1. K

    hello everyone :)

    hi everyone, my name is claire and I'm glad to have found these forums. In all honesty I don't know whats wrong with me, my other half is a doctor and I don't even want to discuss my mental health with him! I find it very hard to concentrate on things, I am (possibly in complete arrogance) a...
  2. D

    anyone tried hypnotherapy

    hello everyone i had a brain wave! with having paranoid scitzophrenia surely the illness is deeply ingrained and hypnotherapy may be able to help as it is after all, all in the mind i would welcome any ideas and experiences on the subject. should i put my £40 back in my pocket?:unsure:
  3. P

    Coming of Medication

    our group recently we had a small discussion about coming off medication. Often people get so frustrated with the side effects that they stop taking the medication outright. This in itself can lead to negative symptoms as the body struggles to correct the dopamine levels and other areas that...
  4. A


    Long story short. My brother had a psychotic episode about month and a half ago. It lasted 3-4 days. I've had different moods after that throughout the times. Lately I've been too obsessive with researching the subject trying to find something that would calm me down. I end up freaking myself...
  5. whisper

    talking to voices?

    hi, im going to apologise about the lack of articulation and spelling before i start so....yeah sorry about that, i just wanted to know what people 1. have been told about talking to their voices (whether it be verbal, in head or not at all), 2. what people do themselves (whether they talk...
  6. Fedup

    Good evening everybody.

    Hiya, I have depression and anxiety and care for my partner who has depression ,anxiety and agoraphobia. Looking forwarding to participating in this forum as i think mental health is still a taboo subject for many :unsure: I also run my own forum so i will put a link for this one in there too :)