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  1. 2


    Hi, I'm new here. Been struggling with chronic depression for 7 years and am trying to take it day by day.
  2. Im_Lost

    I feel nothing.

    in March it would have been my anniversary of 6 years with my ex. it was such a hard time for me and i honestly didn't think that i would make it through that day. But anyway ive mentioned before that the only contact i have with my ex is through a blog we both use to talk and keep in touch...
  3. S

    Need short-term advice

    I need some short term advice; should I find a counselor where I am right now or head home and find a counselor there? I am on a road-trip 'holiday' currently in Hervey Bay. It's a long story but I essentially decided to sell my place, quit my job, take the cash and just go on a road-trip up...
  4. B

    Growing up without a Mother

    Hi, I'm new to this site and I have problems relating to an issue not really covered anywhere. I grew up without my mum (she left home when I was 9) and it has left me struggling with many things since. I am now 39 and still don't know how to "be" in this world, can anyone relate?
  5. R

    Waiting on counselling...

    Hi I'm new here, I don't know if I have a mental illness for sure, I've not been diagnosed with anything yet. I went to my doctors and got referred to counselling. After a phone "interview/chat session" with the counsellor she put me on the waiting list for one on one sessions and possible CBT...
  6. L

    Advice for the week.

    I am currently experiencing high levels of anxiety and would like some advice... I have recently started a new job after unfortunately losing my previous just before Christmas this was a tough time but I managed to get through it. I secured a new job about an hours drive from my home town and as...
  7. B

    Stressful Situation [triggering]

    Hi guys, I'm brand new, just looking for somewhere to vent a little bit. I have a history of self-harm since the age of 13, have been SI-free now for well over 4 years (I'm now 21) but I find myself in a situation that is stressful, upsetting and is triggering thoughts of SI that I have not...
  8. S

    What do you think to this idea?

    Well I'm on 60mg Depixol injection every 2 weeks, was on 40mg and was stable most of the time unless I got drunk. Now I'm thinking of lowering my injection to 30mg and asking my doc for Haloperidol prn. What I'm thinking is if I can bring on a milder episode then take the Haloperidol when I'm...
  9. R

    Struggling and At Work

    Hi, so I'm really beginning to struggle with everything but I'm managing to come into work at the moment. However, I can feel myself falling further on my downward spiral. My manager is aware I have borderline personality disorder but should I tell him that I'm struggling again? I love my job...
  10. coldwater00

    Really struggling :(

    Hi everyone :) I'm glad to be back on here to be honest for a bit, it's a good vent place :) and most of the people here are pretty awesome, you've helped me so much over the years. Basically lately have been really struggling :( In December last year something terrible happened to me that was...
  11. M

    Im struggling

    Saw my Dad yesterday he is almost 85 and hasn't be very well keeps saying he has had enough when I was in hospital he came to see me and attended CPA meeting where I shared with him that wished I was dead. He does his best to understand me but comes out with statements like I need to get out...
  12. M

    ECT more than once

    I've had ten sessions of ECT back in 2014 and really struggling with my depression thinking of asking consultant about having more. Has anyone else had ECT more than once, the ten sessions I had in 2014 did affect my short term memory.
  13. ghost on ice

    bad dreams, sleep talking, nightmares

    It feels like nearly every facet of my life is oozing with fear, and that likes to also trickle into my unconscious thought. I have a bad dream every single night. I am never able to lucid dream and control the dream fully, rather I'm able to walk about and talk and interact with my dream...
  14. D


    Hi everyone I'm new to this site... Basically I have been back and forth to the doctors and psychiatrist with my moods being so high and so low they are suggesting I have unipolar or some sort of mood disorder. I have currently been on the sick from work as I have struggled to cope with...
  15. C

    cant let go of things tat happen to me in the past

    hi im struggling to let go of things that happened to me in the path,i keep playing them over and over in my head.what to do?
  16. FrozenOtter

    Feeling like I want to self harm

    Hi, this is my first post here as I'm New. I'm 21 years old and have been self harming since I was 13. I have been under mental health services constancy since I was 14. Things have been pretty bad lately and seem to get worse. My support worker wants my mental health team to do a mental health...
  17. R


    Hi All, I cant go in to full details but been questioned by the Police and let go and I have now been in a family court accused of hurting a child and my partner has also. (The little girl is her child) - I've now been told my partner is now saying she is scared of me but I believe she is doing...
  18. M

    Struggling whats the point

    I am really struggling since my discharge what was the point of 5 !/2 in hospital to be discharged home there a no miracle cures for depression I wish I could cut out the part of my brain that makes me feel the way i do and that I wish I was dead. I have to try to begin to function do the...