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  1. M

    Anxiety? Not sure what to do!

    Helloo everyone 😊 just joined and this is my first post. I’m currently at university and spend a lot of my time on placement within a hospital. I’ve been there for about a year and 3 months. During this time I’ve gone from absolutely loving what I do to panicking when it comes to putting a mask...
  2. T

    Started having panic attacks

    First post here, wanted somewhere to talk about what is going on. I am 28 years old, and a college lecturer. I used to have a real problem with depression and anxiety, and had did a pretty good job of beating it. The depression was more or less gone, and the anxiety was manageable. I had...
  3. S

    Lost Purpose Rant

    I will first start with that I have not be diagnosed with Depression. I am just having my low-day. I often feel myself have been dreaming such a happy world, where with each waking, a form of happiness goes away. The people I once loved left me, some of them who told me they don't love me...
  4. Kerome

    Number of students seeking mental health help rises 50% in 5 years

    "The number of students seeking counselling at university has rocketed by 50% in the last five years, according to figures obtained by the Guardian. As tens of thousands of teenagers leave their family homes this week and begin to arrive on campuses for freshers’ week, research shows that...
  5. S

    What medcation might help for this

    I am always conviced that people are looking at me and laughing. When I'm asleep at uni I think The other students might kill me.. I have major mood swings. I'm currently on flouxtuine 40mg
  6. Kerome

    Teaching Empathy

    This is a lovely article about whether Empathy and kindness can be taught, to kids and adults. It really gave me a lift to read it :) Grade 7 and 8 class at Market Lane Public School in Toronto—are gathered around a large green blanket. The students are singing a welcome song to a fourmonth-old...
  7. BorderlineDownunder

    Becoming A Lecturer

    This is hilarious but since Day One my Therapist has been onto me to work for him as a Lecturer. He talks about it every session. When you begin lecturing, he says... He runs a Nationally Accredited College and he wants ME to be part of it. Me. Of all people... Of course I will say yes, in...
  8. B

    considering a move that could be theraputic but with consequences... mind a chat?

    considering a move that could be theraputic but with consequences... mind a chat? Since I've been in CBT and taking meds, we've found that a lot of my depression and psychological issues come from mistreatment in my time in school. I was repeatedly bullied and harrassed, accused of raping a...
  9. G

    Mental health TV this week

    Weekdays 9am, Monk, FOX. Private investigator Adrian Monk, whose obsessive-compulsive disorder and Asperger's enables him to focus on minor details and solve even the most baffling of crime cases Detective drama series set in San Francisco, starring Tony Shalhoub Saturday 7pm, Hoarding...
  10. C


    St Andrews Express Group St Andrew's Victory Memorial Hall St Mary's Place Contact Fay Shields on 01592 652975 or 07812830473 Monday 10.00am - 1.00pm A friendly group who like to sit and chat but also keen to try various activities ranging from pottery to model making and painting to cake...
  11. C

    County Durham

    Durham ARCH Recovery College Equipping people with the skills and knowledge they need to manage their recovery, have hope and gain more control over their lives A recovery college is a learning centre, where service users, carers and staff enrol as students to attend courses based on recovery...
  12. A

    Bipolar teacher, making my students cry.

    I've been very irritable lately. I hate my teaching job because of the large amount of stress I face daily. I hate the job, but deep down I don't hate the kids. I have terrible mornings. I wake up in dread and in a very bad mood. I like the kids in my first class, what sucks is that they are...
  13. Hecate

    Compulsory Residence Abroad?

    Hi, I was hoping someone who has experienced similar might be able to help me. For my college course, I'm required to spend a summer abroad to improve the language I'm learning. This absolutely terrifies me as I've never gone anywhere on my own before (not even in my own country!) and I think...
  14. Gajolene

    Students 'never' removed from residence over self-harm threats, ahhhh wait what.....

    Students 'never' removed from residence over self-harm threats, ahhhh wait what..... Students 'never' removed from residence over self-harm threats: Acadia | CTV News This is rediculous especially in a uni for Psychology.:mad:
  15. F

    Is being a worrier a sign of intelligence?

    We usually see worry as a bad thing. It feels unpleasant, like a snake coiling in the pit of your stomach. And worriers are often considered weak links in a team - negative influences who lack confidence. But of course, anxiety has a useful function. It's about anticipating and preparing for...
  16. B

    Uni Stress :(

    Hi guys, this might be a bit of a rant so if it is I apologise. It's not all ED related either but this is where I post the most and feel most comfortable. First I hope you're all okay :) The main thing is that I've just started back at uni and it's my third year and I'm already so stressed out...
  17. M

    Facts about Emotional Bullying?

    Emotional Bullying Facts - Bullying A US Based site lists these 11 facts Emotional Bullying This is the most known form of bullying 2 out of 5 kids are emotionally bullied because of the way they look 9 out of 10 kids reported being emotionally harassed 1 in 4 teachers see NOTHING wrong in...
  18. P

    Extreme Jealousy/Shame

    Earlier this year I went to France for study abroad (I'm a college student) and had a horrible experience. A lot of the students and staff were mean for no reason, the other exchange students made fun of me and I was being sexually harassed. I left early because I felt like I was endangering my...
  19. cpuusage

    Mass Shooting

    http://worldtruth.tv/nearly-every-mass-shooting-in-the-last-20-years-shares-one-thing-in-common-and-it-isnt-weapons/ Nearly every mass shooting incident in the last twenty years, and multiple other instances of suicide and isolated shootings all share one thing in common, and its not the...
  20. Wiseowl

    Changes To Disabled Students' Allowance

    The government are going to reduce the support provided by disabled students allowance from September 2015 for new applicants. Disabled students could be 'shut out' by government cuts It was a short written statement from the universities minister, David Willetts, to parliament just before...