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  1. M

    I’m new on here

    I’m trying to patch things up with my ex who suffers with anxiety. I need some help with understanding it better.
  2. M


    Hi! My name is Megan and I joined this forum to understand more about a loved one who I believe suffers from depression.
  3. D


    Hello my name is Simon and i suffer from Anxiety/Work related Stress I am a proud father of 2 girls and also play in a band. I am here really to maybe pick up some wisdom of like mined suffers of my condition which doesn't seem permanent it just creeps up on me when i least expect it. I have...
  4. Goldiron

    A video game about schizophrena

    There is a video game about schizophrenia. Its called Hellblade: Senua's Sacrifice. The protagonist suffers from schizophrenia. Here is the link to the game Hellblade: Senua's Sacrifice - Wikipedia Link to the website http://www.hellblade.com/ What do you guys think about it?
  5. R

    OCD - Memory Hoarding

    Hi everyone, First post on a forum of this kind, I've suffered from OCD thoughts and compulsions since I was 6/7 and I am now 23. In the last week or so I've discovered the term 'memory hoarding' which is something I very much do ! It drives me crazy and I can sit stuck in my own mind...
  6. T


    Hi Please bare with me as I'm new to forums/social media stuff. I'm the main carer for my wife who suffers from cptsd. We're going through a bad poisonous meltdown at the moment. Long story short. M(wife) suffers from cptsd caused by her very clever covert cruel no conscience narcissist...
  7. L

    Need some help to understand...

    I have recently spilt up with my ex-partner who suffered with dissocial personality disorder after years of sexual and physical abuse as a child. He would never really talk about his MH but it manifested itself in lots of areas of our relationship. I was just wondering if anyone else suffers...
  8. H


    Recently while caring for my father in his last days of life I became more concerned with my older brother's welfare. Although there was little I could do for my father but provide comfort for my dad, there's something I can do for my brother. I research information regarding to his obvious...
  9. C


    Hello, all! Catguy suffers from AS, OCD, and depression.
  10. B

    Mother likely suffers from Paranoid personality disorder - how can I help?

    Mother likely suffers from Paranoid personality disorder - how can I help? Hi everyone! My mother suffers from what I believe is paranoid personality disorder, though I cannot be 100% sure if it is not paranoid schizophrenia. Her younger brother suffers from schizophrenia so it's quite likely...
  11. amathus

    6 Signs of Hidden Depression.

    1. They have unusual sleep, eating or drinking habits that differ from their normal ones. When a person seems to have changed the way they sleep or eat in significant ways, that’s often a sign that something is wrong. Sleep is the foundation of both good health and mental health. When a person...
  12. P


    Hello, My name's Amber and I'm currently working on a feature about Tokophobia. I was wondering if anyone on this forum suffers, and would mind talking to me about their experiences with the condition? Best, Amber
  13. M

    Depression feels like a life sentence

    I know I have been away from the forum for a long time and I am back here again because feeling totally overwhelmed again with the dark thoughts that my depression makes me feel why does my life have to yo yo I just think I am doing ok, then my depression is back and I don't no why all I know is...
  14. C


    Hi! I'm new (obviously). My wife suffers from anxiety/depression and it's made worse by alcoholism. What's frustrating is that she knows she has a problem but she doesn't change. It's been years of dealing with this and trying to shelter our kids. I'm mostly looking for ideas or suggestions on...
  15. M

    Why is everything so hard?

    Hi everyone, everything just seems to be getting on top of me at the moment and I don't know where to turn for advice or support. My husband suffers from bipolar disorder, my best friend does too and my mum suffers from paranoid schizophrenia. My problem is that all 3 of them are suffering from...
  16. D

    How does you partner/significant other support/ 'deal' (I don't like that word) with you?

    How does you partner/significant other support/ 'deal' (I don't like that word) with you? Sorry if it's already been done quite frankly I feel shoiteeeee and couldn't be bothered looking but she's annoyed me to no end! She knew I suffered with bipolar before we got together It was like the...
  17. G

    help for a family when one member suffers

    Hi everyone, As I posted in introductions http://www.mentalhealthforum.net/forum/thread124451.html my partner suffers from depression and anxiety. He has done so for a few years. It's been difficult to get him to seek help, though he has an appointment with a threapist in a couple of weeks...
  18. J


    Hi everybody, I'm new to this and feeling anxious...story of my life!!! I suffer with BDD ( Body Dysmorphic Disorder). I'm wondering is there anybody else who suffers with this?? I'm also on here to try and help others, life is hard and all we have is each other...xx
  19. J

    Husband suffers from schizoaffective disorder

    Hi I was just seeking some advice or maybe similar stories and found this site. My husband suffers from schizoaffective disorder and has been at his worst for the past few years. He basically will not leave the house. Our daughter has a heart condition and we have to travel 3 hours to her...
  20. G


    can anybody help me???? I have a partner (7 years) who suffers with anxiety big time. Her GP and mine and three councilors/therapist have diagnosed this but still she will not help herself. Her parents won't help her or acknowledge the problem. Every night she repeats the same non-sensical...