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  1. Lazz

    Newly diagnosed

    Hi guys! My name is Lazz, I'm a uni student from England and I've recently been diagnosed with GAD. I joined this site as I've found it quite hard to talk about my anxiety with friends/family as I'm not sure they'll understand etc. I'm still coming to terms with my diagnosis and medication so...
  2. qwerty1234


    I think a lot of my angst comes from stuff about status and values and what I consider meaningful and good and enjoyable and in good taste. I was trained by my mother to be modest and also a good student, I think it manifests itself in low self esteem and getting bullied and being a little shy.
  3. Anime-Alchemy

    My OCD.

    I have OCD. I remember when I worked at a University, I was in a hall that had students taking their exams, although i'm pretty sure we called them schools rather than halls. So this was the south school I was in and it was assigned to me to look after and make changes, etc for the exam period...
  4. T

    Struggling Student

    Hey guys, I’m having a really difficult time getting through school. I don’t care enough to complete assignments or even show up. I also have anxiety about leaving the house in the first place and going out in public. I feel as if I have no purpose in this life and that I am unable to be...
  5. K

    Does anyone know?

    I used to struggle all day everyday with self harming it was a constant on my mind, I was always doing it. I don't anymore but it is still hard, I want to talk to my uni lecturers but I don't know what they will do if I told them I used to and i think about it a lot. Would they try and call my...
  6. H


    I am under CAMHS, and recently the service has been terrible. They have not listened to me, and have only listened to me parents. I have been telling them that I have I been doing very well with eating (they're seeing me because I have an eating disorder) but my parents have been making things...
  7. R


    Hello I joined Recentlly. I'm a unversitiy student with anxity
  8. C

    Med student

    Hi I am a med student and I need help coping up eith depression I am really lookin fwd to some response so i can share my thoughts
  9. C

    Advice Needed On Further Education.

    Hey all, I am quite lost at the moment and would appreciate any advice or guidance greatly. So basically, as of the last few months I have been exploring the different avenues to go down for my future including the homing situation with me and my mother, further education and future careers, my...
  10. J

    Need some advice

    I'll try to make this short. I used to work at a bank but had to leave due to my anxiety. I'm also a full time student. I started putting in job applications again and got an interview for tomorrow at petsmart. I'm thinking it's a mistake though. I just don't feel ready to go back to working...
  11. M

    College Freshman Anxiety

    In the short time I have been at college, I have realized that in some form or another no first year student is doing "okay". I too have dealt with the anxiety of being so far from home in such a foreign, demanding place and here is how I've dealt with it, and how I recommend you should deal...
  12. Poppy2014

    Not coping

    Says it all really Having a meltdown, had a panic attack going to work, came home had somatic face symptoms, bells palsy, facial droop, lost speech and today my vision is all over. Got to go back to proper job tomorrow having slipped up to my temporary boss and telling him I'm not coping in the...
  13. F

    Getting it of my chest.

    Im a 23 year old norwegian male. I believe i had depression for 5 years, but never managed to talk about it to anyone. It all started 1 year after high school, i went to study in some other country, i made no proper friends, and coulden't keep up with the studie, at that time i mainly sat in my...
  14. G

    Introduction - Misdiagnosis?

    Hello, I am a student at a university in England studying Electronic and Electrical Engineering. I'm afraid I'm new to these message boards. I came on here as I felt I have no one else to turn on. I feel I may have been misdiagnosed, my doctor has diagnosed me with severe depression and I'm...
  15. R

    happy to meet you all!

    Hi everyone. My friends call me Rosie and I would like to say hi. Enter naff joke. We all feel like a bit of a drip sometimes so let's join together and make waves. (Boo!) I am not working due to ill health but have been a bit of a serial student which has left me with some pretty expensive...
  16. M

    appointment with my consultant pyschiatrist today

    Today I had another appointment with my consultant psychiatrist and he had a medical student with him he did ask if I was happy for him to sit in on my was appointment of course I said yes as we need to train our doctors. The conversation started with me saying that I felt that the six weeks I...
  17. N

    How to believe in yourself again?

    I keep having trouble with school. Everytime I try to sit down and do homework, I get stuck and give up, thinking "I can't do it!" Over the past few weeks I've turned in four assignments in three subjects too late, all because of writer's block. Yesterday I gave up on a math test that's...
  18. L

    Hi New Member Here.

    Hi I'm Charles. I'm new in this forum :grin::grin:
  19. O

    I'm supposed to he having fun...

    I'm a third year psych student in university, things were going okay for my first few years, I struggled with depression and self harm throughout highschool but then I met my first girlfriend (which was great because I have major anxiety around girls) and was enjoying my classes. Last summer...
  20. B

    The role of occupational thearapy within mental health

    I am a student an I'm doing a project on occupational therapy and how they help people with mental health. If anyone has any thoughts of how they help. Or if you have seen one yourself I'd love to hear about it.