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  1. Ivory_NK

    doctors refuse to believe im psychotic

    i tell them i have severe paranoia and delusions that ive had for 10 years but they diagnose me with EUPD and completely ignore what im saying i was diagnosed originally with schizophrenia, then they suddenly change it what am i supposed to do? im severely paranoid
  2. J

    Hallucinations I'm dying?

    Hi there, I'm not long out of inpatient care due to PTSD, BPD, depression and anxiety. I've discharged myself from the service entirely because they were so, so awful and I didn't feel believed. I'm 26 and live with my Mum and I'm not sure whether what I'm currently experiencing is...
  3. Fairy Lucretia

    suddenly feel awful

    i get like this throughout the day i feel something i can't explain i want to die but don't know how to do it :low:
  4. G

    Problems with severely interrupted sleep.

    I’m 63, and am currently recovering from a bout of Winter Flu virus that has now kept me off work into this third week. The physical symptoms of the flu are now, happily, receding, but I picked up an immensely worrying set of side symptoms along the way that are threatening to completely...
  5. T

    Things can turn around so fast.

    A positive message from me, I'm what I know from experience can often be the bleakest time of year. Perhaps someone can find some hope in it. A few months ago when I joined this forum I was in the pits of despair. Things had never been so bad, I was close to suicide and I was just focusing...
  6. W

    Deserve to die

    I’ve dedicated the last 25 Years of my life to helping others. And I brought have helped and made a difference. Now I request some help for me, I find out that I am not worth it. According to society I am a worthless, disposable piece of humowaste. All the good I ever did is erased and...
  7. U

    Need some advice, my head is all over the place.

    Hi, I haven't really talked about my problems with anyone, but it keeps getting worse. There is nothing I enjoy at the moment. My depression started out of the blue in September 2016. I had a falling out with a family member, which may have triggered it, but I didn't realise it. Till one day I...
  8. S

    Need a professional medical response or maybe a priest?

    Hello, For the past 6 years I have been waking up too a very loud high pitched ringing noise in my ears and a very strong pressure on my head, feels like someone is pressing their hands on my forehead. after that I would fall into a trance, I'll start to see vivid hallucinations of very scary...
  9. W

    Feeling Lonely, Isolated, Overwhelmed, Confused

    Sorry, it's me posting again. I feel terrible. I can't understand what is happening to me. 6 months ago my life was normal. Then I developed constant suicidal thoughts . Then I got stressed. And 2 months ago went of sick from work. Then I developed anxiety (but no depression) and ongoing...
  10. S

    Suddenly depressed

    Hi, I've recently become more and more depressed...tonight I've cried and cried...I'm normally a happy annoyingly smiley person..but last couple of months I seem to suddenly plunge into desperate depressions..crying almost daily at slightest thing..which makes my partner angry...and then me...
  11. O

    Problems with a neighbour

    Hi there, I'm hoping someone here can help us as we have no idea what to do anymore. We bought a flat last spring, but we're the only ones in the building who own our place, the rest are renting. The guy who lives above us seemed a bit of a recluse but was pleasant enough whenever we saw him...
  12. T

    Mood swings??

    Hi everyone I was recently put on antidepressants (Prozac) for my depression. For the longest time i was feeling really low, like life wasn't worth living. I felt slow and empty, like my existence was joyless. Then recently I suddenly started having loads and loads of energy. I couldn't stop...
  13. cpuusage

    A generation of UK children will suffer in poverty. Suddenly thats normal

    A generation of UK children will suffer in poverty. Suddenly thats normal A generation of UK children will suffer in poverty. Suddenly that’s normal | Frances Ryan | Opinion | The Guardian Shadow employment minister demands action as child poverty hits 3.9 million | Vox Political
  14. C

    Please help me

    Hi guys, Please help me I can't live like this anymore and I don't know what's wrong with me but I've searched OCD and I've been doing a lot of things that looks like it. But I never saw this...everyday consistently for 2 years now when I want to do something and is pretty happy I suddenly ask...
  15. valleygirl


    I am free!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :clap::clap::clap: I made it through 7 months at one of the crappiest jobs I've ever had, and today was my last day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The only thing I will miss about the daycare is the children. I am free of the bitch bully at last!:dance::dance::dance: I was so...
  16. S

    Antidepressant withdrawal

    I stopped taking my ADs suddenly because I really didn't want to have to go back to my gp for a repeat (I know this is a really silly thing to have done) and iv started to get weird side effects. I thought I'd maybe get some of the ones I had going on to it but they wouldn't be that bad because...
  17. I

    Is kindness a mistake?

    It seems like every single time I open up to people they suddenly start looking for ways to hurt me.
  18. L

    Suddenly cured after 26 years?

    So, I've had a SEVERE phobia of a certain bug my whole life, inherited from my dad. And I mean, severe. I once saw this bug whilst walking down a motorway and ran into the road. My mind plagued me with thoughts of the bug ALL day EVERY day, my whole life. The other day, I woke up and my mind...
  19. I

    Do I be brave?

    Those of you who have Bern following me will know I have had suicidal thoughts and feeling left out because of the way so called friends have been treating me neve wanting to see me well in thinking of texting them tonight telling them how I'm feeling because in still hurting I don't want a...
  20. S

    what the hell is going on????

    im not sure if this is the correct category for this subject so forgive me if this post is misplaced. let me start by saying i never once thought i had a mental illness, i have always been confident in my ability to think logically and discern reality from fiction.now, this has all changed.i...