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  1. M

    Getting mad at the most stupidest things

    I do not know what it is but i have been getting mad at the most stupidest things. My girlfriend and I were at Walmart and the cashier was bagging our items. She was putting way to many items in one of those thin bags they give out. I started getting mad and said now i have to do your job also...
  2. S

    What's wrong?

    Feel really really really low and teary keep on crying over the stupidest of things doesn't matter what it is all I seem to do is cry keep on making plans don't know what to do anymore everything feels like its all falling apart all the time I don't want to be here anymore
  3. MagicJay

    I can't cope

    So had a really bad day fell out with the girl I'm dating over the stupidest thing and now she wants nothing do with me already depressed so thinking about ways to end things.
  4. prairiechick

    Effing Pharmacy Technician

    Went to the pharmacy after work to get a prescription filled--for my new lower dose of quetiapine (550 mg). For some stupid reason she was giving me heck about the high dose and went about explaining the stupidest way of taking the pills as it doesn't come in a 550 mg dose. It comes in 300...