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  1. K

    Are there any Latter Day Saint people in this forum?

    I am LDS and have self harmes for 6 or so years. I was wondering if there are any other LDS peopls here that struggle to. I feel like its a very un talked about subject and almost taboo with in the religion. I would just like an LDS perspective on the topic. Thanks! :-)
  2. bobshocker

    do i need heavier gauge strings to tune 1/2 step down?

    not sure where to put this post? but those that understand the subject, might just know. there's no sex stuff in this post (sorry guys).
  3. D

    occupational therapy

    So I was with my mh team n they said that because of how my mh has progressed I'm now on secondary care (anyone know what that means) so I have to see an occupational therapist, never been before n quite scared cos I researched it n they say they do loadsa tests on me but i don't wana feel like...
  4. M

    Can reading about symptoms cause symptoms?

    Ok so I have been doing extensive research on schizophrenia/ bipolar. I was diagnosed as schizoaffective by one pdoc and schizophrenia by my current pdoc. I feel I am bringing on symptoms because I have been reading about them, at least that's the impression i got from my pdoc. I spend lots of...
  5. I


    Hey guys, it's me again. just need to get this down, because I feel like screaming or hurting myself, so here goes: I'm a student and right now it's semester break (january and february). so all I'm doing is sitting at home with no daily routine whatsoever, worrying about all kinds of things I...
  6. D

    Here we are in a room full of strangers.... now what should I do. Subject aka Media

    Here we are in a room full of strangers.... now what should I do. Subject aka Media Comments please. What should I do, whistle blow or keep your mouth shut? This morning, I am very upset for the insane reason that I left there under a cloud in the yeaar 1990. The subject was unfair...
  7. M

    Is this man a Narcissist or other?

    I have been suffering with a difficult individual name warren in my congregation since basically 2003, Unfortunately I confided in this person about an ex-girlfriend of mine who dumped me in 2004, after a year of Warren going of me(not wanting anything to do with me), in mind 2005 I was at a...
  8. A

    Introduction to psychiatric drug withdrawal syndrome

    Full Article Here - http://beyondmeds.com/2012/05/17/introwithdrawalsyndrome/ [Also a lot of very good information on the subject on the above Blog]
  9. NicoretteGummed

    The Effect Of Sibling Compsotion On an Individual

    I don't just mean how many Brothers and Sisters you have,but whether your the oldest,Older,Middle,Younger,Youngest whatever........ I mean most people don't give it much thought. There's certainly very little on the subject about. I would have Imagined that it has a Profound effect on a...
  10. E

    Design for empathy in mental health

    My name is Erika, in London... I am new in this forum so I am still a bit lost... I am doing a personal Design for Empathy project in the university (Is my last year). I am not an expert in mental health, I have been reading quite a lot (and personal experience/friends), but you know theory...
  11. A

    scared to tell my family

    I've been stable for about 3 months but the last few days i've felt the depression coming back. I'm so nervous about telling friends and family cuase they are so pleased i was doing so well. I dont know how to approach the subject. I feel like i'm letting everyone down
  12. A

    today rats tomorrow who knows

    I find a subject to obsess over and off i go. Usually spending £ irattionally. Give me a week or two and i focus on something else and obsess on that subject. Eg my obsession is pet rats. I gone from 0-7 in a couple of weeks. I am not interested in anything else apart from when i go on my mad...
  13. delatext

    Service users bill of rights

    What do others think about this issue, can I have ideas, opinions, feed back please, as I'd like to approach my msp & mp about this subject, what matters most to us, the affected and how can we insure we get decent good mental health support and services !! :help:
  14. A


    I believe & hold to the idea that reincarnation is true; to such a degree that I see it as a fact & know it to be true. Growing up I used to think that maybe we progressed through an evolution of the soul through the mineral, vegetable, animal & then human kingdoms. Maybe we do? I kind of see...
  15. A

    What is Madness?

    - It's the Question that We should All be Asking. The question of 'What is madness?' - Spiritual Emergence & Spiritual Emergency - is a very interesting one. A very good Blog on the subject - http://spiritualemergency.blogspot.com/ The Stormy Search for the Self -...
  16. R

    Schizophrenia and the media

    Hi all, I'm a student hoping to write a dissertation about schizophrenia and media stigma and am looking for different angles to explore the issue. If anyone would like to share ideas or concerns they may have regarding the subject it would help me tremendously. Every suggestion would be...
  17. T

    Healing foods for depression??

    Anyone know anything about this subject? What about natural cures?
  18. shaun3210

    religion is a very emotive subject

    In my experience religion is a very emotive subject which is both the “cause” and “cure” of many people’s problems, especially with those who suffer from mental health issues, a lot seem to have very polarised views, as recent threads on this forum seem to suggest some see it as a “saviour”...
  19. I


    or, whine wine whine any thoughts on the subject of alcohol and/or shame/guilt?
  20. V


    Hi, I'm new here, but I will not give my name because it is very unusual and I fear that I would be identified if anyone I live with happened to read this. I have already posted in "Other conditions and Experiences" with a question. I don't really have any idea what I am experiencing. I just...