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  1. S

    Coming off all meds - Sexual side effects

    Hi Myself and my boyfriend have recently dropped our meds. Hes been taking 60mg Proxac for about 5-6 years as well as 400mg Quetiapine and 30mg Valium for BPD. He stopped taking the latter two November last year and the change in him was amazing. He dropped to 40mg of Proxac early this year...
  2. H


    Hi everyone my name is holly I've been seeing my therapist for 5 years. My therapist told me he thought about suicide yesterday I asked why and he said he wasn't sure. He said he would never do it but he thought about it and what things would be like and wouldn't tell me more than that he just...
  3. E

    How to Talk to Voices

    This is the process I have followed that has taken me from an abusive situation with voices to one that is supportive. 1. Search - look for voices that have the most potential to talk with. Your natural reaction will be to ignore the hostile voices and look for the least hostile. In my opinion...
  4. shaky

    Mental Health TV - just one thing I spotted

    There's a film on tonight called Spider, directed by David Cronenberg and starring Ralph Feinnes. BBC2 23:20 Saturday 21st Feb It is about a man who comes out of a mental institution (I think) in the fifties possibly and tries to adapt to his life in a rented room. It mixes up past, present...
  5. S

    Obsession with coincidences/premonitions

    One problem i’ve had for years is an (OCD perhaps?) obsession with coincidences like thinking about an obscure subject and someone mentioning it right after- and like i have “trigger” words (usually the names of animals- swan, shark etc) that have personal negative symbolism to me that’s hard to...
  6. cpuusage

    Mental Health & the Internet

    An interesting article on the subject - The Internet
  7. A

    Really sad, depressed and lonely

    I'm so sad right now. I'm 52, I live alone, have hardly any friends, no job or partner, frankly I think I may just be rubbish at this 'living' thing. Bipolar 1, depressed since age 19...yeah there have been good times too, the depression wasn't constant back then, I still had hope. My parents...
  8. Heslop


    I have come here because am particularly interested in mental health issues - so much so that I have recently given up my job as a research scientist in order to pursue a career in clinical psychology. I am currently completing a PG Dip in Psychology and intend then to seek employment as an...
  9. V

    psychologist detecting personality

    Hi How good are psychologist at detecting personality when it is hidden? If the subject hides and does not discuss certain aspects that can be considered symptoms of complications. Also would a psychologists refer to a psych if the subject is not a danger? Will a psychologist report to the...
  10. M


    For the past four years of my teenage existence, I've been slightly emotionally unstable. Often, I've been know to tear up about subjects I am passionate about (ie bullying, insecurities, etc). I could honestly be describing how much I hate the taste of butter, only to find myself in tears over...
  11. F

    On Open Dialogue Part 1: Introduction

  12. V

    Why does this happen?

    It seems like ive subscribed to every single thread on the mental health forum is this a glitch or an error? i get notified over email over almost every single thread, and subject what's going on with that? If ive posted in a thread do i get notified about that thread forever thereafter? Just...
  13. M

    Refusing meds

    I agreed to have my care back but I only did it to shut up my mental health nurse I also agreed to have a shower and wash my clothes until they get the cre sorted out again but I only agreed to shut up the manager of my building I don't want do any of it I only agreed because other wise I will...
  14. N

    Books on any subject, can you recommend a good read?

    Hey Guys and Gals, I thought I'd start a have you read a good book lately thread or bought one you are going to read?Or can you recommend a favorite book.I am a real bookworm and love a good read so I will be lapping up any titles that look good and that I might like to read myself.Any subject...
  15. H

    The "what do you need?" question

    Hi all, I was asked this a while ago by a so-called 'psychotherapist' upon meeting with him. Is this a standard question? I thought someone in my local 'complex needs' service would have the competency to work it out himself? After all, if I had all the answers I probably wouldn't need therapy...
  16. cpuusage

    On the Subject of Psychic Self Defence

    An interesting article on the subject - On the Subject of Psychic Self Defence | Reality Sandwich
  17. R

    Another breakdown

    My friend has a history of Schizophrenia and receives weekly medication. I've known him for about 6 years, he is 41, I am 37. He had a breakdown 3 years ago and attempted suicide, he was taken to a mental health hospital where he stayed for 6 weeks or so. I visited him frequently and helped...
  18. D

    How to beat obsessive and intrusive thoughts?

    So let's say subject A has obsessive and intrusive thoughts and he is extremely taken aback by this on a day to day basis. Its often comes into his mind throughout the day, these intrusive thoughts that cause anxiety and takes away some of his day to day happiness. These thoughts mean nothing...
  19. P

    disapointed with myself :(

    well I am doing the access to higher education course and one of the subjects I have picked is psychology. I have always wanted to learn about it, but never had the chance, and thought this was the perfect opportunity to learn about it. Anyways, the work is really hard and I am struggling to...
  20. S

    Dependent, Narcissistic and Boderline...

    Is it possible to have multiple personality disorders, for example the three listed in the subject line? I've had mental health issues for a very, very long time but have never been diagnosed with anything specific other than shrinks saying I have 'depression', which in the UK at least seems to...