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  1. Diplodocus


    Hi, My name is Michael, 25 years old. I found this forum navigating on Google for article on OCD and decided to sign up. I have always been really interested in mental health, and now more than never, find the subject relevant to my life. I thought it could be great to share my experiences with...
  2. A

    Someone being so lonely in this world

    Hi, I am new to this forum. I came here because I feel so lonely each and every day. I suffer from depressions since I was 13 and I am 46 now. You can say I am an expert on the subject though I rather wish I was not.
  3. M


    I found this place by chance on an off handed google search into whether or not there are others who feel like they have no personality i just kinda need someone to talk to about the subject
  4. cpuusage

    Katie Mottram on Spirituality and Mental Distress

    i like Katie Mottram. An interview with her here on the subject of spirituality & mental distress - Katie Mottram on Spirituality and Mental Distress | Psychology Today
  5. cpuusage

    The truth about tarot

    i have a lot of interest in the Tarot, & have a number of decks. This is an intelligent article exploring the subject - Tarot cards: a tool of cold tricksters or wise therapists? | Aeon Essays
  6. cpuusage

    Energetic Anatomy: A Complete Guide to the Human Energy Fields and Etheric Bodies

    Energetic Anatomy: A Complete Guide to the Human Energy Fields and Etheric Bodies Thought that this was quite an interesting article with an overview on the subject - Energetic Anatomy: A Complete Guide to the Human Energy Fields and Etheric Bodies - Prepare for Change
  7. cpuusage

    The Self is Not an Illusion

    Within many areas of Eastern Philosophy, New Age Spirituality & Spiritual Awakening / Enlightenment, there are many differing opinions / theories & debates / disagreements about the nature of reality & the Self. This is what i thought was an interesting article on the subject - The Self is Not...
  8. B

    advice please

    so after going to the doctors about 2 weeks agao and my medication being lowered, things have been ok. even had some bad news from a family member and am now waiting to find out how bad it is. i havent been down much at all and some motivation was coming back. anyway yesterday after going to...
  9. truthistruth

    Exceptionally Divulged Summarization on a Schizophrenic Believer's Faith-Journey & Experience

    Exceptionally Divulged Summarization on a Schizophrenic Believer's Faith-Journey & Experience This link is a quick read from a believer's personal experience, understanding, and perception on a relationship with God as a Schizophrenic. More or less it covers a lot of thoughts agreeable to my...
  10. B

    Question To Schizophrenics

    What topics have you always had disagreements (with other schizophrenics) about the subject of schizophrenia?
  11. P

    Even more church fables.

    Homosexuals. Never listen to the churches on this subject, they're fucking crazy shitheads. Touchy subject yes? Well that is all just dumb, it's not a touchy subject at all. Spirits will just give you new bodies, that is how they look at it. They'll give you what you wanted and needed the...
  12. N

    Hey there

    Hey guys, I am a male from Algeria, I do some propaganda work about NPD and Narcissists, to raise awareness on the subject. I enjoy Computer Programming, Drawing, making websites anything to do with a Computer :P Thanks for reading.
  13. K

    I think I have a speech disorder. Hard to tell.

    Someone told me babble on like I speak about nothing or something like that. I don't make a lot of sense. I repeat myself and keep changing the subject in conversation. It makes me feel bad and find it hard it stay on one thing too long. If I knew what to do I would do something about it.
  14. E

    Low Self-confidence Relationship to Voices

    This is not an easy subject to discuss. But I have found for me, that the voices become worse when my self-confidence is low and when it is good the voices become quiet and their confidence levels drop. Has this been your experience? To me, there seems to be a relationship between one's...
  15. S


    I'm due to start uni next week, I'm in two minds whether to go or not. I'm getting distracted by the thought of going back to work full time as the extra money will mean I could put a deposit on a house. I'm also worried about what if I don't get a job after uni, therefore I would have wasted 3...
  16. D

    Childhood abuse / incest

    I am not sure if its appropriate to post this here, I couldn't find a specific forum for this subject , but I wanted to highlight or at least cast some light on this appalling subject of abuse/incest, some may find the content disturbing, and therefore I would urge you not to continue reading...
  17. Kerome

    The Case of Helen Schucman

    I came across this while reading the Dutch book Stemmen Horen, by Iris Sommers, it's a really interesting case about a woman psychologist named Helen Schucman who started hearing a voice when she was 59. This was just a single voice, male, which started dictating a book to her. She wrote it all...
  18. M

    I need help! I think my friend is having some mental issues! Please give me some advice ASAP!

    I need help! I think my friend is having some mental issues! Please give me some advice ASAP! Hello to everyone, this is first time I'm using this kind of forum. But I really need help! I have a pen-pall :) Maybe this will sound odd, but yes, we are actually just pen palls. We "know" each other...
  19. Gajolene

    No regret tattoo's developed.

    Something I've never done is get a tattoo, because I have visions of being old and the tat stretching out of shape, losing all it's colour, getting a bad artist, or just regretting it years later. Now two Canadians have developed a two week tattoo that is 100% safe to use. This is something I...
  20. Kerome

    Brain network that controls, redirects attention identified

    Interesting news for those of us who like to keep up on consciousness studies. http://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2015/07/150715155331.htm Researchers at Columbia University Medical Center (CUMC) have found that key parts of the human brain network that give us the power to control and...