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  1. H

    The NHS denied me the truth for 15 years.

    For 15 years I have repeatedly questions why anyone thinks I have bi-polar and for 15 years the NHS has just blow smoke in my face. Just got in writing this was all a mistake ! I was put on Lithium to deal with depression, and they lost all my records. They then assumed I must have bi-polar from...
  2. Lincoln1990

    Im sorry

    I'm so sorry. I have nothing else I can say. I've been a complete bitch lately to many people and it makes me sad. Hopefully my new meds will help. Sue really wants me to go into hospital but u won't allow it. I will not go back and lose yet another job. Won't happen. I like my job. I really...
  3. Lincoln1990

    I NEED to

    I have a need to SH. I really need to. I don't know if I can stay safe. I'm so scared. I can't be strong anymore. I'm such a damn loser. Even Sue knows it.
  4. H

    Do you realy have Bi Polar ?

    I was diagnosed with PTSD and Bi-polar and put on lithium around 16 years ago. I’ve often pointing out I don’t have any Bi-polar symptoms other than depression. The NHS would brush this off by saying “well the Lithium must be working”. When I fell illl, a GP would refer me to mental health, who...
  5. Lincoln1990

    Figment of my imagination?

    Is that what my voices are? That's what Sue said :(
  6. Lincoln1990

    Been triggered :(

    I've been triggered and now I can't sleep. My mind is going in a million different places. I can't live like this anymore. Hopefully Sue will be able to give me something about these flashbacks.
  7. Lincoln1990

    I can't go on

    I simply can't go on. I'm trying to wait until Sue comes home. But I can't.
  8. Lincoln1990

    I cant

    ....I can't do this anymore........this is too much....voices and dissociating.....and Sue isn't in town for a whole another week......
  9. Lincoln1990

    Not going to survive

    I'm not going to survive another week without Sue. :cry: I can't do this anymore. I'm sorry...
  10. Lincoln1990

    Sue is frustrated with me

    Yep she's now frustrated with me. She flat out said she was frustrated... I'm very upset. I told her I wanted to overdose. She said if I'm not safe I need to go to the hospital. I told her no I can't do that. If she truly knew what I'm thinking she would put me in the hospital. Edit: she's...
  11. C

    looking for advice on helping a friend

    Hello folks, First time poster. I was directed to this part of the forum and I hope you may able to help :) My girlfriend has a lifelong friend who we are very worried about, let's call her Sue. We are worried that Sue is approaching a crisis, either serious health problems brought about by her...
  12. R

    Does anyone know if you can sue the nhs

    There have been many terrible mistakes and errors in my treatment by gp and psychiatrists in recent years for me. I am actually making an official complaint and have the name and address of who I have to write to. I am not going to go into any details on an open forum as I am also thinking of...
  13. M

    My girlfriend

    Hi, I've joined tonight as a cry for help. My girlfriend Sue, who's 32, been living together 18month with her son who I am bringing up as my own. Sue was abused from the age of 3. I am 38 & fell head over heels in Love with her after a few month. I never knew what love was until she came into...
  14. B

    Amazing to pathetic I guess

    Hello all, I have a very strange set of strengths and weaknesses and it is driving me nuts. Mostly happily married dad and business owner that isnt all that successful because of my fatal flaws. Being me is very tough at times. Very depressed at the moment. I was fired by a customer (Im a...
  15. OobieMoobie

    I need to have a grumpy rant. (Ex issues.)

    I just need to get this out of my system and since it's 2.30am there is no one to rant to :( I broke up with my ex (we can name him Clive) in October. He was very controlling and basically treated me like dirt on his shoe. Kind of my fault for letting it go on so long (2 years.) but yeah, I was...
  16. amathus

    Sue Lavender's Guide to Direct Payments:

  17. pentagram

    Can I sue someone?

    I've just heard that the Guantanamo people are going to get compensation off the government for being tortured. Can I sue someone for the torture they inflicted on me? It has had a huge effect on my life both mentally and financially and if I can't sue them is there any way I can shame them into...
  18. J

    What is going on?

    Towards the end of last summer, this cry for help was ready to be posted. It felt like the last chance. It did not go because a miracle happened. My wife, the girl I married came back virtually overnight. She had disappeared in slow waves, replaced by a furious intolerant woman who needed no...
  19. C

    Help - Can anyone offer a diagnosis please?

    Hi, I am writing to ask if anyone is able to offer a diagnosis based on the following very sad story. Many years ago, I was in love with a girl (let’s call her Sue, not her real name). At the time, I was 32 and she was 10 years younger. Initially we started out as friends but eventually it was...