and asked me to go to the doctors with him, which I did. The doctor...
  10. A

    Support for carers

    Hello Does anyone know of any support groups for the loved-ones of BPD? I am asking because my partner is seriously struggling with helping me. I have said to them that I think they could do with a network to support them, as I can't readily help them. My partner doesn't really have any friends...
  11. megirl


    My mother well has always treated me like i dont deserve anything. I have been mentally unwell for most my life. My dad told me that i knew nothing about depression. They treated my friends as they were only 'useing me' !!! I ended up with no friends. My mother had physically and emotionally...
  12. O

    i'm going stir crazy

    i expressed suicidal intent and gestures to my mum. and i drank a lot of alcohol. so my mum brought me to the er. we saw a medical officer and then a shrink. anyway, the medical officer suggested home confinement. and the hospital beds were full. so they suggested that i go to a mental health...
  13. R

    Struggling to control OCD

    I'm 19 years old and have OCD. I've had it for around 6 years, but has been more severe in the past 3. My issue is with germs, this results in washing my hands around 30 times a day and will shower 2-4 times a day. I worry about OCD nearly every minute of the day. I've gone to hypnotherapy and...
  14. B

    Food addiction

    I have a junk food addiction problem and I don’t know how to fix my problem. My dietician suggested to avoid all junk foods, but I can’t. One of my friend suggested me to join in an addiction treatment centre in Alberta(Edgewood) for help. I have heard that rehab centres are good for drug and...
  15. A

    New to forum, need support

    For some time now my family have thought I should seek help for the state of my mental health and the behaviour it causes myself to exhibit. I need help urgently. I have a GP appointment booked for next week but that seems too far away, I want help sooner. I am currently on anti-depressants...
  16. D

    New on the forum

    Hi I am new on this forum, suggested by my CBT therapist. I have suffered from depression after a couple of serious things happened and ended up in Mental Hospital for a week. I then received therapy from a psychiatrist which worked out completely the opposite. I wanted to end my life, was on...
  17. shaky

    How doyou get a therapist in the UK

    I mean on the NHS I think one would be good for me - but It's never been suggested or offered to me. And I'm currently not under the care of the CMHT (Again :mad:)
  18. C

    whats acceptable

    I have symptoms of bpd which may or may not have been there before my relationship I don't know..?! But I've been convinced that it was and I'm under the care of crisis team after a recent brake down.. Which is where the (non official) diagnosis has come about. After the latest blow up with my...
  19. E

    Incompetency & inefficiency

    For the third time now I have had to become personally involved, yet another breakdown of communication between the upper tribunal/lower tribunal/DWP, it is a farce. On 17th September the DWP were ordered by the upper tribunal to provide some information which was not considered at my lower tier...
  20. R

    feeling anxious

    i saw the gp a couple of weeks ago he didn't do anything, recently saneline told me to tell me how i feel, he cut me off with everyones feeling a bit like that nowadays What can he do when he does refer me i'm just bounced back to him, a friend suggets olanzipene but i'm tired of people messing...