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  1. Liza9560

    Upping My Sertraline Dosage

    Hi, all—I’m interested to know what y’all have experienced in this vein: For five years I’ve been on Sertraline, and I’ve loved it. But a lot of stuff has piled up on me over the last 6 weeks, just normal work/family/holidays stuff, but too much I think. My anxiety/panicky/depressive feelings...
  2. T

    anyone been addicted to xanax?

    ive been taking 0.5mg twice a day(sometimes more on the weekend) for the past few months, i know its not a huge amount but when i dont have it i start to feel really paranoid and shaky. has anyone tapered off it ? i take other stuff aswell and feel ill when im sober im sick of it
  3. Kerome

    Psychosis as a result from an intensive meditation retreat

    I found this an interesting article, written about his own experience by a man who had had a psychotic experience many years ago and had recently done an intensive vipassana retreat and suffered another breakdown. Some good stuff in there about the various authors he contacted and interviewed on...
  4. Poison_Ivy1997

    New relationship, having trust issues

    Hi all, Apologies if this isn't the right section to post in, wasn't sure where else this would fit. Basically, I've been looking after myself pretty well, I was off to a bad start at the beginning of the year, but I've managed to tackle a few problems and really get myself back on track. I've...
  5. B

    Just needed a space to talk mental health related stuff

    My name is Liz. I'm just here because I needed to find others to talk to about my depression and anxiety related stuff. I thought I could beat it. Tried yoga, meditation, writing in journal, positive thinking, exercising... they work great for a while but not that long so I realize that it's...
  6. B

    Wanting to self harm

    Haven't self harmed for years but a recent operation I had "down below"has caused lots of childhood stuff to resurface. Really don't know how to fight these urges right now. Really worried
  7. J

    New to this

    Hello, I'm jeff. I will start in here first and will add another post in a forum to explain my stuff. Look forward to meeting and chatting to you all thanks.
  8. soulsearcher

    finding it hard getting over stuff thats happened in the past

    hey peeps im ive been struggling for many years to get over stuff that has happened years ago but im failing and the more i think about it all the more i want to kill myself, its just like a vicious cycle so how do i overcome it and get over it?
  9. S

    Sometimes I wonder...

    Does my inside voice talk without me knowing. Or another one how quiet is my inside voice. Stuff that shouldn't be said.
  10. P

    New and lost...

    I'm new here, not sure where to post this, but I need to get this out, even if no one reads or responds. I don't want to get into too many details and I'll try to keep it short. About a year ago, this girl at work was creating problems for me. I don't really want to go into it right now, but it...
  11. InfiniteRectangles

    Fear of Losing Everything I Own

    So, I love to read. And I have A LOT of books. And those books are very important to me. I also have a bunch of sentimental junk (I'm a bit of a hoarder. I have trouble throwing stuff away). Anyway, sometimes I get this intense fear of losing all of that in a fire or a flood or something. When...
  12. letmein

    not safe

    in a mess right now not sure which way to turn and lots of pains in my chest and arms.... going through stuff here i can't control and do not want to happen but i can't stop it. very low and suicidal.
  13. N


    Thanking for accepting me into forum,im new so havent used forums much at all so please excuse me ifvi stuff up will try not too hoping i can find my way around, i have depression anxiety ptsd
  14. P

    Hey. Having a rough day. Time to take the plunge

    Hello all, I'm not really too sure what to say to introduce myself so I'll just go with a stream of consciousness and see where it goes. Warning this could get quite long, it usually does when I'm waffling. So my name isn't Poppy, but it's a name that holds great sentimentality to me. It's...
  15. static void

    Communication problems

    I never know what to talk about with people, so I always end up being anxious and talking about myself (constantly). This makes me seem self-absorbed, but in reality I'm just the opposite, it's just the anxiety talking: I don't want people to be too close to me, or to reveal every little thing...
  16. S

    just wanting to know how this works

    so if I type a message here and someone responds, how do I know that I got a response and how do I then respond back and all that stuff, if you know what I mean.....
  17. N

    Is there a problem with my personality?

    Hello! I am 24 years old male. From past 2-3 years, I am facing some serious issues but I am not able to figure out as to what is the exact problem with me. 1. From last 3 years, I am suffering from Sleeping Paralysis problem. It happens for around 2-3 weeks and then disappears for months. This...
  18. 1

    self-help ideas?

    hey, ive been struggling for the past two weeks mood wise, i just feel low and crap all the time with no ups or high moments. my care team are aware of this and have prescribed prn medication for the past week, but even that doesnt seem to be helping. im not sleeping and when i do get my head...
  19. I

    I've created a second persona to deal with my anxiety

    Honestly I'm quite new to this forum stuff and to my SAD but I hope someone reads this and gives their opinion to my "solution" or even my story. I wrote my story down first because I been wanting express EVERYTHING that I believe has caused this SAD while retaining my anonymity and the COMPLETE...
  20. M


    I have been put on this at a low dose 3mg a day. For severe anxiety as my psychiatrist had concerns I was bordering on paranoia and psychosis,because I started to get things out of proportion and was listening out for noises at home. In actual fact Iam diagnosed with ptsd, I just wondered if...