1. S

    When you feel well again

    Don't you just find it so unfair that after abit of an episode (for me caused by insomnia)or people find out you have a mental health illness all of a sudden everything you say gets made out to be bat shit crazy even if what your sayings true and your back to full health and mental clarity.
  2. Zardos

    Sudden Attack Of Anxiety

    Suddenly I realize I've been alone all day.. and its freaking me out ! In the real world I mean... Nobody will answer me when I text them.. I'm alone now ! How did it come to this ? :panic:
  3. A

    Questions about DID

    With DID Can alters know about having it while the main host questions it? How fast can the switches be, and can they be involuntary? Could they be sudden and seemingly without warning? Can alters have different illnesses themselves?
  4. V

    sudden seclusion

    So I sleep in a special safety room on the ward with movement sensors and unbreakable bedding and pyjama. I'm in bed asleep when six guys turn up and although agreed with the doctor that I can sleep there they start dragging me to seclusion. I was so angry. I'm still trying to figure out why...
  5. M

    Bipolar and panic attacks

    I feel like I'm coming out of my skin when I have these sudden attacks. I cry, pace, fidget, and stare off. Does anyone else feel like this?
  6. cpuusage

    Sudden Unexplained Death in Schizophrenia

    Sudden Unexplained Death in Schizophrenia | Mad In America Elsevier April 6, 2014 Research in Schizophrenia Research finds that 57 out of 7189 schizophrenia patients admitted between 1989 and 2013 died suddenly and unexpectedly during hospitalization; a rate significantly above that of the...
  7. J

    sudden anger

    Sometimes I feel sudden anger I can't control due to feeling trapped in my own head feeling like things wont move forward. I feel I lack of patience. Its just in that moment I just can't calm myself down... I feel get so far things then anxiety kicks in then sudden panic anger seats in feeing of...
  8. megirl

    What the hell is going on???

    Well yeh what is this epidemic all of a sudden people with bipolar seem to suddenly been diagnosed with BPD like ?wtf is going on. I jus dont get it maybe I dont actually have bipolar I mean well honestly I have always had faith and respect for those in volved in my mental health but all of a...
  9. M

    Bipolar 2 Change of mood

    Does anyone else go from really depressed for a few weeks then all of a sudden change to manic or is it more gradual with you thanks
  10. GoghTardis

    Sudden open mind

    I have had a rough few days but during those days I have felt like my mind is finally free of something, like I have been enlightened or awakened. Strange right?
  11. T

    Effing Cold Turkey Time

    While this is ostensibly to do with drugs, the sudden Venlafaxine withdrawal effects feel more like experiences to me, so here they are... So I found out the hard way that the repeat prescription procedure works differently depending on where you go. In Leicester, Boots had a nice new batch...
  12. M

    Sudden onset of postural tremors and shakes? - Causing me severe anxiety..

    Sudden onset of postural tremors and shakes? - Causing me severe anxiety.. I have recently had a sudden onset of postural shakes in my fingers, hands and lower arm. I cannot seem to find an cause or answer. This happens around 4 weeks ago, I had kidney stone 1 week after the tremor onset which...
  13. Mister.B

    Empty stomach.

    I'm not on any meds whatsoever, so it's not that but I am shaking quite badly. It's not like unexplainable shakes, it's because I feel cold but it's just all of a sudden cold. I haven't eaten today. Could that be the cause of the coldness and shakes?
  14. FallenAngel

    Tidal Wave of Anger

    The deprived maniac inside has somewhat been taking full residence of my mind. Ways in which I can hurt all my friends, families, enemies. It has become the norm for the last 5 days. Why I have felt this way I will never know. It was a sudden onset which left me wondering why I was and who I...
  15. M


    Im unbelievably fed up with trying to lead a 'functional' life. According to my doctors I have bi polar disorder. Ever since i was young I have had trouble both sleeping, and commiting to things such as hobbies or work.... I'm 28 and by now I should have a stable life with a stable relationship...
  16. W


    Gone through life not paying much attention enjoying this and that expecting whatever happens happens .always been comfortable on my own because always thought I'd find someone.then It dawns on you that the amount of issues you have with yourself you'll never have a good relationship and all of...
  17. C

    New member...Hi

    Just wanted to say hi, been diagnosed with bipolar disorder in the last 18months and decided to come to this forum to have a voice...all of a sudden friends who would turn to me first for advice or trusted my judgement struggle with the (damn my friends a nutter so all off a sudden my opinions...
  18. S

    Can't figure out the reason for sudden guilt/anxiety about past

    Hi all, I'm new and wanted to try and get some support from people that know about anxiety. I am 23 female, student, and have suddenly in the last 3 months or so, developed high levels of anxiety and sudden intense guilt. I am feeling constantly guilty and worried about how much I drank/drink...
  19. razza

    I Want to jump... I think

    I tried to climb onto the railing/wall at the top of our internal stairwell so I could jump the 3-4 metres today but I couldn't haul my arse onto it (it's 1m or so high itself). I feel guilty for canceling appointments so my mind has been working out what days it's "safe" to do the unsafe...
  20. Modelaeroman

    Rant !!!!!!!! (bp)

    Hi all, Don't know if anybody here who is working has anyone at there place of employment who no matter what you have done, they have done it ten times better or had it ten times worse ?. I passed on a thread on Facebook from my cousin about it being national depression day last Friday (I had...