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  1. K

    Hi newby

    I am Kay I am 30 years of age. I have 4 children all 10 and under. My 5 year is autistic and ADHD, he's very hard work and his behaviour lately is really out of control. I suffer from depression and anxiety, I have frequent panic attacks and am constantly at A&E as I always fear am going to have...
  2. D

    Citalopram tablets

    Hey guys just after some input. I'm currently on citalopram tablets 10mg and after 3 weeks I've been put up to 20mg on Friday as I have had no ease of my symptoms,question is dose the extra 10mg take weeks to get into your system to see if there working? also I suffer with sleep insomnia and...
  3. S


    Hi everyone, I'm a new member and am looking forward to getting to know everyone. I suffer with depression and General anxiety disorder x
  4. A


    I was diagnosed with GAD 7 years ago. Today after numerous medications CBT inpatient treatment I have seen no improvement. I now self medicate using sleeping tablets which I now have an addiction to. It’s the physical symptoms I suffer with some can be best described as vile. Does anyone else...
  5. J

    Hi all!

    Hi all Long time anxiety and OCD suffer here. I am hoping to get some good advice from this forum. :)
  6. I

    Hello All

    Hey there all I was wondering if there is anyone from Toronto in this forum. I just started taking my 4th pill cymbalta 30mg. I tried prozac, zoloft and Cipralex. I hate the side effects. I suffer from depression, social anxiety and attacks. I am 39 years old from Toronto. Looking to make some...
  7. A

    Menstrual Anxiety

    Hi Guys, I am new too this :) I suffer from Menstrual Anxiety, so a few days before my period starts right till it finishes I suffer quite badly (Normally a week or so). My main thing that has happened recently, is that I was on Citalopram for 10 years nearly. The tablets caused Prolonged QT...
  8. P


    My name is Andrea. I suffer from depression and live in usa
  9. B

    Advice quitting work

    I've been signed off work for the past three weeks with my anxiety and am dreading the idea of going back there. I've been actively looking for another job with less hours and finally found one. But I am so anxious about handing my notice in! I'm currently on a course there that will cost me...
  10. J

    New here.

    Hello everyone, I am glad to have found this forum! I am 28 years old, and have struggled with severe depression my entire life as well as addiction. I also served in the Marine Corps in case we have other vets here lol. I suffer from hideous depression, so feel free to talk to me if you are...
  11. N

    Introducing myself but afraid to do so...

    I suffer from social anxiety disorder and as a result alcoholism. I live everyday of my life in fear. Afraid to go to work, to speak in front of people in a nutshell afraid to be judged. The SA is so debilitating that I drink so that I can speak in front of people at work, so that I can go out...
  12. A


    Hi. Im new to this forum too and a little anxious about being here. Im really here to hopefully find people who have similar experiences to me and I hope to find im not alone. I suffer with anger issues, depression and anxiety mainly. Im looking forward to hearing about you all.
  13. bheadmaster

    Dysfunctional Crybaby

    It's been years since I first posted here. Thought I'd post again. I guess I need a place to vent where I won't be judged or suffer consequences for whining about this shit. I'm 21 now and soon to be failing college, despite the expectations of my peers and professors. My therapist is on a...
  14. L


    Hey :) I'm Lilli and I'm new here! Hoping to find people to talk to as I suffer from Depression :sorry:
  15. A

    Do other people suffer?

    This is the first time I've posted - I hope this makes sense! I suffer from anxiety, a year or so ago I was on anti-depressants, but I decided to try to face my demons. I felt numb on the tablets, they definitely worked, but I wasnt addressing the root of my issues. I took counselling for 6...
  16. J

    If only I could...

    I only wish I had the power and faith to heal all of us who suffer from these horrible conditions. I pray daily for people with mental heath problems in hope that they can over come them in one way, or another. Nobody should have to suffer from mental problems. There is enough going on and...
  17. I


    I am new to this site, also the first forum I have joined. I am 20 years old in my final year of university. It has been a very up and down journey for about 10 years. I suffer with anxiety, depression, self harm and bulimia. Quite nervous about posting my feelings but very excited to speak to...
  18. M

    Anxiety. Heartburn and stomach issues

    I've know there has been something wrong with me for a long time now, I always thought it was more than just anxiety. I now believe I suffer from social anxiety. I pretty much have all the symptoms apart from the physical shaking etc. (Mostly intrusive thoughts) I really suffer with unexplained...
  19. B

    Need advice

    Hi. I got recently engaged in a relationship with a "close friend" i've known for four years. She suffer from chronic depression and i have bpd (borderline personality disorder). Despite our disorders and especially mine, we only had one major fight in 4 years, and it really destroyed her. Since...
  20. W

    I don't think I can go on my holiday

    Hi all, I haven't had a holiday since 2011 and since then and now have had severe depression, anxiety and my GP has recently come to the conclusion that I actually suffer with Bipolar 1. However, in my infinite wisdom, I decided to book a holiday, abroad and go by myself. Why I ever thought...