1. R

    Hey y'all

    Hello. I've tried forums before with little luck. It's probably because I am completely not capable of following through with anything. I've been trying to function with mental illness for as long as I can remember. I won't go too deep into my story, I don't think anyone has time for that...
  2. D


    Hi. I am currently being subjected to a neighbour's aggressive paranoia. Please could any member advise me on how l should deal with this?
  3. P

    Crazy shit that has happened to me.

    This is a list of crazy shit that has happened to me throughout my life: Divorce and broken home before i had memories. Drunk and neglectful father, abusive shit ass brother. Being treated like shit by peers and being ignored. Custody battles throughout childhood. I was even kidnapped once...
  4. cpuusage

    Not a chemical imbalance

    I don’t think humanity is going to continue to agree to what is government approved torturing of people who have already undergone trauma. I don’t think humanity wants to be inhumane. So eventually those people who have altered states of consciousness and unusual sensory experiences won’t be...
  5. F

    You became psychotic because you were a weird kid anyway

    Link Between Adolescent Bullying, Adult Psychosis Not Likely Causal So because you are different being bullied due to that can't result in psychosis? Don't tell me, it's all in the genes? What a crock of horse dung. The rate of 1.21% may not seem that significant but for a 1000 people who are...